C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 331

Chapter 331

Part 1 (One)

“It does not matter, whatever they want to write just let them to write, mouths are theirs, I could not stop all.” she is tired, she really is too tired. Regarding all these things, Yao Yao finally can experience the people who live under the limelight actually too exhausted.

‘ding ding’ The short message notification alert, she read it.

‘Now I am in front of the school entrance waiting for you.’ it is short and yet simple message, at one glance already know about Feng Chen Yi’s character.

Seeing Yao Yao wants to get up and leaving.

Gong Xiao Man curiously asked: “Where are you going?”

“Go out for moment.” when she just wanted to leave the class, some of fellow gossiper classmates are gossiping around with sinister smiles.

“Luo Yao Yao, just now what were said by the reporters, was it true or not? You were ever becoming Board Director Yu’s lover before?”

“Really envied you, how much pocket money he gave you per months? You can study at here, was the reason because of him? Yao Yao, you see, if really can, can you say few good words about us to Board Director Yu, all of us must be very grateful toward you.”

Hah, what kind of world this, doing criticism only based on surface phenomenon.

Still refresh in her mind, during the time when the news about her being someone’s lover being exposed, everyone was laughing at her. But now the result when the truth exposed the person is Yu Ao Tian, this group of people are buttering her!

“Me and Board Director Yu are not too familiarized, so that I can’t help you guys, regarding about our relationship, stills…. Nothing I can’t say about!” Yao Yao coldly smiles, pushed aside through her classmates, hurried she walking out from school yard.

At the road side, a Porsche sport-car parked, at the time when Yao Yao ensured the person who drives the car is Feng Chen Yi, hurried she gets in car and seat: “What’s matter?”

“I have watched the news, are you okay?”

“Haha, reporters just left, but don’t worry I do fine. But how about you….”

“Me? What’s?”

Yao Yao is pouted her mouth, and then takes a deep breath, slowly said: “Do you still want to marry me?”

“My beloved, do both of us just know each others or what? No matter what, how can I feel that you are not even knowing me, even for little bit now?” Feng Chen Yi is trying his best to use usual speaking tone.

She understands this man, after all both of them have known each other for such long time, how could she not understand him?

Once Feng Chen Yi has decided on something it hard to make him to change it, but…. “Now, my matter with Yu Ao Tian had exposed, no matter whether everyone believes or not, as long as you still marrying me, you would turn to be everyone laughing stock!”

Since the beginning, this marriage is a mistake, since the beginning she does not have any certainty regarding to this marriage;

Since the day she became Yu Ao Tian’s lover, she has understood, between she and Feng Chen Yi are impossible…..

“Now, the thing that you must consider of is being the most beautiful bride, and no need to focus on what people going to talk about me.”

“How could I not concern? Even though I was hate you so much in the past, but now seeing the news about you and me, I feel so frustrated; and moreover, for me, your existence just alike my family member, because of my revenge, I make you to be others laughing stock, how could I not feel bad?”



  1. Samie · August 2

    Oh my FYC, tell Yao Yao your stupid regrets…u turned her down, that’s why she went to YAT. Pls don’t waver….. 😅

    Thanks much dear 😘 the suspense is a real killer.

  2. amy3108 · August 2

    Because of her FCY will be affected and it will weigh on her and guilty of dragging him down, eventually she is going to cancel the wedding. Thanks have a nice day.

  3. Coolkat · August 2

    Yes tell him he’s just a family member that’s it!!! YAT U BETTER STOP THIS MARRIAGE!!!! thanks so much for ur hard work 😘😘😘

  4. RanMingku · August 2

    Hhhmmm by the sound of this she might try to cancel the wedding but I don’t think FCY will approve. Now I really don’t know what will happen next. Will Yy beg FCY to cancel the wedding? Will YAT do something? Maybe deploy his Mafia goons kidnap YY just to steal her first time? 😤 another day to wait.

  5. RanMingku · August 2

    By the way thanks for the update

  6. juli · August 2

    Thank you…

  7. Yadane · August 3

    sigh YAT has completely won Yao Yao’s heart

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