C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 324


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Chapter 324

Part 1 (One)

Everything just too sudden

“Feng Chen Yi!!! Do you understand or not, you must looking for someone who loves you as your wife, but the person isn’t me!” still said it out, still able to say it out loud.

Without any hesitation, she knows this word might hurt Feng Chen Yi, but there is no way, although looking for hundred and thousand reasons to refuse this time marriage, it’s only afraid, according to Feng Chen Yi nature it hard to change his will.

And the only way to stop this reason, say it out, perhaps it able to stop Feng Chen Yi.

That time, when she knew about Xiao Qiao and Xia Ren Liang marriage, the first impression she got for Xia Ren Liang is someone despicable. He is clearly not loves Xiao Qiao, but because of other reason he is going to marry Xiao Qiao.read at azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

If this moment she because of taking revenge for her mother, agree to marry Feng Chen Yi, isn’t she not any different with Xia Ren Lian?azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

The marriage life, if one of the other party not loving another party it is such something terrible.
And then, since when it started, she does not love Feng Chen Yi anymore?

Hah, she could not remember it. She only knows, that day when her mother passed away, when Feng Chen Yi was showing up in front of her face, the first reaction she gave, this man is as a part of her family ‘relative’, but he isn’t a man that she love!

“It’s okay…. You don’t need to love me it’s okay.”original translation work by azurro4cielo

Her face dropped down, she is dumbfounded looking at Feng Chen Yi who face is showing bitter smile in front of her eyes, she dumbstruck for moment. “You, you…. Don’t have any objection?”

“That’s right! I don’t have any objection! It is okay if you don’t love me, as long…..I am loving you and that’s more than enough!!!” After said, suddenly he pulled Yao Yao into his embraces. “Yao Yao, give me the answer, Yes or No.”original translation work by azurro4cielo

I love you….this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

I love you….this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

Heaven knows, how many years she has been waiting Feng Chen Yi for this three words?

Since those two years when they were still together, Feng Chen Yi never told her that three words, never told her before, he loves her. But this moment, this ‘cheeseparing’ man after all he said it out?

But why…..this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

She not even feel her heart skip beat, contrary she even feels this three words, is something burdensome? “Feng Chen Yi………”

“Yes or no? Yao Yao, as long as you give me Yes as answer, I will give you my utmost to help you fight against Yu Ao Tian!!!” this time, Feng Chen Yi does not give any chance for her to say anything, he only wants to get the answer.this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

But this answer can it be such easy to choose either yes or no?

That’s right, she really needs Feng Chen Yi help so much, she also needs his power to help her to revenge for her mother. But, the premise of marriage, it is fine with her, but how about Feng Chen Yi? Isn’t it too unfair for him?

No…..this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

It could not say as unfair!

Both of them ever dating each other before, moreover she ever loved him for such long time, after marriage, she can slowly to find back the feeling ever loved him before, the courage to love him back, stay together with him forever, isn’t this going to work?

Perhaps….this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

Can she?this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

Slowly…. Falling in love with… Feng Chen Yi? “I promise you.”

“Ha, hahahaha…” at the moment when Yao Yao made her promise, Feng Chen Yi is happily laughing, as if he has found a treasure, tightly hugging onto her.

He is really happy, so happy!this work is belong to Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com

The woman who he has loved for such long time, and then she coming back to his side again. Although….

He knows, this kind of marriage promise is coming from his despicable method. But it is okay, he will slowly let her to love him back, at same time he will give her happiness, perfect and beautiful future….



  1. Jocelyn Milhous · July 23

    My heart is breaking for FCY. He has everything but YY’s love and it’s the thing he wants most. I’m afraid for FCY. If he marries YY, YAT will destroy him.

    • azurro4cielo · July 23

      Nah, instead of FCY, I heart YAT.
      He knew Yao Yao had given him time to re-considered about the marriage but he still stubborn and force to make her stay beside him although he knew she does not have feeling for him anymore.
      Served his right!

  2. mirai · July 23

    Another cliff hanger 😀

  3. hippo · July 23

    Thanks for the update again. Really… Really…. Getting marry… No way….. YAT… Please show up soon.

  4. May · July 23

    I don’t think YAT will let the marriage happened. In his lifestyles, he tended to be lenient towards YY except her getting married. If YY is like other girls she is long get killed by YAT but YY is the only girl YAT ever love or have feeling so far. There’s a reason why I don’t like FCY from the beginning of the novel,he is sneaky bastard (please excuse my language), he is an opportunist…I don’t think I like YY at this stage…how many times happen already in the past how she wrongly assume YAT did something he didn’t. What will happen then when she found out that YAT actually didn’t kill her mom, rushing back to him. YAT and YY need to separate at this in order for them to realize how they feel towards each other. At this point, I am more interested to know what really happen in the past, how YY lost most of her memories beige she turn 6 or 5, not sure? And to YAT parents without these repetitive misunderstanding. Thank you Azurro for your daily update, you’re consistent and we’re spoiled!!

    • May · July 23

      **before she turned 6 or 5**

      • Julie · July 23

        I totally agree with you May. As I commented in the previous chapter regarding to YY. YY so into herself n not really seeing what she should be reading. For someone who have a high IQ like her yet she still think like normal person jumping into wrong conclusion at all times. YAT do not deserved to love this YY because she is no different to FCY an opportunist. I also never like FCY from the very beginning even to now, the people who associates with him n two of his best friends. Whatever things that FCY do is always try to get YY’s to sleep with him or he being jealous of YAT…

        I am not saying that YAT does not have faults, but each time he do it because ppl have wrong him in the past. He find those people, reasons, why then he carried out his judgement. YY you of all people should know what kind of a person YAT is yet you choose to misunderstand him. For someone who thought that she known FCY well really, how much do you really know him?? Open your eyes YY..

        Part of me kind of fed up with this story yet I want to know the outcome of the story so I persist on reading it. I also agree that YAT will not let YY n FCY getting married, some way some how he will stop their wedding because YY meant for YAT not FCY. That is what got me hook on how will YAT stop the wedding. YY, you said that you would not be like XRL but what is the different now, you are behaving exactly like him doing something against your ethics. One word for that kind of people “HYPOCRITE”.

        Siti. IF YY do fall back in love with FCY then her 200+ IQ should be taken down to 50. Atm, I feel so much like strangle her. YAT chose to trust her when she asked me to but y can’t YY do the same for YAT. She chose to trust FCY instead after what he had done to her in the past hence she is a BIGGEST DUMPEST one. *aaarrrrggggggg…frustrated*

        Thanking you Azurro for your faithfully translating this novel.😀

      • azurro4cielo · July 23

        Julie, you are too absorb with the fiction, but who’s would not? ^_~
        some parts are just too heartbreaking for Yu Ao Tian.
        But, everything will pay off sweetly after the truth being revealed.
        As for Feng Chen Yi, he also won’t have any good time, he might have Yao Yao to stay beside him but not her heart.
        This separation perhaps something good for Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian so that both of them could cherish more each others in the future ^-^

    • azurro4cielo · July 23

      Finally, I found someone give different perspective about these few chapters😄

  5. MyTearsAreDry · July 23

    I’ve been subscribed to you but I don’t have the password. T_T


    • azurro4cielo · July 23

      Ah~ I am so sorry T^T
      I thought I sent all. as long as my list email valid, everyone should get their password.

      • mhryu · July 23

        Yes me too. I did not get the password. I have emailed you. Please email me. Thanks Azurro 😘

      • azurro4cielo · July 23

        I have removed the password.
        just directly access it

  6. amy3108 · July 23

    No.no. YY pls. Don’t get married to FYC. Thanks, awaiting for the second part. Have a blessed evening.

  7. Yha D. · July 23

    Seriously, what the heck is she doing? Marry him, really??? I’m really hating her at this point. How can she be so stupid. It pissed me off that she just believe in everything, she’s a hacker herself, she should atleast know that someone can change/manipulate things. What I’m really getting annoyed about is that she simply assumed that YAT killed her mom instead of asking him(remind me if she did) if he really did it or not. For someone who has a 200 IQ, she’s pretty dumb. If she’s really going to marry FCY, then I can’t wait to see her regret about it later..
    Thank you so much Azurro~ 😄😄

    • Lawlyeth · July 23

      Well YAT want to let her thinks that he is the one that killed her mother he had like 200 opportunity to tell her but meh …
      I more think it will go down the path of YAT not doing anything about the wedding because of some stupid reason or another “u no belong to dark world bru” , it will ofc be canceled but with the outside help of LQ or QAT

    • azurro4cielo · July 23

      Hey, it’s not like she didn’t ask, just Yu Ao Tian not clearly explained to her. but this separation perhaps something need for both of them.
      About marriage….

  8. Coolkat · July 23


    • AikooxD · July 23

      I feel you . I was about to type the exact thing :))))))

  9. kimchigalblog · July 23

    Stubborn YY is making my blood boil😡….

  10. gia · July 23

    I can’t believe she would marry someone she doesn’t love. Hurry up and figure out the YAT is innocent.
    Thanks for the updates!

  11. juli · July 23

    Thank you….hoping this will not really happen…

  12. RanMingku · July 23

    Thanks for the update.. But mmmooorrreee!!!! 😢😢 I’m so addicted with this!!!

  13. mhryu · July 23

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. ayuzawa · July 23

    DOOMED 😑 YAT 💓YY fanz damn our ship sank deep in the ocean …😭😢 hope they dont marry.. Damn YAT y dont u explain her man !!!! And YY u need start to trust a bit on YAT .. he said u alredy to trust him he even tore those damn contract papers to win u 😤😢

    • azurro4cielo · July 23

      Nah, you are too fast make conclusion,
      The ship is upgraded to be submarine LOLS.

  15. Mel · July 23

    Wow! Is she really going to marry him?

    • kimchigalblog · July 23


      • mirai · July 23

        Oh no like seriously YY gonna marry him??? YAT where are you? Your bao bie is taking a huge step because of the misunderstanding 😭😭😭 I need more tissue 😭

  16. Yadane · July 23

    Not despicable, I support FCY!

  17. Aryadne · July 23

    What will she do after marrying him? their situation is really complicated and i think YAT made a guess of what will happen to them and how YY would react i think he deliberated let her go for a reason or am i wrong?
    Well the thank you for you translation >_<

  18. siti · July 23

    thanks for the updates..seriously can YY slowly back falling in love with FCY? She CANNOT do it..she already fallen in love with YAT but she was blinded with hatred.

  19. chocholate · July 23


    • chocholate · July 23

      i need GXM love’s story right now.

      • azurro4cielo · July 23

        It’s just same, these two best friend are in relationship-crisis T^T

      • chocholate · July 23


  20. Janna · July 23

    Give FCY a break. He has lost once so now he is smart to fight for his love. Unlike YAT..so cold & think that he can get away with everything. A simple say word will solve it. Thanks, azurro

  21. Sara · July 23

    Azurro, thank a lot for updating and removing the password.
    After two days trying to avoid reading the chapters and then the password problem….this happen. OMG, YY opens your eyes and heart and brain. YAT is deserved the punishment but not by marrying FCY. Don’t regret later if the truth is known.
    I’m dying right now of YY attitude.

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