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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 317

Chapter 317

The Truth of Hua Mei Villa Case

‘Oh yeah, there is also Yu Long Group! Although, in China Yu Long Group always keeps on being low profile, but due to their position in Japan they must have their own killer group.’

‘One of them are Berson Group CEO Han Li Shang, When he was young he had award-wining on overseas, his shooting skill is so accurate’

‘Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!!’

Her eyes is gazing at the computer program code, but early Yao Yao’s mind has thought about another thing.

Yu Long group has it’s own killer group, Han Li Shang has awesome sniper skill. Perhaps, this cannot be any evidence those killers were coming from Yu Long Group.

But when uncle being taken by Feng Chen Yi, why he showed fear expression when looking at Yu Ao Tian?
Could it be another possibilities, he was not begging Yu Ao Tian to safe him; but…… He was begging Yu Ao Tian not to kill him?

Could it be the two mysterious persons who were coming over uncle’s house, why they hiding from her when she entered to inside?

Did they afraid she see Yu Ao Tian as one of them?

Does not want!

She really does not want to make a guess that person as Yu Ao Tian, but why this matter is pointing to him?
It is okay, Yu Ao Tian, I believe you are not the person who killed my mother, aren’t you? Must not you, right?
Very soon, very soon it will give the result!!!

‘brush’ at sudden, an encoding program on computer screen……

A web page that regarding government secret files (internal section of country file) appears in front of Yao Yao’s eyes.

The fire case of Hua Mei Villa…..

When she is typing the words her hand keeps on trembling.

Remembered that time, when she was checking about this case in internet, she didn’t get anything; when browsing on overseas internet, she also didn’t get anything. It seems as if a secret case, since the case seems to be secret case, then it must be kept on the nation international confidential section.

But not long after that, Long Qi said it was only misunderstanding, so she stopped to continue check on it.

But this time, her feeling tells her…… If the fire case of Hua Mei villa didn’t have any relationship with her father, then the killers who killed her mother must not Yu Ao Tian, absolutely not! Absolutely not!

‘Shua La’ (a swishing sound)

The new web page is showing up, but Yao Yao’s eyes are avoiding to see it.

Why does not dare to look at it? Is it because afraid of the evidence, that Yu Ao Tian was the person who killed her mother?

Hasn’t she told herself, must believe on him! Must believe on him! It absolutely not did by him! Must not him!

Her eyes once again look at the computer screen, Yao Yao’s hand is slightly trembling when moving the mouse…….

The Case of Hua Mei Villa.

Victim : The Ex-Prime Minister Qi Lian Hao and Yu Yi Ting; Prime Minister First Son…. Qi Lian Ao Tian, The Second Son is Qi Lian Ao Yun…..


At the moment, when she read that few words those victims, At sudden Yao Yao’s small face is changed white pale, paler!

Qi Lian Ao Tian? Yu Yi Ting?

Yu…. Ao Tian?

He….. He is Ex-Prime Minister’s…… Son?

No wonder, there is no trace of the man as some who born from ordinary background, he has elegant manner, even when talking he is bringing such elegant aura, even when he smiles he as king’s attitude with him. So how could he as someone who come from an ordinary background alike little scoundrel?

‘Ao Tian, Do your goal only want to be congress member?’

‘My goal is Prime Minister position!’

That time, Yao Yao was doubting whether this man was joking or serious with her, but now she is absolutely affirmed that Yu Ao Tian must be serious, because his father was the person who ever rule this country before!

‘Actually the Deputy Prime Minister this position is still available, as long as Yu Ao Tian can prove that he has relationship with three generation government officials, he can go for the election.’

‘Oh, Then Yu Ao Tian already had it. Haha, I just joking.’

It wasn’t, it seems that time Long Ye Ge Ge wasn’t joking, it was he slipped when said it.

‘Ao Tian, since the Japanese side such value and weighing you, why don’t you go for the Japanese election?’

‘I don’t like Japan, this reason, can I?”

Ha, so that time when he gave her an answer, he actually prevaricated her, of course he must to be this country high official, because this country is belonging to his Qi Lian family, isn’t it?

Still…. Still, the burn waist scar on his back, remember the first time when taking bath together, Yao Yao didn’t have any intention to look at it but because had seen it she asked him. But she won’t ever forget, that time he used such cold eyes staring at her.

Not recalling the memory, that kind of painful memory being opened, he must only have hatred! And then about the burn scar on Yu Ao Tian’s waist, it must be something that related to the Hua Mei Villa fire case, that scar must from that incident, right?

Everything, all the mysteries seem to be revealed the truth.

When both of them know not long before, Yu Ao Tian has obviously showed his intention to engage in political, this purpose, his reason is, as long as he goes for the highest political position and then he can have everything he wanted.

Perhaps, this is only one side, while the other sides…..

Does Yu Ao Tian only want to take all the things back which belong to Qi Lian’s, doesn’t he?

Yao Yao is laughing bitterly, while she does not understand why she can feel this bitter, she only feels that her heart is so hurt, does it because she never understand not even little bit about this man, even until today?

Perhaps, if that time she knew about Yu Ao Tian’s background, he in her heart could his image become blurred, become more stranger.

The mouse keeps moving, scrolling down…..

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14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 317

  1. So sad that YY is hurting from not knowing about YAT, she still doesn’t realize she loves him.. Thank you for the update.

  2. YY is totally gonna misunderstand nd YAT won’t explain to her 😭😭😭😭 thanks for ur hard work azurro 😘

  3. This is getting serious and I can’t just describe how I felt right now. This chapter is like a bomb about to detonate…. Thanks Azurro

  4. I missed the part when YY ask YAT bout his scar…. I’m guessing YY is one of the survivor/victim of the fire, since she also have a scar on her shoulder… Burnt scar… I hope YY is NOT related to Zheng Kai Rui at any route..huhuhu…

  5. Dear god are misunderstandings the only thing this author knows how to write? It’s pissing me off. The reverse harem has also quickly started pissing me off. It’s angst for the sake of angst. She likes him and she knows it. If she wanted to know more about him maybe she shouldn’t push him away every time he’s about to have a breakthrough. It’s complicated we get it…. but this dragging it on is annoying. Some of you guys may like this because you are fyc fans but he cheated on her. Game over. You can say Yat cheated but it’s not true sense he was completely open and honest about it and chose her in the end.

  6. We know that FYC cheat on her but that was just once , on the other hand YAT is not also an angel while FCY was trying to reagin her , YAT was F***ing Li mei Yu and Shang Yu Yin.So YAT cheat on her twice.

    1. Let me do lil correction, Yu Ao Tian never love neither Li Mei Yun nor Shang Yun Yin or other girls except his second official girl friend when he was still in Japan (who he thought so but at the end the girl that he really love deeply is Yao Yao)

  7. aaaa without mention that YAT used to slap her and dont believe on her when he was jelous.While FCY never hit her and YY used to ask him for help at the end FCY always did what she ask him

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