C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 333

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Chapter 333

Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao wedding party

The car that takes Yao Yao to Yu Ao Tian celebration party is moving fast. While the person who is driving the car is Xia Ren Liang who glanced at Yao Yao, his lips curled up and make faint smiled.

“You, what are you laughing for?”

“HeHe, I think, today must be so many ladies who put heavy makeup and also wearing splendid gown, but you?” when he said this, Xia Ren Liang looked at ordinary Yao Yao.

“So what’s?”

“Yao Yao, this time is one of good opportunity to get closer to the top management, why didn’t you dressing more beautiful little bit?”


At the moment she touched Madam Feng’s hand, paused for moment feeling as if the bones caught a chill.

Lifts eyes, facing with Madam Feng’s face which filled with smiling face, but somewhat why she feels Madam Feng’s smile is too fake? “Aunty, don’t you care with those gossips?”

“Of course I don’t care. I believed on you and also believed on Feng Chen Yi’s eyes, both of you must be stay together, understand?”

Haha, can this called as blessing? After all their thorny marriage has been getting Feng Chen Yi’s mother blessing! Ha…..

She is afraid to tell this such gentle mother the truth, the marriage between she and Feng Chen Yi are actually only a transaction, that’s all. “Thank you, aunty. If there is nothing else, I take my leave first.”

“En, go back.” Madam Feng is smiling when sending off Yao Yao who gets down from the car. Just at the moment when the car door closed, at sudden her facial expression changed dim: “Lao Zhang, drive!”

“Yes, Madam.”

The expensive and luxurious car starts the engine, not long after that the car arrived at Feng’s mansion.
Madam Feng is standing in front of the villa, at one glance, she has changed her expression as if feeling difficulty when coming in.



“Where is Master?”

“Replying to Madam, Master is at back yard.”

After Madam Feng heard it, immediately she rolled her eyes: “Giving me to settle this matter, after all he still have time to take care the flowers? Really!” she hands over her limited bag to the maid, faster walking to the back yard. “Old Master.”

“Ni Pei, how’s thing going on?” Feng Xiao is putting down the sprinkler and hurrying walking until in front of Madam Feng: “Did that girl agree to leave Chen Yi?”

Madam Feng is pretending to heave a sigh, in difficulty shaking her head: “She not agreed.”

“Even giving money still not agree?”

“Not like that, the price that she said….”

“Since she has said her price, just give her!”

“But her mouth is asking for 4 Billion!”

“What?” once Feng Xiao heard it, at sudden he is raging in fume: “Really such greedy, My Feng family does not care with this 4 billion, since she wanted it, just give it for her!”

Madam Feng really never thought that Feng Xiao would say something like this, because of his son, he really does not care about money. She is creasing her forehead, with bitterness said: “Master, thing seems not very simple like you thought, that woman perhaps left Chen Yi after she got the money. But, how about Chen Yi?”

“Just tell Chen Yi about that woman!”

“Not like that, Old Master.” Madam Feng is helplessly shaking her head: “You see, that girl isn’t married yet, but the news has been spreading on the surface, but Chen Yi, he not even care not even a bit.

Although we tell Chen Yi, that girl has accepted our money, would Chen Yi believe us? He would only hate us more. I think….. how about this way.”


“Since Chen Yi likes that little girl so much, just let him to marry her. When the time comes, we can ask them to live at home (refer to Feng’s mansion), if she has bad intention, it will make us easy to watch her, don’t you think so?”

“What crap of way are you saying?” Feng Xiao is sitting in the chair with anger, roared: “I won’t let my son to marry a woman like that as my Feng!!!!”

“Old Master, you shouting at me is something useless. Does Chen Yi really ever listen to you? If you keeps on stopping by this way, it will only make Chen Yi hates you more. Why you must bitter yourself?”

“Ni Pei, I want to be alone for while, you take your leave first.”

“Understood.” Madam Feng is curled her hands tightly with hatred, turned her back and then get inside the Villa.

Father Feng who is siting alone in the back yard creased his forehead, his face is dim.

Regarding toward this son, he can be said dearest and doting him so much, but more he doting him more this son going further from him.

Of course, Father Feng clearly understands, why he such loving and doting his son but this son even acts such cold toward him. “Huh…. Ya Shi, ours son, until today he stills hate me. You say, should I really let that little girl to be part of our family, so that Chen Yi will be happy?” gently murmured, he is slowly taking out his mobile phone from his pocket: “Chen Yi, I agree with your marriage matter, but I have condition, must be fulfilled, after your marriage, you must move and live with me together!!”

‘Yesterday, Feng Group announced an explosive news, that was about the Second Young Master of Feng Group who is also General Manager Feng Chen Yi, within three days which is first December, he is going to marry someone as his wife!’

‘Every viewers, according to the detail investigation, Feng Chen Yi future wife is someone who study at First University, coming from ordinary background. It seems this is going to be Cinderella marriage story, does not know whether this woman who comes from poor family can adapt to rich life or not?’

‘Last year, Prince William when he married his princess, believed that not less of women evidence the fairy tale love story; while within these three days, for once again there will be another fairy-tale marriage. As reported, The Second Young Master of Feng and his future wife have been knowing each other for 6 years when both of then studied in Japan, these two people love story has been running for 6 years, and now finally they reap the fruit. This is too touching and treasure.’

After Feng Group done with the marriage announcement, all media are overwhelming in order reported about Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao’s marriage, more importantly is the media even dig out about their past, and occur many rumors.

Now the news that spread in the spread all the headline are talking about this kind of wealthy marriage, at same time also exposed prince William and princess Kate’s marriage which held on last year.

“Ao Tian!!’ in the midnight, Long Ye is holding a newspaper in his hand while rushing to Yu Ao Tian’s house. “Have you seen….” at the moment he sees the light of television, he knows, it seems that Yu Ao Tian has gotten the news regarding Xiao Meng Li’s marriage.

‘pip’ Yu Ao Tian is expressionless when turn off the television, his bottomless eyes are turned and looked at Long Ye: “You are looking for me only to tell me, about Luo Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi’s marriage news?”

“Not like that, Ao Tian! Xiao Meng Li is so sudden wanted to marry Feng Chen Yi, is it because she want to get support from Feng Chen Yi to revenge???”

“Perhaps.” Yu Ao Tian is laughed devilishly at same time titled his head, the expression in his face is such flat, as if there is none of his business, he is also alike others commoners, take this conversation as if tea house rumors.

But Long Ye understands, more Yu Ao Tian showed this kind of attitudes, more pissed off he actually is!!!

“Ao Tian, let me have talk with Xiao Meng Li, let me tell her the truth….”

“Long Ye! Let me tell you for once again!” his cold eyes are gleaming dangerously, he gloomy said: “My matter with Luo Yao Yao, you must not interfere!!”

“Ao Tian, so you will let Xiao Meng Li to marry Feng Chen Yi??? do you really don’t have any objection?”

“That’s her choice.” that’s true, it indeed her choice! The bird’s wing is stronger, although he wanted to break it, but at same time he is not able to do so!

“Huh….” seeing the expressionless face of Yu Ao Tian, Long Ye is only can let out long sigh, murmured: “Why…. things turned to be like this….. it obviously everything was okay before.”


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