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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 318

As I promised, I will post two long chapters. Thank you for your understanding with my little bit confusing posting. It indeed annoying and uncomfortable moreover, tiring because you must come, check and do refreshing. But, if you ‘subscribe’ by clicking follow button, there will be notification every time I update my blog. Please read this post at

Chapter 318 (Three One Eight)

The Thorny Kiss (I)

Handling affairs: Zeng Kai Rui, Luo Tian Ming, Zhao Zhi Cheng…..

In the name list they are six names!Please read this post at

While one by one of the six names, those names even wider Yao Yao’s eyes!Please read this post at

She remembered Zhao Zhi Cheng, he was Ao Mei Group’s chairman, that time when she realized Ao Mei Group’s working contract had problem she even reminded Yu Ao Tian about it.Please read this post at Azurro4cielo.worpdress.

But who knows, at blink of eyes Zhao Zhi Cheng had died, because this matter she had quarreled with Yu Ao Tian for sometime. Anger herself, wasn’t it because of her so busy doing so that she made Zhao Zhi Cheng’s death.Please read this post at Azurro4cielo.worpdress.

Now think it carefully…. Hahahaha, although she didn’t realize that working contract had problem, didn’t Zhao Zhi Cheng still die?Please read this post at Azurro4cielo.worpdress.

Of course, Zhao Qing Kong, this name still fresh in her memory, in her memory Zhao Qing Kong was Zhao Zhi Cheng’s daughter, because she pregnant, she came to find Yu Ao Tian, Her womb even being taken by Yu Ao Tian. Yao Yao was frighten to the point she pee on her pant, so ridiculous.

Now after she thinks it carefully, Yu Ao Tian is really heartless toward this woman, simply…….

Because Zhao Qing Kong was Zhao Zhi Cheng’s daughter!

Others there still one name, she really had deep impression, this person was Jiang Cheng Group’s chairman, his company had acquisition by Yu Ao Tian, his employees even jumped down from building and then died, while the Chairman disappeared without any trace. Perhaps, he had killed by Yu Ao Tian, right?

Regarding the other two names, she is also not stranger for their names, they are two chairmen whose company recently being acquisition by Berson Group.

While one of them who is most familiarized that she could not be any familiarized is Zeng Kai Rui, this name has been countless times being brought by Yu Ao Tian, at same time countless time being said with same hatred eyesight whenever talked about Vice Prime Minister. So that, because he was one of the person who responsible to investigate about Hua Mei Villa case!

And the last, the person was father!

13 years ago father died because of car incident so that his death was nothing with Yu Ao Tian, because during that time Hua Mei Villa case just happened, that year Yu Ao Tian must be about 15 years old, during that time he was no capability to kill anyone.

So that….

So that….

After 13 years later, because her father had died, Yu Ao Tian killed her mother to vent his anger, wanted to kill her grandpa to vent his anger, come to kill her family only to vent his anger, is it his purpose?

But why, Yu Ao Tian doesn’t touch her? Is it because time not yet arrived, or…. He has not been playing enough?

‘tick, tick,’ the big bead of tears flowing down from Yao Yao’s eyes, and slowly down to her keyboard, she feels as if her heart being digging out by something and it feels so hurt.

She thought, she thought slowly by slowly she and he would be familiarized, both of them can be friend, an even both of their relationship can beyond friend.

But the fact proven, she staying beside Yu Ao Tian is only taking role as little clown, that’s all.

As if a stupid little pig, every day the owner feed her food, also not asking her to do anything, other than eat, sleep, hardly realized, waiting until the time is arrived, the owner will be coming to slaughter her!
Such ridiculous comparison, but isn’t it a fact?

Now she is little bit envy with Zhao Qing Kong, at least she could have cleared break up with Yu Ao Tian. Why didn’t Yu Ao Tian treat her alike Zhao Qing Kong, killed her earlier at one time.

Oh….. Perhaps….. Isn’t it because she not enough being suffered? Does he want to see Luo Tian Ming’s daughter slowly by slowly suffering alike living in the hell?

He is such merciless man!

Well, why Yu Ao Tian could still treat her good and sincere before? That kind of kindness, it not mixed with any profit driven, it simply only a naive kindness toward her.

Or perhaps, this is only the thing that she willingly to think that way?

Heart, gradually becoming sour, Yao Yao does not understand, why at this moment, when all the evidence is pointing at Yu Ao Tian’s, this moment, she does not have any impulsiveness to kill him right now, but why only a heartache? Her heart hurt as if being pierce countless times!

If being replaced by other person, a stranger, her heart must be hatred, impossible to feel aching!
The pain alike, as if her heart being torn, she keeps scrolling down the computer screen, scroll down the mouse…..

Qi Lian Hao has greedy heart compare to ordinary people, repeating to overthrow of the public interest into political meeting, has intention to restore constitutional monarchy, wanted to rule the country, therefore purposely on behalf country name to provoke war between two countries by kidnapped other country’s heir, to take benefit from this in order to accomplish his own ambitions. Just then founded out by other officials, diplomat negotiations, Qi Lian Hao wicked attitude brought to surface, to appease the war between other country and our country (China).

Between the influence and political status of Qi Lian Hao, the state key officials unanimously decided to adopt a low profile approach, given the task to be settled by Vice Prime Minister Zeng Kai Rui, Official Zhao Zhi Cheng and others to do!

When Yao Yao read until the reason of Qi Lian Hao death, on surface it is abnormal calm, but more or less she knows the internal conflict of political matters. Someone alike Qi Lian Hao who had high political status, can only be executed in the form of an accidental death, and then, silently disappearing from this earth.

There are common in the news reported, that, and that officials are having incident, that, and that official unfortunately died because of severe sickness, aren’t they?

Some the contents are real, but some….. Only political approach that done by the insider.

Just never thought, Zhao Zhi Cheng and others were politician before, and then later they resigned from their post in the government, escape to the business world?

Yao Yao takes deep breath from her runny nose, when she wanted to shut down the internet, she found out there still another file…….

The mouse keeps on scrolling down.

Qi Lian Hao was kidnapping Ya Si Lan Guo (Aslan Country), Pricess Lan Er Shan, Prince Ao Ni Ken and the country heir Lan…..

‘Shua La, Shua La….’ (Swooshing sound)

When Yao Yao still wanted to read little bit more about all the case regarding to Hua Mei Villa case suddenly there are heavy footsteps of few people who getting into the building.

“Ha, come so fast!!!!” unhappily she creased her forehead, quickly she shut down the computer, and also wipe dried her tears, her expression is cold when looking at the door way.

“Miss, we are from the Nation Intelligence Service. Please you come with us!”


Nation Intelligence Service Office.

Yao Yao was hacking Government internal and also secret archives, likely to use unknown IP address to break into government IP address, instantly when the computer of the Nation Intelligence Service Officer got the report, then they are looked for the ‘hacker’ IP address and then come to arrest.

This is the reason why Yao Yao wanted Feng Chen Yi to find secluded place and also asked him to leave immediately.

“Are you Miss Luo, aren’t you? Now we have reason to suspicious you as other country espionage!” inside the investigation room, two officers with no expression sitting in front of Yao Yao.

She sneered, she even asked them back: “You guys thought I am as espionage?”

“Miss Luo, impossible for you do not know what kind of web page you have browsed before?”

“Oh….” Yao Yao nodding her head, helplessly she shrugging her shoulder: “Just because of this, all of you suspect me as other country espionage?”

“Miss Luo, are you trying to deny?”

“It is not I wanted to make a denial. But it is the fact, I just too careless and without I realised, I have browsed to that web page, if all of you are suspected me because of this and then thought me as espionage, all of you are just treating me too unjustly.” Yao Yao is pretending to make difficult expression and pouted her mouth, but her eyes are filled with provoking gleam.

“Then why you used such secluded place to do your business?”

“Huh? Don’t you think that your question is little bit weird? Wherever the place I want to do my business it is my matter, not to mention regarding why I used such remote building do my business, even if I willingly to do my business at vast ocean, there is nothing of you guys business?” when she said this words, Yao Yao really wanted to give herself two slaps on her own face, why didn’t she ask Feng Chen Yi to help her to get a boat, and doing this kind of matter in the vast of ocean? By that way she would not being arrested by them?

But….. Better to forget it, think it carefully, it is too expensive to do so.

“Miss Luo, our colleagues have investigated about your profile, you are the person who have IQ 200 above, one from the rare group person, right?”



27 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 318

  1. thank you so much azurro…
    that ‘Lan…’ i bet its ‘Lan duo’ right? yaoyao was a kidnapped princess? waa it really is getting complicated…

    1. I guess the same too but since the report stated ‘country heir Lan.. ‘ without any title, so she’s not a princess..
      Maybe she’s the king? 😱😝

      Haha.. What a thought… Only definite fact is she’s a sharp shooter..trained, like a killer…hehe…the majestic lan duo

  2. So my guess may be right.. Yao Yao is a princess.. Omg it’s getting more and more interesting, can’t wait for the next chapters! Btw Thank you Azurro for the updates.. keep up the good work! 😊😄

  3. Hey Azzurro. It’s not annoying at all. We all appreciated you for doing this. Keep it up. And thanks for updating.

    1. My suggestion….
      Directly go to Index section and then click on the chapters number. Every times I done with one full translation chapters I will put the link on the Index section. Because I might put ‘random’ title on my translation post and go back to do correction after sometime.

    1. Yao Yao met her father legal wife in order to find more information regarding her father past which he never known from Deng Hui Hong before.
      And at same time, she wanted to get some clues regarding the killers behind her mother death and person who hunted down her grandpa.

      1. but, her father legal wife told her, that her father showed her YY’s picture when she’s 5 years old. YY is a country Heir right? means she was kidnapped. this fact makes me a little confused. please enlighten me azzuro

      2. I will try to enlighten you without giving spoiler LOLS
        Shang Rou (legal wife) said that Luo Tian Ming was happily to show Yao Yao’s picture when she was at her five one year before the car incident happened. but during that time, Luo Tian Ming had lived with Deng Hui Hong (Yao Yao’s mother).
        This explain why Shang Rou said that her relation with Luo Tian Ming was alike best friend after their separation.

  4. Thanks for your hard work, azzurro. As each chapter progressing, more interesting things unveiled. Love it. Aiya..Can’t wait!

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