C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 335

Chapter 335

Behind them, they are Long Ye and Wang. Seeing these two first class men, the Financial Department ladies can be considered as lucky for this rare chance.

“Why Vice CEO Han does not come?” The group of Han Li Shang “Fans” seems to be so disappointed because not seeing their idol coming.

“Vice CEO Han is seldom coming to this kind of occasion.”

“Oh, that’s right. He is such cold person.”

“Hello CEO Yu, General Manager Long, General Director Wang.” Everyone is greeting these men.

Yu Ao Tian smiled elegantly: “This is personal gathering, everyone relaxes don’t to be so formal like in office, just having your fun.”

“Yao Yao, do you like domineering man like CEO Yu?” Xia Ren Liang who is standing next to Yao Yao suddenly asked.

The Glamor Wedding Party Part II

Sitting beside him is Madam Feng who patting her son’s hand: “Chen Rui, compare to this small matter you are really useless, if you want to compare, compare with future.”

“Future? It is like you not knowing that, in business world, in politician world, actually they are more able to accept married people. This time after Feng Chen Yi married, perhaps there would be many business men who are more depending and trust him. Mom, as I heard, he able to marry with that little girl, it was because of you?”

“That’s right, it was me, what’s matter?”

“Mom, why you get involved with this matter?”

“Hah, Chen Rui, if not because Feng Chen Yi that brat wanted to marry with that lowly slut, it would give a help to you, do you think why I wanted to get involved?” Said Madam Feng, her cunning eyes are straightly looking at her own son.

“Help… me?”

“It’s true that I was the person who gave such suggestion to Old Master, I told him to let Feng Chen Yi to marry that lowly slut and then go back to live at home. Old Master really hates that lowly slut, every day everyone is living under same roof, soon or later will wrangle each others. Do you think until the time arrive…. who the person will get the benefit?”

After listened to his mother words, Feng Chen Rui finally gained himself: “Mom, you are really…. ha, well I just keeps sitting and watching the tigers fighting!”

“Ah, does that person Chairman Yu?”

“It seems so, never thought currently he is so busy but still gives his time to attend Feng Second Young Master wedding party?”

“That’s right, Feng Second Younger Master really have face.”

Said few of the guests who are sitting at beside, Feng Chen Rui is looking at the entrance: “Really is Yu Ao Tian! How can he come? Ha, interesting….. interesting….”


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