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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 3


Chapter 3

Part 1 (One)

No matter how Fang Yi Ran really never had slightest thought under this situation, she is able to meet a man from six years ago.

Six years, it isn’t too long, but absolutely it isn’t short time, there is no trace of aging in this man, if want to say more in detail, there is only a mature charm which added to him.

The current of him, if that time she wasn’t saw his madness, but he is kind of man that can be read by others, the demon.

Heart is thumping thumping skip beat, perhaps she should be lucky by now, she is standing at the place in alley where does not shine by the moonlight, while he, he is standing completely under the moonlight.

And then, when she sees his smiles, it give her a sort of familiar smile, hanging on his corner of mouth, it is different with that time hoarse voice, this moment, his voice is sounded of nature, “Manager Wen, so late at night, why are you in here? How about I drive you.”

It is such polite greeting, but it even make Wen Hao Ren shaking more.

The suffocating atmosphere, covering the air.

Wen Hao Ren’s face is turned to pale, his bones are constantly shaking, for sometime, and then asked bitterly: “You…. Had known it?”

Jun Si Que is giving faint smile, “I had known it.”

“What do you want?”

“The data that you leaked out, it didn’t count as what kind of company’s secret, but it’s only me this type of person, I hate to be fooled. Since you had done what the thing I hate most, you say, what should I do to you?” Jun Si Que talking leisurely as if a talk that normally talked at home, while Wen Hao Ren is looked distressed.

“If that the case, how if I am willingly to leave all the money in here, moreover I still take back the data that I leaked out?” after he said, bend down his waist, he takes that suitcase which on the ground, and at the same time his left hand is slowly inserted inside his suit…..

“If I were you, I would give up on taking out the gun.” Jun Si Que narrowed his eyes, very ‘interesting’ he is reminding him.

“You—————-” Wen Hao Ren’s body has already soaked with sweat, reeled back and almost falling on the ground.

“Because your gun’s bullet are at my hand.” five fingers are opened, the white palm are holding six silver bullets.

“How…. Could it be!” he has been carrying his gun this time, since when the bullets in his gun had gone?

“After all I want to have chat with you, naturally I must make little bit preparation.” his hand flipped, one by one the bullets are falling to ground. Jun Si Que inserted his hand onto his pocket, step by step, elegantly moving forward to Wen Hao Ren.

“You…. What do you want to do?”

“You wanted to do thing at my back, at least you must think few ways out, understood?” Jun Si Que is standing firmly in front of Wen Hao Ren, laughed, as if a teacher that patiently guiding his student. But, his hand is fiercely grabbing other party’s head, and then hit it to beside wall few times.

Bam bam bam (hitting sound)

The blood is bleeding from Wen Hao Ren’s forehead, stained the wall.

“Don’t…. Don’t kill me….” Wen Hao Ren constantly begging for mercy.

“Of course I won’t kill you, but, I don’t like other to point gun at me.” his leg, stomped at the other party’s left hand.

Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little (pinky) finger… Following by Wen Hao Ren screaming voice, his left hand and also his five fingers can be said already broken.

But the initiator devil is Jun Si Que. Even his brows are not moving, he only takes out one handkerchief, wiping his own pair hands, “Take him away, clean up this place.”

“Yes.” few of the men, faster taking Wen Hao Ren and the suitcase with thousand US dollat left.

While Jun Si Que is still standing at his place, but only this time, his eyes are looking at the other side of alley, “After all had seen interesting show, since the show had ended, at least you must say how your feeling?”


26 thoughts on “C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 3

  1. Man. My heart beat fast for this update! Thanks for the chapter you’ll give azurro! And thanks for thunder for translating it!

  2. Thanks for super fast reply of password. Btw, cool password! Can’t wait to see d chapter when he found out about her & son.

  3. the password makes me laugh… thank you for replying my email, azurro. and thank you for the hard work Thunder….will patiently wait for Next chapter…
    anyways, he do notice her after all…hmm… Hope she won’t be threaten as she is a witness in this case…fiuh…

  4. Omg!!!!!! Can NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!!!!!! *screams* thanks so much for all ur hard work 😘😘💘😘😘😘

  5. Thank you. It seems she has seen again . This time he was doing business. He caught a thief. He notices her as a witness to his actions. What will happen next?

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