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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 326 B


Good news for the ANSTG’s fans….
You guys are getting six extra chapters since winners are solely asking ONLY for A Naive Short Tempered Girl and not others =.=” LOLS. Speak frankly, I quite surprised with A Naive Short Tempered Girl popularity because when I started this translation project, not many people like it. But…..

Well, without too much blabbering, here I presented……..
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Chapter 326

Part 2 (Two)

Being Refused by Feng Chen Yi’s Father

© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Chen Yi!!!! If you are still stubborn wanted to marry her, not even mentioned about the CEO’s position, even the General Manager’s position, immediately I will strip it from you!”

When Feng’s father said this words, an instantaneous Feng Chen Rui who is sitting beside exposing his smile, this smiles spotted by Yao Yao’s eyes, she hates and gritting her teeth, gently she pulling Feng Chen Yi who besides her: “Forget it, Chen Yi.”

“It’s nothing.” Feng Chen Yi is comforting her by showing his smile, and then looking at his father with expressionless face: “Do you really think that I am such wanted that CEO’s position? If you are stripping my General Manager’s position, it does not matter to me. You don’t forget that, before Grand Father passed away, he had given 20% of Feng Group stocks under my name, it is not big deal, I can sell out my 20% stocks, and then I still can start all over again, when it really happen, let’s us see who will be more losing severely!”

If really once the 20% stocks of Feng Chen Yi being sold out, it for surely Feng’s Group will be at catastrophe. Feng Xiao knows very well compare to anyone who will surely suffer bigger loses. “Chen Yi!!! You are really! Are you want to anger me to death? Just because of this lowly status woman, and then fight against me? Do you think it is worth to do so?”

“That’s right, Chen Yi, quickly apologizing to father, as long as you are not marry with this woman, everything is easy to settle.” at this kind of situation, Feng Chen Rui faster adding an oil. So that the atmosphere is getting hotter after it gets burn!

Dealing with this kind of shameless older brother, simply to say, Feng Chen Yi decision is to ignore him: “Father, I don’t mean to make you angry, if you are agreeing my marriage with Yao Yao, don’t you think the matter is much easier, right?”

“I won’t agree with it! This little girl no matter her status or her background, she is not suitable to get into our Feng’s family door!!!!”

“Well there is nothing more to say. Yao Yao, we leave.” After said, when Feng Chen Yi wanted to pull Yao Yao and

His footstep stopped, quickly he turned back, hinting that he and Feng’s father will be reconciled.
Feng Chen Yi is smiling, bend down little bit and then whispered on her ear: “Rest assured, although I don’t have anything, I will still support and help you to revenge, believe on me….”

It is not like that! Not like that! She isn’t afraid if later he does not have anything and then cannot help her to revenge!

But, she really cherish the warmness of this family, she does not want and expecting to see Feng Chen Yi because of her and then stir up trouble with his family to this

Feng Chen Yi, why you must be so stubborn to this point?

Is it worth?

Is it because of me, you are willing to break with your father, willingly to lose everything, is it only to marry me?

This is not worth! It really is not worth!!

Her pair of bright twinkling big eyes straightly can see firm and steady eyesight, inside that pair of eyes as if she can see his toward her, his love and also his certainty.

What to do then? Feng Chen Yi, you are treating me this well, what should I do in order to repay you?

Using my companion to accompany you for the rest of my life with you in order to repay your kindness, can I do so? Now, I only can give this promise to

Since it decided to stay forever, well we must get married first, don’t you think so?

The marriage without blessing isn’t happy marriage, so that….

She cannot accept this kind of situation because of her these son and father relationship stirring up to this point!

Yao Yao smiles faintly, suddenly she swaying away Feng Chen Yi’s hand, turned her back and faster she has arrived right in front of Feng

“Yao Yao?” quickly Feng Chen Yi chasing in front of her, not understand looking at her.
She smiles again, comforting him by patting Feng Chen Yi’s

This time, let her to move Uncle Feng’s heart! “Uncle, as you said my background cannot be compared, mine is so ordinary and really ordinary. But, I never thought that, nothing in me which isn’t fit your Feng family. It is right, I am not coming from wealthy generation, I cannot give any asset (Financial contribution) support to Feng family. But the worth of myself value isn’t something that can be gotten by being wealth generation or money.”

© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


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    YY is becoming stronger and mature…she is starting to see her self worth. Can’t wait to read next chapter on how she tackles d dad. Good. Fighting.

  2. You go girl YY tell him that it’s not about wealth or education but rather the character or dignity of the person. I really admired FCY he is willing to fight or sacrificed for his love. Thanks for update have a blessed day. It was fun for the games.

  3. Of course she iz world clss lawyer she iz tough she iz becoming mature more n more
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      1. It is not cunning Azurro, it’s normal, with your kindness you are not stingy enough to make us face those cliff and maybe will post more chapters in a day… (so it will triple benefit again)
        but with thunder that we know her schedule once a week, and rarely different from the schedule with an event she have a reason to release more chapters lol hohohoho (it is normal right? it is normal way of thinking right?? riggghhhttt?????)

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    His brother is really scheming, probably jealous of their father strong favoritism

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