C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 334

Chapter 334

The glamour wedding party.

Three days later……….

Because of Feng Chen Yi’s marriage, Feng’s family really not care to spend about 20 Billion, in order to make this kind of wedding party.

The wedding party is using imported tulip flowers, every wedding sweets are wrapped by golden foil, while the wedding party location at seven stars hotel, the entire hotel has booked by the Feng’s family. As the wedding car, the bride’s wedding dress are custom made, and the others detail things, none of them isn’t the best things. As seen, for Father Feng this son indeed so important.

The wedding feast is holding at this seven stars hotel’s rooftop with open-scenery view, so that every guest not only can enjoy the beauty scenery of the entire city. But at same time they also can enjoy the rooftop rockery set, streams, and also other differences type of environment.

One hundred and sixty table, all seats are occupied, the people who able to sit down at this place are those who backgrounds worth more than billion. Of course, it hasn’t included the politician.

“Chen Yi, congratulation, today you are the bridegroom.”

“Haha, thank you, Uncle Li.”

“Chen Yi, it’s good to marry and settle down as this soon, by this way your father can rest assured to hand over Feng’s group to you.”

“Uncle Liu, thanks for your auspicious words.”

At the entrance, Feng Chen Yi who is wearing white suit standing at reception oval flower arch welcoming one by one the guest who are coming.

“Huh, Old Master is favor Chen Yi more. As I could remember during my marriage, Old Master didn’t even spend more than one billion, but when that brat Feng Chen Yi married after all Old Master spent such much money!” sitting at the first row table, Feng Chen Rui showing his jealous expression and pouted.

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