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It’s only one from many ways ^-^

Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something.
找到方法去尝试。如果失败了,坦然接受,尝试另外一种方法。但是无论如何,要去尝试 – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I think this quote is fit best to describe with the circumstances I have face lately. I don’t really point of about the way I try to protect my translation works but at same time, this also applies to many things, daily days. I am type of person who does not afraid with failure because I believe as long as I am not giving up, success will come to me sooner or later, and of course, I need to change the way I do things, my thoughts, my mindset, etc.

Let me share little bit about my study journey. years ago when I was starting to learn Chinese by myself some of people looking down at me, they even said I am too old and my brain perhaps gone rusty. Some even laughed at me when I joined courses with little kids. I didn’t have much choice that time at least I need to learn the basic first. I joined the class not long until decided to stop because I didn’t see any progress. And then, I try to learn by myself, relying with online resources and many types of dictionary. My biggest progressed perhaps when I able to complete General wants to hug and sleep translation. Although It took me months to do fully translation.

My mom always says no one really born to be stupid, even the one who lacking (disable people) they will find a way to do something within their limitless.

So what do you think?



29 thoughts on “It’s only one from many ways ^-^

  1. Waa i understand that feeling!, a time ago i start to study kitchen and i have to face the same situation a lot of people from my circle laugh at me because i was too naive and blind they ask me why are u doing this when u have a such a good work and live with luxury? I never say anything i just smile embarrassed and i start to retreating from my decision, but i start to heard myself more and understand that those obstacles are only in my mimd and like you say as long i don’t give up and give my best the success will come, once u understand this you are unstoppable so don’t give up stay put your readers are here for you even when those annoyed and unsuccessful people are around 🙂

  2. Dang ran ni shuo de dui. Age didn’t prevent us from learning about anything. Even someone who already reach 80/90 years old they still have passion for learning. Because as long as we live we will never stop learning. Jia you azzuro

  3. Wow..Very impressive that you learned Chinese by yourself. And Really did great job on translation to English for us. Love you, your ardent fan

  4. really agree with what your mom says…i can understand too because till now i am still try really hard to learn english, because in my work & life there is none that used english as their second language..sometimes there is people that see me as a weird because saying or writing in english..
    & you know, that your blog gave me more motivation to learn another language beside bahasa, english & boso jowo..
    so glad that i found your blog azurro..thank you so much..

      1. Yes, that is the most perfect statement on being a real live human being.We don’t love others because they are so unrealistically perfect . We love them because their flaws make them shine like diamonds in the moon light

  5. You really are an optimist if so…maybe it would be hard for me to not underestimate or ignore those who make fun of me,because i had to admit i was impatience and a bit grumpy ~_~

    So thank you divide your experience story,still be yourself n stay ahead ^_^

  6. I admire your perseverance Azurro. 😊 I know it’s difficult to learn a new language. Always remember that nobody is too old to learn something new. Just keep doing your best and don’t let other people put you down.

    P.S. I always look forward to your updates because they make me happy. Thank you. 😄

    💗 Periwinkle

  7. Be inspired and never give up. That is all anyone can ask for oneself. You are a very strong young lady. Cheers Azurro. 😉

  8. Take it easy dear 😘 think of it this way, ” just like Gas ( fart )… It will pass . ”

    Don’t sweat it out, Stay Healthy and Happy!👍

    Cheers 😁

  9. I wish I was like you , to have your will . From a very young age everyone around me started encouraging me. I learned English, French, guitar, piano, canto and now I am on my way to become a doctor but you know what : all those people put pressure on me and now I am really really scared of failure . I can’t express myself very well and I am afraid to voice my own opinions. It s frustrating to want to say something and to not do so because your voice is stuck in your throat and won’t come out .

  10. Azurro, I must say your English translation skills are getting better and better since your first translation of that the General Who Wants to Hug and Sleep! I thought you are already very proficient in Chinese that you can do all these translation works 🙂 To be able to read a novel in Chinese itself already needs perseverance, not to say to do the translation into English! Keep up the good works and thanks heaps for your hard works!

    1. what folks said about ‘practice makes perfect’ indeed true.
      But if I could add, willingness to study, do correction…
      I think nothing really impossible cause i’m possible ^-^

  11. I wish I had your will . Unfortunately for me I had everything since I was a kid and now I can’t find motivation or ambition to do anything new . Since I was 4 or so my parents decided that I am to be a very intelligent and important person. I learned English, French, guitar, piano, canto and now I am on my way to become a doctor but you know what : all those people put pressure on me . I can’t express myself very well and it’s the most frustrating thing in the world to want to voice your opinion and your voice to be stucked in your throat . All this because I took everything for granted .
    I never really put much effort in anything . I just went with the flow . Now when I need to find my will and motivation to do something I have to search really far and it’s not a guarantee that I will do that till the end . Well, it s not like I want to do something right now ( between classes , tutoring and taking care of my sisters I barely have time to sleep ) but for example I wanted to learn a new language . I made a plan , do courses etc but after 2 weeks I quit . I don’t know why my will just faded and now I am afraid that I will not find a better time to learn that language in the future.

    A thing that I find funny growing up with a good memory and learning capacity : nobody but nobody aknowledges your hard working . For me for example everyone thinks I just wake up in the morning and poof the information is stored in my head :))
    when I tell them that I usually sleep 4 hours a day because I have to study more they think I am conceited and make fun of them.

    It’s really frustrating really . That’s why I admire you azurro and your will .😙😘

  12. Thank you for sharing a part of your experience ^^ it is really inspiring ….especially I stop mid way trying to learn Korean by myself now your story boosted up my confidence and I’ll resume learning Korean 😆Ua like my role model now 😆😄

    1. Jia You!
      In my point of view Korean language is little bit tricky. I started it with Hangul and then trying simple daily conversation (for some short cut), but if you have longer time, better continue with grammatical structure after you know how to read Hangul
      Just bit of suggestion^-^

  13. Wow you’re so great! I really enjoy reading your translation. To translate, writing and make this blog itself are really a hard work and I admire this so much. Thank you so much Azurro^^ Thank you so much for your hard work and your sharing. This really motivates me more to learn Chinese, do you have any recommended online resource for a beginner?^^

    I quite understand this since I’m in the same kind of situation like you but it’s more of life choices and more like gambling. Sometimes I feel lost and feel like I back to my starting point despite my progress. But in the end, I always thought that actually I’m curious to know where and when is my limit, thinking like that I feel I recharging my self again. When I failed or stuck I always think this “all road leads to Rome”, and I think I’m still able to survive right now 🙂

    Semangat terus Azurro :*

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