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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 322


Have you prepared your tissue box?

It hasn’t started but it has ended, Yao Yao seems come to realise changing of her feeling toward Yu Ao Tian. Since she ever thought she could be more little bit closer to him, little bit understanding his character, little bit……
She even determined to help Yu Ao Tian to reach the highest position as he wanted.
No wonder she was so hurt when she found out the cruel reality stored at the Government Secret Archives, but is it really a reality and truth she looked for?

Yao Yao first step to fight against Yu Ao Tian, who will win?

Chapter 322

The State Administration Of Taxation Office……

“Miss Luo, I have heard from my secretary, you are World Class Lawyer, does not know what’s matter make you come here to find me?”

Several days in row, Yao Yao is living as like death, although she still going to school, but all her head is filled on how to revenge.

It seems that, she actually has one winning chance, it’s because she understands better about Yu Ao Tian’s background compare to other people, and also she understands more about his company, all about him.

If really thinking to drag him down immediately using his underworld background, it must be impossible!
Since the election that day, learning from the case of Secretary Fu, before his underworld background being exposed, Yu Ao Tian must be prepared to deal with anyone who wanted to disclosure about him.

Well, she still have something about Yu Ao Tian! That is….. “Chief Liu, I want to make report regarding defraud of the revenue, evade the payment of the tax by Berson Group within this two years, this is the data that I have collected, if you are not believing on me, you can ask your men to do the investigation toward Berson Group!”

“Oh? After all there is such case?” after Chief Liu heard it, with anger expression he takes the data which given by Yao Yao, seriously he flipping every pages said: “Miss Luo, you rest assured, Berson Group is Congress Yu’s company, this matter I will take serious action to settle it, absolutely won’t let any evil member do to harm.”

That’s right! This is the result that she wanted to see, although Yu Ao Tian has already stepped back as the second layer of Berson Group, but his position as Board of Chairman, once something happen to Berson, he stills will take all the responsible and also the blame!

The first move in order to crush Yu Ao Tian, it must be pulled him down from his political seat!

“En, trouble you, Chief Liu.” leaving the he State Administration Of Taxation Office, the path which vast and hazy in front gradually it seems to have become clear.

So that, Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone who cannot to be captured, after all he had done many bad things before, it is impossible to keep everything.

Of course, thing that make Yao Yao feels more unexpected was Chief Liu angry reaction, before she came to State Administration Of Taxation Office, she had thought that perhaps people in State Administration Of Taxation Office might afraid of Yu Ao Tian’s position? But it seems now, they are not! Ha, really expecting, this matter can expose to media soon!

“Yao Yao, today you are particularly happy after coming back from outside?” on those in hazed days, Once Yao Yao got back to her dorm, she always pulls by Gong Xiao Man to have a chat.

“Haha, so-so, it just so-so, it’s only….. Encountering something that makes me happy little bit.”

“Heh? Did you encounter ‘flower bloom’?”

“Xiao Man, are you really…. Hoping me to find boyfriend this quickly? Or do you afraid that I won’t be able to marry off myself?” Yao Yao unhappily rolled her eyes.

Gong Xiao Man moves her shoulders, being exaggerating said: “Should I worry you cannot marry off yourself? Every day there are always many people who are pursuing you, if say to worry, better I worried myself.”

“Geez, Xiao Man, aren’t there also many people pursuing you too?”

This Xiao Man, really is!

Actually those people who are pursuing Gong Xiao Man are also those Gao Fu Shuai (Rich handsome man), but it seems other than Han Li Shang, she seems not to see anyone right? Huh, once falling in love with someone, thing is going to be like this, other people might see as black and white, but only oneself that able to see the person loved as colorful.

‘Ring… Ring… Ring….’

When these good fellow sisters are having joyful conversation, suddenly Yao Yao mobile phone is ringing: “Wait a moment, let me have my phone call.” when she looked at he mobile phone display screen, her expression is turned to be dimmer.

“What’s matter? Yao Yao, who is calling?”

“Nothing, hahaha, nothing.” she shook her head with a nervous tension.

“Well, why don’t you accept the phone call?”


Should I?

The person who is calling not anybody, the person is Yu Ao Tian!

What does he want? Does he know that she is attacking him, so he is not happy about it?

Forget it! Serve himself, since dares to do, she must dare to shoulder!

She is using her strength to grit her teeth, suddenly she accepts her phone call: “What’s matter?”

“Congress Yu, as you see how should I settle all these report data which given by that little girl?”

“Chief Liu, since the person had given you all the data, why do you still ask me how to settle it?”

“That’s, well…. Thinking carefully, that little girl must be asked by other company to disparagingly about you, this kind of unhealthy competition is really shameful, the data that she gave, I will destroy it immediately.”

From the phone it heard two persons who are having a conversation, one is Yu Ao Tian and the other one is…. From the way he addressing the person, it must be the state Administration Of Taxation Officer, Chief Liu.

Does Yu Ao Tian not carefully dial her phone number? No…. Impossible he did it so this, he must be showing off toward her, isn’t he?

According to the process of the Tax Bureau, Chief Liu must ask his men to investigate Berson account book, not to make phone call or calling Yu Ao Tian to come and tell him everything about these.

And now, he even asked him how to settle it, at the same time even destruct all the data that she gathered for three days, this is really…. Shameless!!

“Congress Yu, later this subordinate still need your care in the future.”

“I take my leave first.”

“Let me send you off.”

“No need.”

And then, from the phone there is sound of the door being opened, and then closed door sound.

This time….

“Bao Bei.” Yu Ao Tian straightly forwardly talking on his mobile phone. “You have stayed quite long beside me, how could you still not understand the dark side of government employees?”

After listened to voice from mobile phone, that voice is slightly using mocking speaking tone, for once again Yao Yao feels herself turned to be a clown.

All bureaucrats shield each other, this principle she understands. But, she never thought that chief Liu could be such shameless to this point, at the morning he even acted as if someone who filled with righteous, but after afternoon, he immediately called Yu Ao Tian, to help him out!

Bastard, rotten bastard, simply to say they are group of rotten bastard.

Is because she not having any position in political, so that Chief Liu is looking down at her who gathered data?

Is because of Yu Ao Tian politician position is higher, so that the Chief Liu in order to butter him and then sacrifice her?

Chief Liu just does not know, if she and Yu Ao Tian are not knowing each other, his acted to butter him, it is more than enough to make Yu Ao Tian to kill the person who made a report!!!

“Ok, this time indeed I am doing something foolish. But there won’t be next time anymore!”

“Bao Bei, Do you still that you will have another chance?”

Still, will…. Have another chance?

‘creak’ Yao Yao is hung up the phone call, next moment, she is using her strength to toss away her mobile phone, turned her back and then climb up to her bed and having sadly to miserably crying.

“Yao Yao? What happened to you? What happened to you? Why are you crying?” at her beside is Gong Xiao Man who is shocked to dumbfounded, before she received the phone call she was still alright, but after she hung up the phone call why?

“Hu………….” there is no words that able to describe her mood, it alike anger that she could not vent out.

It is obviously the truth is standing on her side, but the reality everything just not fair for her, she just wanted to use play-fair method to crash on Yu Ao Tian, how could it so difficult? Why it is so difficult?

“Yao Yao, you don’t cry anymore, actually what was going on, you tell me, okay?” Gong Xiao Man is panicking while advising beside her, but how can she understand the bitter that suppressing Yao Yao and also how it could be ended only in two or three words (cannot be explained)?



37 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 322

  1. This is escalating. I’m actually worried she might kill or destroy his life. She’s the mc so he’s disposable and there seem to be other characters to take his place. I want my YY YAT love dosage.

  2. Well..its getting bit boring,YY is just plain stupid, not with IQ over 200.Thou YAT seems not better, they are just like to kids being stubborn…they had to change the title..naive and stubborn girl and a boy 😛
    Thanks for your work Azurro 🙂

  3. I will shamelessly admit that regardless of everything that happened I’m really glad to see YAT still call YY as Bao Bei😎 thanks for the chapter 😘😘

  4. Despite what happened to them he is still care for YY. If he wasnt he can easily killed her too.I can understand YY if she wants to revenge her mom death and knowing Her Ex lover is the killer. I don’t think she will succeed her revenge. Thanks for the update. I certainly welcome and thank you if you post them by bulk . Have a nice day.

    1. such dilemma and contradiction….
      Honestly, regarding the last two chapter when Yao Yao came to Yu Ao Tian’s villa, I thought if there was bullet, she perhaps shoot him and then killed herself.
      But, this isn’t an ending we and also the author wanted.

  5. Eventually when YY find out that the one who murdered her mom n uncle is not YAT then she will be more devastated when she misunderstood him. I wonder how will she rectify that to YAT??

    I truly don’t know why YAT is doing that to YY? What trying to make her to become like one them (YAT’s group) or to make the real culprit to reveal him or herself??

  6. OMG!! just need more TT.. readed everything until now in 3-4 days… need a lot more!! Azzurro has been doing a good job, keep going..

  7. I don’t really mind them being in this kinda relationship . Maybe I am a sadist😆 they are stubborn and I believe that this is the only way for them to truly become boyfriend and girlfriend . They still do not trust each other and they need this kind of thing to happen in order to strengthen their bond.
    Also we saw that YAT confirmed that he can no longer be that cruel toward her like in the past . He already loves her . We only need YY to accept that she loves him too ( i think she loves him since a long time but circumstances being as they are …. ) and then bam! the spell will be broken and they will be together by midnight ❤❤

  8. Oh my heart, I am about to sleep then I remember to check my email..there’s an update notification for chapter 323…and the title “ Yi”…I died a thousand times. This for sure YY will win.😪😤😤😳😳😭😭😭😭

  9. Oh my God… The title of this morning update shocked me ! Thought I was reading wife….NOOOOO please don’t make that happen. I don’t like him. Go back to YAT or even that other guy but not to FCY Open your eyes Yao Yao.
    The author makes me want to either vomit my anger and frustration or come through the screen and slap YY hard so she uses her BRAIN !!!

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      1. I got the password for 323 and 325
        It came late so i thought u didnt send
        Sry azzuro .. tq for caring 😄

  11. Hi Azurro, thanks for all the updates. Can I please have the password? I’m dying to know what happened in this chapter. Thank you 🙂

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