C-Drama Recap : Yes! Mr. Fashionable (是!尚先生) 1

C-Drama Recap : Yes! Mr. Fashionable (是!尚先生) 1

It has been super long time for me not doing any drama recap, I think it was more than five years ago (perhaps). Because my latest drama recap was K-drama, The Moon that embraces the sun. So, it was quite long time. I thought, I would not do any drama recap since the workload as heavier as doing super long translation project.
Moreover, there are not many drama which catch my interest to the point I willing to sacrifice my time to do recap LOLS.
At the beginning Yes! Mr. Fashion didn’t look attractive for me moreover the title sound so cheesy and hm…. sound like not promising project. But, wait….. don’t judge the drama before you peek the trailer or first episode.
I have started this drama days ago for refreshing to soothe myself from troubles…..

Mr 1

The first episode has such beautiful beach and sea scenery as the first opening which give summer atmosphere feeling.

mr 2there are group of tourist who are having tour around the beach with one tour guide who later being ignore because our male lead is showing up by playing with flyboard in the sea. the tourists are astonished to see Shang Bo Ran who doing attraction with flyboard for moment.

mr 3After the fly-board attraction, Shang Bo Ran is taking rest on his private yacht and not long after that his retainer is coming to give him a phone which is ringing. It is phoned call from overseas informed him that two days ago his father suddenly passed away due to the heart attack but before the person who called done with her words, he has hung up the phone call already. Shang Bo Ran thought it was fraud called without any standard done by not professional. After he hung up the phone called, Shang Bo Ran for once again received unknown number phone called, he thought it was the fraud phone called again, so that he took quite sometime before he accepted it.

mr 4
This is Shang Bo Ran expression when he received the first phone called. He is murmured about how not professional those who trying to fraud him.

But this time unknown number actually was Wang Xing Ren (汪 Wang 铎 Duo), a good friend of Shang Bo Ran and at same time is Shang Bo Ran’s representative lawyer. Wang Xing Ren urging Shang Bo Ran to come and find him at the hotel room.

Shang Bo Ran : Do you want still to waste your phone fee?
Wang Xing Ren: I am Wang Xing Ren.
Shang Bo Ran: Xiao Wang Wang (a nickname for Wang Xing Ren)
Wang Xing Ren: I am in hotel room, you hurry coming here to find me, I have urged thing to tell you.
Shang Bo Ran: No, I don’t want. I don’t, impossible, you beg me, alright. You wait for me at there. 

After Shang Bo Ran hung up Wang Xing Ren phone called, he called his retainer Edward (Ai De Hua), to bring him, his western suit.

mr 5After Shang Bo Ran changed with his western suit he went to find Wang Xing Ren.

mr 6At same time Wang Xing Ren is trying to control his moods,
When he seriously told Shang Bo Ran that Shang Zhi Yuan has already passed away, but after Shang Bo Ran heard the news, there wasn’t any reaction from him.

Shang Bo Ran first Reaction
Shang Bo Ran first Reaction
Second reaction (as if expecting something)
Second reaction (as if expecting something)
Wang Xing Ren reaction is little bit shocked when he didn’t see Shang Bo Ran showed any sad expression after he told him about his father death.
Wang Xing Ren reaction is little bit shocked when he didn’t see Shang Bo Ran showed any sad expression after he told him about his father death.
Shang Bo Ran expression, is expecting Wang Xing Ren to tell him regarding the will left by his father.
Shang Bo Ran expression, is expecting Wang Xing Ren to tell him regarding the will left by his father.

mr 11Wang Xing Ren expression when he saw Shang Bo Ran looked as if nothing happen, so calm to the point little bit heartless. He complaining about Shang Bo Ran’s attitude.

Shang Bo Ran pretending to be sad
Shang Bo Ran pretending to be sad

waiting until Shang Bo Ran showing his sadness and tears, finally Wang Xing Ren told him things regarding to the will left by his father.
Shang Zhi Yuan who owned 80% shares stock of Feng Shang’g Group made following arrangement as,  30% goes to his only heir Shang Bo Ran, 20% goes to his younger sister Shang Yun xi, 20% goes to Leng Shan and the rest 10% goes to unknown, at the moment Feng Shang’s group will be managed by Leng Shan until there is new CEO being chosen. While there is no further information regarding the villa, so because of that Shang Bo Ran is immediately flew back to China and make investigation and at same time he wanted to take everything which belongs to him and his mother from Leng Shan.

mr 13Back to China…..

On the day of the funeral ceremony of Shang Zhi Yuan, Xue Zhen Ni (Xiao Tian Tian) wanted to go out and play, so that she made an excuse about her big aunt’s 60th birthday, begging Lu Xiao Kui (Ou Yang Na Na) with half kneeling asking her help to go and replace her to do a report regarding Shang Zhi Yuan’s funeral ceremony. At beginnig Lu Xiao Kui didn’t agree with her but after being persuaded and also begged by Xue Zhen Ni, finally Lu Xiao Kui agreed to do so since she also wanted to see her Idol.

mr 14in front of the Funeral Hall, Shang Bo Ran’s Aunty, Shang Yun Xi is sitting on the wheel chair asking Leng Shan to help her to find Shang Bo Ran who still not yet been founded by her men.

mr 15But, it seems Leng Shan is not really want to give hand to help her. with her arrogant attitude she walking inside the funeral hall.

mr 16Meantime, Shang Bo Ran has arrived at the funeral entrance, but because he didn’t have invitation proof so he could not get entered to the funeral hall, hence he was waiting at the entrance until by coincidence he encountered Lu Xiao Kui who was taking photo in front of the entrance so he greeted her, tricked her and using her invitation proof to enter the hall.

mr 17Since Shang Bo Ran wanted to enter the VIP locker room but he could not get into, no matter how he begged the men who guarded they didn’t let him to enter so the only thing that he could do, lying to Lu Xiao Kui.

He asked Lu Xiao Kui to standing right in front of the Hall facing the guests, by that she would able to attract all the VIP guests attention toward her, and then Shang Bo Ran leisurely entered the VIP locker room, putting the tapper device to Leng Shan’s coat.

When Lu Xiao Kui being dragging by the security out from the main hall, she spotted her idol, Han Feng, by taking this opportunity she able to photo few photos of Han Feng.

Shang Bo Ran knew that Leng Shan was looking for an assistant after listened from his tapper,  hence he was looking for Wang Xing Ren to make fake identity for him, so that he could enter Feng Shang’s group and trying to find a way to expose Leng Shan true color, and at same time he wanted to take back all things that belonged to his mother.

mr 18Shang Bo Ran expression when the security men gone and caught Lu Xiao Kui.

mr 19

Wang Xing Ren faked Shang Bo Ran’s identity and give him Zhen Guan Jun, this new identity. But Shang Bo Ran is extremely irritated with this unique name, but everything could not make change anymore. So he only can take Zhen Guan Jun this name to apply job at Feng Shang’s group.

mr 20

When he was going to Feng Shang’s group for interview by coincidence Shang Bo Ran encountered Lu Xiao Kui again who was also coming for interview. When he is trying to avoid Lu Xiao Kui who knows that she keeps on chasing him and at same time expressing her thankful because last time incident in funeral ceremony.  When he knew she just wanted to express her thankful, he able to heave a sigh.

mr 21Shang Bo Ran aka Zhen Guan Jun and Lu Xiao Kui are coming to Feng Shang’s group to join interview for Assistant job. Shang Bo Ran is interviewing for position as Leng Shan’s assistant while Lu Xiao Kui is interviewing for position as Han Feng’s Assistant.

It is so obvious that Zhen Guan Jun very relax and calm down he even playing game on hi mobile phone while waiting for his interview turn. while Lu Xiao Kui is nervous but full with spirit.

mr 23Victoria who is Leng Shan first assistant informed Leng Shan who is having conversation with Han Feng that all the applicant for both Directors are arrived and interview process is going to hold. Han Feng does not have any special requirement for his assistant position so he let the HR staff to do the process as usual while Leng Shan little bit worry for the new assistant so that she asked Victoria to join the process because she believes Victoria understood what type of assistant Leng Shan needs.

since Victoria has ordered by Leng Shan, so she is heading to the interview room. after some applicants being interviewed and rejected by Victoria finally it is Zhen Guan Jun turned to get interviewed.

mr 24Wang Xing Ren aka Xiao Wang Wang had told Shang Bo Ran the night before interviewed that in order to success, he must act pity, giving such touching story as interview answer. That’s why Zhen Guan Jun really did as what Xiao Wang Wang told, he told the story about him and his mother of course with little bit seasoning and crying acting.

mr 25

The first episode is quite entertaining. There are some scenes that really funny such as Shang Bo Ran expression after he listened to Xiao Wang Wang as his representative lawyer.
Also Lu Xiao Kui who has bright and hardworking character although she sometimes looks a little bit dummy but lovely.
Little bit personal, the actor who played as Xiao Wang Wang is giving me Choi Si Won’s vibe. but alike younger version of Si Won. while Xiao Tian Tian’s chin is looked so V-shape which so scary for me and little bit different from her usual.




9 thoughts on “C-Drama Recap : Yes! Mr. Fashionable (是!尚先生) 1

  1. Azurro have you heard about a cdrama called My Little Princess? It’s quite funny sometimes. I recommend it although I didn’t understand much of the drama ( it goes to ep6 as of now) due to subs not being out yet after ep3.

    1. Yes.
      I have watched until episode 4.
      so far the story is cute and fluffy but, I must say I little bit biased with Mike Angelo (the thai actor who played as male lead), dislike him as actor 😦

      1. I have seen the other drama he was in last year. I feel like he plays the same sorta general role as the cool guy all the girls crush on

      2. It just doesn’t seem genuine. His acting…. His facial expressions are the same throughout most of the drama.. Xing Chen is funny though.

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