C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 336

Chapter 336

Indeed recently Yao Yao is sending messages to Long Ye, having phone calls, but all because they are doing thing for Yu Ao Tian, so that they are contacting closer little bit. Impossible because of this, this woman has suspicion that she might have relationship with General Manager Long?

“She is only one of my employees! I am contacting her because of the company matter!” in front of many people, Long Ye can’t say much, if there is no one, he won’t be such patience to talk this much nonsense with this woman?

“Company’s matter? Ha, talking about company matter, could it spend for entire night? You think that I didn’t know that both of you are living together, this matter!!!”

“Uh….” when this woman said, inside the cafeteria indistinct noises coming from.
Actually what the woman said wasn’t wrong, Yao Yao indeed staying at the same apartment with Long Ye.

“You followed me?”

The Glamor Wedding Party III

“Chen Yi, you married while don’t you tell me?” at the entrance, Yu Ao Tian is wearing ash-grey western suit, taking Mo Xue Tong along with him, slowly walking right in front of Feng Chen Yi.

Regarding to this marriage matter, on time when the invitation card was going to print his secretary had asked him whether he wanted to invite Yu Ao Tian or not, he even especially said, didn’t need to give it to Yu Ao Tian, never thought after all he coming here by his will!

“Chairman Yu, even thought I didn’t make any call, but don’t you still come, do you?”

“Of course!” Yu Ao Tian pair of eyes flashed, his good looking face is slowly coming closer to Feng Chen Yi’s ear, whispered: “Just so soon, I have replaced your position as Ex. How can I not coming to join my Ex-lover’s wedding party?”

Every words that Yu Ao Tian said filled with provocative tone, dealing with this, Feng Chen Yi is smiling elegantly: “Well, chairman Yu, please get inside, I will let you understand about‘the trip has been well worthwhile’.”

“Huh, Chen Yi, words don’t speak too soon, when the time arrived…. you don’t let me to see you as laughing stock.” Yu Ao Tian curved upward his mouth makes a smile, he expressing so closely toward Feng Chen Yi by patting his shoulder, and then bring Mo Xue Tong along to get inside.

“Congress Yu, you are also coming.”

“Chairman Yu, long time no see.” at the moment when Yu Ao Tian gets inside, there are lot of guests who passionately greeting him.

As seen today, his position in business world is something no one dare to offend, even the political world everyone still need to give him way to pass.

“Such coincident, Officer Liu, never thought that we will going to meet in here.” Yu Ao Tian’s face is showing smiling face when greeting those few people, but that bottomless eyes are slowly looking at Mo Xue Tong.

She replied him by nodding her head, secretly disappeared from Yu Ao Tian’s side……………

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