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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 11.3


Chapter 11

Part 3 ( Three)

Hence, Du Yue Chun, showing his serious face to classmate beside him: “Didn’t class leader say cannot sit on the grass, let’s we move there!”

Xiao Hu, real name is Shen Zong Tao little fellow is happily tear open a bag of potato chips and hand it over to An Jia Qi.

“Qi Qi, what delicious food do you take?”

An Jia Qi opened her small bag, she takes out all the food and snacks that packed by Su Zhan Mo, pouted her mouth, said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge bought these things for me.”

One pizza bread, two ham sausages, two bags of milk, one small pack of little bear biscuit, and two bananas.

When Xiao Hu seen all these things, he can’t help not to pity An Jia Qi.

“It’s okay, I really like to eat pizza bread, I take this potato chips as exchange.” After Xiao Hu said, little fellow Du Yue Chun also said something not far from them.

“Qi Qi, I take this prawn biscuit exchange with your ham sausage.”

Xiao Hu sees Du Yue Chun is running closer to them, unhappily, in order to show his unhappiness he keeps on exchanging his stuffs with An Jia Qi. The others little fellow who don’t know the truth, they thought An Jia Qi is bringing something good to eat, they also coming closer.

At last, the lunch that prepared by Su Zhan Mo for Qi Qi, all have exchanged with others fellow’s. As seen An Jia Qi is happy. She feels as if she being rewarded…..

But at the moment An Jia Qi wanted to eat, one of the familiar voice heard by her ears.

“Qi Qi, are you secretly eating junk food?”

An Jia Qi surprised for moment and even get choked, huk huk huk (cough sound).

Su Zhan Mo hurried bend down his body, he helps to pat An Jia Qi’s back, takes her drink bottle, help her to drink it.

After some time, An Jia Qi grasps breathe. Looked at An Jia Qi has severed coughing, makes her tear falls, Su Zhan Mo blames himself and kept his words in his stomach.

Xiao Hu afraid Su Zhan Mo will be going to scold An Jia Qi, sensed of friendship loyalty, he said: “ Mo Mo Ge Ge, I ate Qi Qi’s bread, so that I gave her mine.”

Su Zhan Mo nodding, only said one thing before left, ‘Be careful’. This makes An Jia Qi so restless and worries for moment. If Su Zhan Mo not controlling her, An Jia Qi can rest assure boldly eat. Basically to say, she puts all type of snacks in her stomach.

After resting about two hours, Teacher Xiao Wang lets her students to tidy up and pick their trash, and then bring them to tour the zoo.

By coincidence, they meet class 4-1 Su Zhan Mo. Does not know whether Su Zhan Mo homeroom teacher on purpose or not, let own student to take care class 1-2 little bun students enter tiger and lion cave.

This moment, Su Zhan Mo can aboveboard and straightforward to follow An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu.

“Woah…. Big tiger is so cool…” An Jia Qi shouted from across the rail.

“Qi Qi, don’t be too close to the rail.” Su Zhan Mo reminded her from back.

But An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are type of kids that forget everything once they have something caught their interest, so that Su Zhan Mo walking to in front by himself, takes An Jia Qi further little bit from metal rail.

Su Zhan Mo’s classmates, other than Gang Zi and Western Doll, none of them ever seen Su Zhan Mo who is so over-protected with his little sister, all of them curious asking Gang Zi.

Gang Zi does not dare to speak up about Su Zhan Mo thoughts, so that he just said that Su Zhan Mo dears his little sister so much, the result those girls who have good feeling toward Su Zhan Mo even like him more. But those male classmates who envy with Su Zhan Mo, finally they caught Su Zhan Mo weakness, because of this it gives Su Zhan Mo headache for sometime. This, for moment won’t be brought up.

After from tiger and lion cave, it is free time for students. Because the fourth grade students are beside, Teacher Xiao Wang can feel relief little bit, only asking the student to play far from pond, also have chit chat with Su Zhan Mo’s homeroom teacher.

Xiao Hu and An Jia Qi see Teacher Xiao Wang does not look at them, looking around, secretly slipped out.

Although Teacher Xiao Wang does not pay attention, but Su Zhan Mo keeps on watching them.

“Where both of you going?”

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4 thoughts on “C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 11.3

  1. I’ve been toddling along with your translation – thanks very much by the way! – but does this go into adulthood? Or does it remain a youth/first love kind of story? Maybe you said this earlier but I’m not sure.

  2. Hi..any update chapter? wish that u can give a weekly chapter.
    Kinda miss this sweet cute story. Btw, how many chapters from now to high school then to adulthood? Thanks for your awesome work of giving us sunshine.

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