C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 331 B

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Chapter 331

Part 2 (Two)

She had lost her mother, her grandpa is at very far away, and now Feng Chen Yi is the only one who closest to her, someone that she can trust and depend on ‘family member’, so that she cannot see this most important family member, because of her getting problems!

“Since you have said that you thought me as your family member, so you think, would I mind that much? Just make a comparison, there’s someone said you are bad, would your mother cut all ties with you?”


Feng Chen Yi’s words so sharp, makes her cannot argue back with him.

He is using such strong willed man’s nature, until this moment he not even showing any hesitation? What should she do? Should she keeps on doing mistakes? Stills….

“Yao Yao, don’t think too much about other matters. Didn’t you want to revenge for your mother? Well you must think what should you do in order to revenge, and at same time, just think carefully, about our future life. While the other matters just let me to settle it!”

Revenge? The future life? The current her even the problem right in front of her eyes she cannot settle, how could she think about those distant things.

“Alright, I understand, now I back for my class.”

“En.” his eyes are keep on looking Yao Yao who is almost disappeared and entered school yard, at sudden Feng Chen Yi’s face changed dimmer, and faster he takes out his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed: “Lisa, you go and announce to managers from all department to gather for meeting, tell them to make a plan how to acquire Li’s group.”

“Yes. General Manager Feng.”

“Others…. Think whatever the way to stop the rumors about Yao Yao who ever being Yu Ao Tian’s lover, that news!”

Lisa who is listened from the other side of phone call, helplessly she pouted her mouth: “General Manager Feng, This news now has been released, it must be so hard to stop it right?”

“That’s why just think another way by using any bigger piece of news to cover that news, is this something that I need to teach you again?”

“Yes, Yes, General Manager Feng, I understood.”

After hung up the phone called, he is using his strength to toss away his mobile phone to the seat beside him!

If said that, Feng Chen Yi does not mind with this rotten gossip, it is something impossible, after all due to his position today if this news is spreading, absolutely it is worst.

But, married with Yao Yao is something he must have done! There is nothing could change or stop him in order to marry Yao Yao!

‘How could I not concern? Even though I was hate you so much in the past, but now seeing the news about you and me, I feel so frustrated; and moreover, for me, your existence just alike my family member, because of my revenge, I make you to be others laughing stock, how could I not feel bad?’

His head is reckoning what was Yao Yao said before……

Family member…. Family member….

Hah, it stills such intimate called, now Feng Chen Yi really does not know whether he must happy or not with his position in Yao Yao’s heart, or should he being hurt, she only sees him as her family member, but not as someone she loves!

‘Forget about the past, now I want to love you who at my front….’ (mobile phone ringtone)

Just now just hung up the phone call, but the mobile phone is ringing again, Feng Chen Yi impatiently glances at the mobile phone screen, his expression suddenly changed to be dimmer.


“Chen Yi, you are….”

“I am on the way going home.” after said, Feng Chen Yi coldly hung up the phone call, moreover he accelerated his car…..

“Second young Master.”

“Second Young Master.” stills a same magnificent mansion, the atmosphere alike having parade.

Feng Chen Yi is coldly passing through from that maid side, bigger the house, it is even more lacking of warmness so for what? People more, even more no feeling, it does not any different compare to death body.

This is the reason why he does not want to go home, he also does not able to feel the warmness of his family.

Walking to the living room, just in time Feng Xiao is sitting on the sofa while watching television.

‘Congress Yu, when was still Berson Group’s CEO, did you ever support one female student as your lover?’

‘No comment.’

‘Congress Yu, we have a solid evidence, moreover we also have confirmed to the entertainment circle, you were indeed ever dating the world class actress Li Mei Yun before, moreover did she also ever pregnant your child? As additional it was also you the person who did the abortion for the baby that never born into this world?’

“Every reporters, let me say once again, your questions, I don’t know, if there no really a solid evidence that you guys able to bring up, as for such questions, I will not answer the question.’

‘Congress Yu…. Congress Yu….’


  1. titin · August 2

    thank you so much azurro.. a bit confusing but i really enjoy to read it..
    i feel sad for fcy that he never get yy’s love again & just become tool for yy to get revenge…but it’s all his fault too, blind because of love..aiyaya…
    but always shipp yy & yat whatever^^^^^^never waver..

    • azurro4cielo · August 2

      What is confusing? the way I translated or the new format?

      • titin · August 2

        the new format..because there is no spasi so need full of focus to read..
        but i agree about that as long as i can read your translation without log in a password..hehehe..

      • azurro4cielo · August 2

        Please bear with this format for while. although password is tiring but doing this format is triple tiring.
        At same time, I couldn’t keep trouble everyone to ask for the password.

  2. titin · August 2

    keep doing what you are supposed to to do to prevent from that shameless thieves..i as your blog’s reader just can support from far away…
    btw is ceo’s wife story goung to hiatus? the story is just begin#####

    • azurro4cielo · August 2

      Thunder is back soon. So, just wait her to do the update. ^-^

      • titin · August 2

        happy to hear that…^=^

  3. Lynn · August 2

    Thank you very much for the hard work azurro❤
    Please keep up with the good work. You have been doing great❤
    I understand the trouble you have been facing😉 As long as I can keep up with the novel, in which format it is okay for me😉
    Don't worry about anything else. You still have me on your side😉

  4. kimchigalblog · August 2

    Thank you!

  5. rosesisred · August 2

    thanks dear for the quick update ..!

  6. Julie · August 2

    Did FCY really loves YY? Or is it something or someone FCY need to possess? Like a saying said, “You can’t have no matter what must have it, will own it even have to use dirty deeds to possess it.” That is not called “love” FCY that is called “uncleaned obssession”. FCY want something or someone he never have in the first place. I truly don’t you in the first place, not now n definitely not in the future.

    Thanking you Azurro very much. BIG HUG FROM DOWN UNDER.

    • azurro4cielo · August 2

      Yes. the obsession which mistaken as love by Feng Chen Yi.

  7. ayuzawa · August 2

    I am only seeing it or its very difficult to read the chapter as the words r mixed up ?

    • azurro4cielo · August 2

      Are you sure?
      I know the format is little bit odd, by the way, are you reading from PC or mobile phone?
      Before I post it, I have tried to read on my PC and mobile phone. I didn’t find it difficult except you need to scroll right……

      • ayuzawa · August 2

        Using mobile azzuro !
        Ya i can read but its difficult as all words r mixed form but i wil try to adjust becoz u r trying so hard to post chapters and portecting from hackers rit ! 😄
        Tq for the updates

  8. Samie · August 2

    Is it really just an obsession for FYC? 😞 I’ve read a manga where the male lead is similar to YAT, at the end of the story…he just got killed. I’m still for a more pragmatic choice, FYC.

    Words are not enough to say for my appreciation..pls stay happy and healthy dear Azurro 😘

    • azurro4cielo · August 2

      Thanks ^-^
      You are so sweet ^_~

      • Samie · August 2

        You’re the sweetest 😍😍😍

        Thanks tons for your hard work😘

  9. crowncare · August 2

    Thanks Azurro, what ever you decide to protect your work is welcome by me.

  10. Thing · August 2

    Thank you azurro..😃

  11. amy3108 · August 2

    Thanks a million. Now the ball court is on YAT. He can deny everything if he wants to. I will feel sorry for LRT when YAT find out that she’s spread this malicious news thats on air. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Have a blessed evening.

  12. juli · August 2

    Thank you…

  13. Elder · August 3

    thank you azurro for translating this wonderful novel. I am really curious to know how the plot is going to unfurl.

  14. Coolkat · August 3

    Thanks for the update 😘😘 wonder how may chapters left til YAT nd YY r face to face again

  15. Yadane · August 3

    Thank you for all the hard work in updating and apoiling us despite the work steal

  16. Dian Nian · August 3

    it’s okay ,i’m still able to read and understand what it means…thank you sooooo much for your hard work!
    you are so understanding to us ^_^

  17. gia · August 3

    Thank you for the update and your hard work!

  18. kaitoujeanne · August 3

    I am sorry for all those thieves stealing your translation and claiming it was their work. I understand why you are doing what you are doing

  19. Jazz taylor · August 3

    Thankyou for the tranlation and bad wishes to those who steal your hard work. We really appreciate your hardwork ☺☺

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