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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 324.2

fcy 1

Chapter 324

Part 2 (Two)

Everything just too sudden

The next day early in the at

This marriage is really coming too suddenly, either toward Feng Chen Yi or Yao Yao, it seems alike a dream.this translation is done by

Yesterday on the moment she nodding her head and gave him the answer, Feng Chen Yi left.

Even until this early on the morning, Yao Yao is still thinking……read at

Was Feng Chen Yi really coming to here?this translation is done by

‘ring ring’ (mobile phone ringing sound)this translation is done by

‘I have arrived in front of your school entrance.’ when this short message read, she finally affirmed that Feng Chen Yi arrival to her place yesterday indeed something real. She…. Indeed also agreed to Feng Chen Yi’s marriage proposal. Because, they have made a schedule, they are going to pay visit to Feng Chen Yi’s father.this translation is done by

Dressing, everything is prepared, hurry Yao Yao gets into Feng Chen Yi’s car.

“Morning.”this translation is done by

A familiar greeting, it is so similar with two years ago, but the only different thing is, this man is maturer compare to two years ago, he is mature lots. For everyday wearing casual and leisure clothes turned to wear formal suit everyday. “Morning.”this translation is done by

When the car is starting to move.this translation is done by

“Wait!!” Yao Yao is showing her difficulty expression when pulling his arm: “You…. Don’t you want to think more about it again?”this translation is done by

“Did you think that yesterday I was too impulsive and out of my mind when I asked you to make a choice?”

That’s right!this translation is done by

She is even thought that Feng Chen Yi was not only too impulsive and out of his mind yesterday when asking her to make a choice, but she even thought that she was too impulsive and out of her own mind when giving him an answer.this translation is done by

For this entire morning, she even asked herself hundred and thousand times, does she really want to marry with Feng Chen Yi?this translation is done by

Marriage, after all it is the entire life matter.this translation is done by

Although later in the future she can fall in love back with Feng Chen Yi, but this moment, she only has a feeling alike family toward him, that’s all. “Chen Yi, I advise you, please think it all over again.”

“Since you were at your 13 years old first time we met, until today, my feeling toward you, it hasn’t been changing not even a little bit, it has been six years already, do you think I still need to consider or think about it again?”this translation is done by

Six years…. Hasn’t it really never been changing, not even a bit? But why that time he still with her…..

Forget it! Now, is she still have a right to blame on Feng Chen Yi?

Actually after thinking carefully, doesn’t he also like that, since he was still at his 16, until today he is at his 22, it has been six years, but…. Since when that love feeling gradually disappeared.

“Years ago when I asked you since when you felt in love with me, didn’t you tell me it was during my third year of Junior High, did you? But how could you change to the first year?”

Looked at her desperate eyesight, Feng Chen Yi gives faint smile, and directly driving the car: “You make your guess, which one is the right ones?”

“How could I know, one moment you change and the other moment you changing again, this time you have changed it when I was at my 13 years old, geez.”

“Hah.” Feng Chen Yi lifts up his hand, hooked on her shoulder, turned his head, whispered on her ear: “It was during when you were catching cat.”

At first time, he only thought this little girl really too cute, he never seen any cute little girl like hers before.

And then on their second encountering, it was the time when Yao Yao begging him to pet the cat. On that moment suddenly his heart was moved by this cute little girl.

Very mystical, he didn’t know what he liked from her, but his heart just wanted to keep her to stay at his side, keeps on loving her.this translation is done by

And before, no matter how Yao Yao asked him about this topic, he would always give her such vague answer.this translation is done by

Now he would not do it anymore…..this translation is done by

Because he had done too many things that he didn’t mean and hurt her.

If, two years ago, he could treasure this feeling for moment, things wouldn’t be like today.

If, two years ago, when he got caught-red handed cheating on her, if he didn’t act as if nothing and not care of anything, he would not torment within these two years.

If, after two years later, when he for once again encountered her, not using that kind childish and ridiculous attitude toward her, but he sat and told her carefully, that he stills love her, perhaps both of them would not been circling and then together after such long time.

If….. Two years later, when she was coming to borrow money from him, if he didn’t say those hurting words, she….. Perhaps would not been ever become Yu Ao Tian’s lover.

So that, starting this day, he wants to tell himself, he won’t be ever hurt this woman anymore, if love he will tell her; the best for her is by showing it out.

this translation is done by


42 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 324.2

  1. Hah~~ I don’t care anymore if they get married or not. Just please tell me one thing, YY & FCY are not going to do some *couple thing* are they? YAT will still be her first right?
    Thank you Azurro.

      1. Even I want Yao Yao’s first to be YAT …………better to go with the flow fed up of YY’s stupidity
        BTW m i the only one who enjoys reading all the comments along with the new chapter update 😀 it is so refreshing going through the comments …different opinion from different people and their perspective etc etc 😀 …..

      2. Yes.
        I like the comment session, because we can read many opinions from many perspectives.
        Moreover we might know something that we don’t pay attention before from others.
        Example: Some said it bad Yao Yao goes separate from Yu Ao Tian, some said good for Yao Yao to choose Feng Chen Yi, and the best part is analyzing three main characters about their decision making LOLS
        XD XD XD

    1. Yao Yao will always support everyone she treasure friends and family to her utmost.
      Even if today Long Qi gets involved with trouble she still going to help him despite of he is Yu Ao Tian’s sworn brother……

  2. For a moment i lost for FCY love 😎 6 yrz love n all but cant help it FCY sry man
    I am rooting for YAT AND YY !!!
    I wonder How YAT gonna react to thiz???
    YY first time should be with YAt only !!!

    1. Every man in this novel loves Yao Yao and they even dare to sacrifice everything for her. So, I don’t think Feng Chen Yi’s love is greater than others.
      Moreover he has chance before but he didn’t cherish it. he made promised to love her but he still cheated on her, lost to his desire.

      1. Exactly FCY wasted his chance and as for YAT even with his stern and cold attitude …his treatment towards YY had been always special and with care and the plus point for YAT why I ship with YY-YAT couple is YAT even though he teases YY and had many chance he never went beyond the limit he acted with complete patient
        (Sorry if my comments irritates any readers ihv been commenting a lot this past few chapters 😁)

      2. The point is Yu Ao Tian never wanted to make any promises but he would do the best he could for everyone he treasures whether best friend or someone he loves.
        While Feng Chen Yi keeps on giving promise which not really can be kept.
        Let me biased little bit, in the between Hei Yan Long perhaps better candidate XD

  3. Yes – yes I get it know why you always ship with HYL infact on the contrary HYL is more deserving than those two …… But since from the begin I shipped with YAT so I’ll stick with him till the end 😋 …..this past few chapters has been revolving around YAT-YY- FCY I’m starting to miss the other characters

  4. Well it’s so obvious YY is going to ‘use’ FCY. After all YAT indeed is a very powerful man, LOL. Let them be, right now I cannot wait for my favorite couple! GXM & HLS…rooting & voting for them…

  5. Well regretting and loving are different feelings , does he mean to love and cherish the present and future her or does he want to stop regretting and thus stop the guilty conscience of hurting the past her ? He seems to me like a spoiled kid who has broken a new toy and wants the same one years after….Might break it again ! Can’t he move on ?

    She has moved on I think, but not forward enough , come on girl , become a strong woman , I am sure these past troubles and experiences can be used by her and make her improve her judgement, her character and status too as to soar up as high as YAT and who knows higher !

    Thanks for the chapters , even on weekends, yay !

  6. Well….seen like everyone like to have YHT to get another chance..But no matter what i am always Team FCY…😢😢😢

  7. Thank you Azurro.
    Until YAT and YY reconcile, I won’t post any comments.
    Thank you in advanced for updating chapters.😭😱😬

  8. I agree with everything FCY said, if he did not act childishly when he was with YY then she would never have fallen in love with YAT. I really hate YAT how he treated YY in the beginning, specifically during the time when someone showed up and pretended to her boyfriend/husband, he did not believe her! What’s worse he treated her so badly, had her slapped etc.. every time I remember that, it really boils my blood, what really amazed me was YY reaction she just accepted it!! Had that thing happened to me, I would use his money to hire a voodoo priest and curse him for all eternity. Having said that i honestly would like for YY to be with FCY, but I guess this will only be a wishful thinking. Because for some odd reason she fell for an arrogant, sadistic prick, ok people might hate me for talking bad about YAT, but if YAT did those things to me, the last thing I would do is fall in love with that person.. 😤 Huuhh this novel is so addicting, azurro pls keep on updating..

  9. I think HYL is probably the best for YY, but I am still rooting for YAT. I think YAT needs to love and be loved in order to help him become a better person, and YY is the only one that can do that.

  10. Hopefully YY will found the truth who killed her mom before she get married and cancel the wedding. Her mind and feelings are clouded with vengeance can’t think clearly.

  11. I realised a thing this days… FCY cheated on YY apparently because of man desire whatsoever and everyone is like : omg he had his chance blabla lost bla
    Aaaand YAT slapped her , act like a jerk , stepped on her feelings dozens times and everyone is still rooting for him . Interesting hmm.
    Don’t get me wrong. I root for YAT too. It seems just that is weird . Or am I the only one who thinks that .

    With all this confusion my only hope is in HLS and GXM .

  12. i agree with ranmingku i would never fall for yat coz of how he first treated yy…. i would rather go with feng coz break ups happen inorder make up…. please remind me who d real killer of yy’s mom was? coz i don’t seem to remember… Xanx for updates..

  13. My first comment… I just read all of these chapters in 3 days. Addicted! Thank you so much for translating. I am sad now, lol, with over 300 chapters I did not realize it was unfinished. Now I must be patient! I ship YY and YAT too, though I am sad about FCY. It is too late now because YY has moved on in her heart. Even if they get married, it will never get more than best friends for her.

    Also looking forward to HLS × GXM, lol.

  14. Thanks Azurro for updating this. I want YY to be with FCY. It is to tiring to be with YAT with his back ground and position. I used to support YAT but not anymore since he slapped YY. I hate man who hit woman.

  15. I am also rooting for YAT. But what I don’t like is that FCY doesn’t mind that YY doesn’t love him. He is still living in an imaginary world where he feels that everything will be back to what it was 2 years ago(even if he denies he doesn’t expect anything) and all that YY is thinking right now is to take revenge. In my opinion, even if YY succeeds in taking that revenge she would end up getting more hurt than she is right now. Since, the revenge will make her take some decisions that she may regret😮

  16. Call me weird oir whatever but all of you are bashing Fcy and YY to much, she just lost her mother, YAT may or not have not killed her mom, but he could have protected her for her love to YY but he chose not to do so, they were really somethings that a person of his IQ should have noted like her unstable mental state, the hardships about the truth, if he really love her why didnt he told her the truth and protected her precious things? Btw when YY lose her memory it seems like she forgot a lot of things its like her mind is younger than her body, her real mind could be really diferent than the YY that all we know, and finaly for me YAT does not really love her if he cant forgive her for something that her parents did, such inmature people.

    Thanks for your hard work azurro, have a nice day.

  17. hello. could you please translate faster? im so curious bout YY will marry to FCY or not. argh. this chapter becomes more than just fun!

  18. Since I don’t ship FCY with YY, I felt bored when YAT is Missing In Action,lol. Guys, remember to enjoy the novel without too much involved with it. Let Azurro has a breather in translating, or a weekend break😉. Not a lot of translator can update daily…for Azurro to do it daily is really a lot of works and we are all spoiled.

  19. It just makes me mad that we all know yy is with fcy all for the wrong reasons and she knows she will come to regret it but still follow through with it right now I just want tone smack her for a sec but still love the story though thanks for the upload

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