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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 320


Chapter 320

It hasn’t started but it has ended

Slowly close pair of eyes. Although feel it is not enough, he moves and takes an initiative, one hands is holding her waist, using his tongue to pry-open her teeth, and then intertwine with her small tongue together.this translation belongs to

Just at this time, Yao Yao opens her eyes, her bead tears just at this moment falling down to her cheeks.

Never thought, staying together with this man for such long time, although she never take any initiative to kiss him first, but her kissing skill has changed to be skillful.

From Yu Ao Tian steady breathe until his rough breathing, it can be an evidence, Yao Yao kissing is an aphrodisiac (addictive)!

One of the man’s free hand is stroking to above her waist, Yao Yao creased her forehead, but there is no refusal gesture. Allowing him to do so, she stroking into the inside suit by her small hand.

An instantaneously, Yu Ao Tian has already could feel something!

His big hand is pressing down her small hand, faster open pair of his eyes.

When he facing that pair of eyes which filled with hatred, Yu Ao Tian pushed her away….

The petite figure stumbled backwards for few steps, hah, the man really has such strong observant capability, as if at the very short time can feel on something, but regretful….

She stills succeed to take a gun from him!

The hand that holding the gun slowly lifting up.

Yu Ao Tian does not have any panic expression, moreover he even showing his devilish smile: “Little Thing, do you know what are you doing?”

“You must know what I am intending to do.”

“Is it about you hacking the government internal internet (intranet)?”

“That’s right! You guess, What I have read?”

Looking at Yao Yao who smirking, Yu Ao Tian only gives a cold humphed, he crossed his leg freely: “So that, is this your answer?”

“This is because you force me to do, Yu Ao Tian! You force me! I have said, if you dare to harm my family, I will definitely not letting you off!!!” angrily she roared inside that warm room, listened to it really not suitable.

Even Yao Yao can feel that her roaring sound has already messed this house warmness and also her beautiful memory, but, she does not have any option!

“It seems that I must use same way to ask you, with what capability you won’t let me off?”



Talking about underworld, she cannot! Business world, she cannot! Now, Yu Ao Tian’s position in government is weight highly, with what should she fight with him? With what must she take revenge for her mother.

Hah, that’s right, Yu Ao Tian is giving good question. The today’s he is someone who as strong as a big mountain, while her…. She is only a little stone, isn’t she?

“Are you looking for Feng Chen Yi? No wonder, for this time you are getting so close with him.” when Yu Ao Tian said this his face is showing provoke smile, but his heart is gloomy since that day, the scenery which displayed by the electronic screen.

“Hah, you are reminded me, Yu Ao Tian. It seems that I can look for Feng Chen Yi’s help!”
Suddenly, Yu Ao Tian is curled his hand into tight fists, his sexy lips is curved up, looked alike sinister:

“Just like become my lover, will you also go to be his lover too?”

“That is my freedom!!!”

“Freedom? Hah, Little Thing, don’t forget, although our lover contract had torn, but the debt you owed me, there’s still there.”

That’s right. That debt still there, always been there!

She cannot leave him, it is because she cannot pass the obstacle in her heart, because she stills owed him. But this moment! She really cannot keep calm herself down and using calm attitude to deal with this debt! “Money, I will think the way to pay you back. But people’s life, when will you pay me back?”

“People’s life? What’s people’s life?” Yu Ao Tian titled his head aside, he laughed with disdain expression.

“Yu Ao Tian, you still pretending! Your father was someone ambitious! Your father was intending to change the government rules, being found out by the government, so being executed it was something served his right!! What right for you to revenge, all of that was served your father right! Served his right!!!”

When Yao Yao anger is roared, Yu Ao Tian’s face that showing smile expression suddenly changed and replaced with gloomy expression. Alike, the reaper who is going to take any soul, it sent a chills up to the spine.

“Little Thing, you say it once more!!!”

“This is the fact, Yu Ao Tian! It was your father who deserved to die!!!”

Suddenly, Yu Ao Tian standing up in fast pace.

“Don’t move!!!!!!!!” pair of Yao Yao hands are holding the gun, simply pointed the gun right into his heart position.

“Hah.” with a gloomy smile that shown, Yu Ao Tian slowly raised his hand….

‘creak, creak’

One by one the gun bullet is falling from his hand, when it hits the floor it makes crisps sound.

Yao Yao cannot believe open her eyes wide, and then she takes a glance on the gun holding by her hands…..

Since when? Since when Yu Ao Tian has removed all the bullets from the gun?

Think it carefully, it seems on the moment when she took the gun, Yu Ao Tian pressed down her hand, just on that short time?

After all he able to remove the bullets, why didn’t he take the gun away too?

He is really unreadable man, just at this moment, once again Yao Yao feels as if a monkey, she is fooled by this man until she injured for her whole body.

“Yu Ao Tian, although you are not removed all the bullets, today I will not kill you with this thing.” Yao Yao expressionless tossing away that gun, this is effortless thing, she won’t use this kind of dirty thing to kill this kind of man.

“Hah, so what will you do in order to take revenge?”

“I will use all my will and my utmost to take all yours! Yu Ao Tian, although the politician status is something you got by yourself. But…. I will have way to pull you down from where you from!!! We, let see and wait!” after said, her face is dimmer and then leaving this place where filled with many of her good memories.

“Hah.” when Yu Ao Tian is alone inside the room he is helplessly shaking his head, bend down his body and then pick up the gun, slowly walking to the window.

At the moment when that petite figure is walking out from the villa door.

His pair of eyes are dimmed, lifting his gun, he has accurately locked that figure.


Until Yao Yao disappeared from his vision line, there is no firing from the gun.

“Should I kill you, Bao Bei. But….” he kept the gun, turned his back, half of his body is leaning to the rail’s veranda, lonely said: “Cannot do it. Hahahaha….”

One faint smile, as if showing his determination, the heartless man is weighing feeling (love), this lonely side.

It was not long before, if not because Yao Yao took her last effort to prove her innocence, she perhaps had died inside the cold pool.

But now, he cannot do it! Even when he heard when she insulted his father, even to hit her, he could not do it anymore!

Yu Ao Tian is heartless man, he could do everything to those who offend him without spare them, not even give any chance.

He is also cold blood man, dealing and facing with pities bitter begging, facing with others family to beg for mercy, he won’t give any mercy!

But, in front of this Little Thing, his cold blood, his heartless just disappearing like that without any traces…..

Is it because of that scar?original translation by

Seemingly, for long time his focus is not at that scar anymore. It just, he hasn’t realized it.
Beautiful memory, it had messed and ruined because the web.original translation by

Still leaning on the rail’s of the veranda, that man good looking face is showing strange expression at the moment and also seems to be lonely, lonely….this translation belongs to

Perhaps, Luo Yao Yao who leaving since this day, smashed and thrown all the past they ever had, at same time she also taking that man’s heart that not long ago just start beating……


46 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 320

  1. Oh my goodness… My heart is breaking into pieces…. 😞😔 I feel like next few chapters won’t be near the new phase of Yao yao’s life… Wu…

    1. Yeah.. at the start of the novel i wanted her to find someone better than YAT but it seems like for LYY there is only YAT :/

    1. BTW azurro ihv emailed you but I still can’t read the ceo’s pregnant wife update… The password I enter doesn’t work

      1. Yes sorry for the trouble I cud finally accessed……. Thank you
        And as for YY and YAT 😭 my heart can’t take it anymore

  2. As I thought.. They become enimies. Ugh 😭😭. When are they going to reconcile? do we have to wait for like another hundred of chapters for that?
    Thank you Azurro.

  3. Noooo! My heart is broken for YAT and my tears are coming down for YY! Always one step forward then two steps back! Thank you Azurro for continuing to break my heart over the past few months with your translations.

  4. I’m ssad. 😢😢😢. At the beginning I really don’t like YAT, with all his arrogance and the way he treated women in general, but when he began to change without him even noticing…. I was little by little beginning to like him already. Just thinking a guy like this having someone he deeply cares about…. I really want to know what will happen next…

    1. Yu Ao Tian is sensitive man. He might appear to be cold blooded, heartless and merciless because he must, the responsible and burden that he shoulders just too heavy moreover the path that he must walk alone…..

  5. sad…so sad…
    Huhu..heartbroken.. But life must go on…

    Btw. I will email you later for the password…Thank you for the chapter… Looking forward to read next chapter…even if its even more heart breaking…

  6. this is!
    this is it!
    the reason why i never side with second male lead!
    with only this i am siding with YAT, sigh…
    sigh, sigh, sigh,
    sigh, sigh, sigh,

    will later on the ceo’s pregnant wife didn’t have the password?
    coz, i will read it when it is at it ends

    1. I don’t know.
      It’s up to Thunder decision.
      I have tried my best to make ‘negotiation’ with Thunder and she ‘compromised’ by password her translation project.

  7. I feel the distance btwn Yat and Yy hope they get together and all misunderstanding should be gone….. Man my heart broken with YAT hiz heart started beating for her ….. Hey is it gonna take a lot of chapters for them to come back together ???????? I am gonna miss old days thenn… I wil stil root for YAt and Yy no mater wat !!!💞💞💞💞💞

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  12. Yesss… This is what Im waiting for, it finally happened! ❤ Its time for you to level up, YY. No more YAT, well, atleast for now.
    #BadassYaoYao #ILoveIt #DarkYaoYao #ILoveItMore #DatHashtagDoe

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