Extra Chapters, Anyone interested?


Hi Everyone ^-^

Let’s play guessing riddle with me and for whoever able to guess right my riddle will be granted three extra chapters (you free to choose any from my translation projects).

Feel free to put the answer in the comment box (please use the valid e-mail) so, I can directly contact the winners.

Simple rules:
I will choose two winners who get the most right and fastest answer.
These guessing riddle will close on Thursday morning at 9 (Indonesia West Time / +7GMT),

Here the riddle:

1] ‘ I am someone who belongs to fairy tale, my tales spread from generation to generation, I am quite popular during seasonal occasions, everyone loves me.’

2] ‘ It’s been around for millions of years, but it’s no more than a month old. What is it?’

Good Luck 🙂

updated: it closed, winner will announce soon


49 thoughts on “Extra Chapters, Anyone interested?

    1. Ok let me make another guess lol 😂

      1 – Easter Bunny
      2 – Moon

      I just hope one of these guesses would be right 😆

  1. No. 1 question is quite tricky: of all the fairy tales character I know, I don’t know any one that’s popular in seasonal ocasions or already forgot. It couldn’t be Santa clause as Santa clause is a mythical figure who’s from historical origins who brings gifts to kids on Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning. Fairytale and myth are totally different. Now I am curious of the answer:)

  2. 1. Is santa clause(christmas father) 2. Is Moon
    I guess😁 will too bad I don’t think I can win the password riddle quest ….good luck to all my fellow readers…….. 😥 have to wait for the later chapter update ….sadly I CNT waste much time solving the riddle since I have my university entrance exam

  3. 1) sandman (because too many people said Santa Claus, I mean you need to sleep before you get your presents from santa claus, the eastern bunny or the tooth fairy 😆😉 in all seasons 😂)
    2) moon ( it must be, because too many people said that too😂😂😂)
    I’m really curious about the right answers

  4. Yay riddles
    1) Mother Goose (because I have no idea)
    2) A Star (because of the light years it takes for us to see it.)
    Thanks for being so generous. Love all your hard work

    1. Azurro i really like like this novel: A Naive-short tempered girl girl, ohhh please… I hope my answers are the right ones since I desperately wanted to read more of these..

  5. I’m thinking of tradition as the answerror for 1 and moon for two lol trying to think outside of the box, can’t be santa Claus because not everyone loves Christmas because not everyone celebrates Christmas while tradition is in fairytale and everyone loves their tradition and on seasonal occasions there is a tradition to be done for each cultures of belief but this is my own thought lol this is fun

  6. 1) Folktale
    2) Moon
    Sorry if they’re totally wrong nd idk I wanted to give something different for the first one… Hope it’s right even if it’s wrong lol

  7. Ohohoo hours later, 2 the moon. 1….father xmas came from a fairytale ? Thought it was a coca cola story! So maybe in the west then , I’d have said the New Year Dragon bringing new hope every year ??

    1. ooooohhhh i know!!!!!
      1. in Indonesia its called “barongsai” ^^ its popular to celebrate Chinese big days, its “dragon” or a “lion” maybe… well yeaahh yeahh its the furthest thing that i could thought of^^
      2. the moon, its still the same ^^

  8. I have totally no idea of the answer..
    My mind is in a fog after reading 2 parts of The Breaker Manhwa for 2 and half days straight and the ending is yet to come in 1-2 years time…sigh…
    Sorry azurro..I think this time I have to pass.

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