My Ears here, tell me what’s your thought…


Dear Fellow Readers,

I want to hear your opinions, what do you expect about:
A Naive Short Tempered Girl
The Substitute Bride
The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife
The CEO’s Pregnant Wife

These novels chapter continuation….

Password isn’t solution since I do emailing too wasting time (better for me to do extra chapter) moreover, the possibility I miss some emails higher and I just don’t want reader feel being ignore due to email which not yet response and questioning about my attitude.

Let me hear what your thoughts ^_~


68 thoughts on “My Ears here, tell me what’s your thought…

  1. as your blog’s reader just hope you can continue translate until all story finish..but i can’t think advise or best solution about the thieves..
    so everything that you decide to do, i just can support..your blog is like your child & your treasure, i feel kind of sad for you..^===^

    1. My plan messing up, my future translation works postpone, my pace getting slower.
      Seeing from these passed days, I could feel my blog has no any difference with dying.

  2. i really hope that you can continue to translate them… and about the thief web, i remember you ever post your translation on Google+, when you post it there, did the thief web can stole your work? i think to post it in your google+ is fine to, as long as we can read your work, anywhere is fine… and i will always respect your decision… its just my opinion…
    thankyou so much for all your hardwork:)

      1. wahh how can they be so shameless to this point… it makes me speechless -_- since they keep post it even though you didn’t put any information, did they visit your blog personally and copy and paste it manually to their blog?

      2. This was my first thought when ANSTG chapter 33X which I post with JPG format plus watermark, stole. I quite amazed, I thought they copied as last time but, by my shocked, they type manually and posted into their web.
        That’s why I said I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

  3. Dear Azurro….
    Personally i dont mind if you want to go on hiatus….until you can find a solution to this problem.
    Sorry that i don’t have anything to suggest……good luck my dear.

    1. You know, sometimes I am such ‘conflicted to odd’ person. This personally really my own problem. let’s take this stealing as example.
      I know go hiatus and stop are options too, since I don’t post anything then nothing can be stolen. traffic nothing to do with me since my blog so far not generating money But, there is part of me thought alike, don’t this action called as giving up and escaping? Why must I be the one who step-back and do the sacrifice. Well, I can choose to ignore them alike others translator did as if they didn’t exist (which I did before) and let them to copy my works and produce bad deed but suddenly I got question for the originality of my own works.

      I am sorry if I sound alike child, so childish….

      1. No this is a serious matter. I don’t blog but so appreciate what you and others like you do for us readers. I hate a thief. Especially those who take a personal work product like these translations. Is there a genius in our midst that can set up a program to stop this . I pray you have found a solution for this as I am reading a year or more behind the earlier readers.

  4. Well i think you can mix some older chapter with new ones to despide the enemy and put on them a signature of your tranlation so make it harder for them to copy your work i really hope all goes well and for them to stop this
    I wish you luck and i hope muy idea help
    Take care ^_^

  5. I would for you to finish your projects, but it is truly your choice. I truly appreciate and thank you for all the hard work you have done!!

    1. Ah~
      Suddenly I feel alike going to lose another enjoyment I have before T^T
      If I stop, I feel as if I not going to make any step into C-novel translation world as translator.

  6. I also like the other readers,just hope you continue translation of that novels…

    But,sorry if i can’t give any solution other than support you…

    And remember this is “the law of karma is always valid”

    Thank you willing to listen ^_^

    1. Nah…
      Having you guys as reader who want to share your thought actually lighten my mind burden ^-^
      Willing to read all my randomness as well commenting it, perhaps this is one of good comforting for a tough life XD XD XD

    1. Actually, I have tried that method but I couldn’t cover all the reader, moreover suddenly there are lots spamming and waste my time to sort one by one. So, I want to try more convenience and easier way. I even missed some (TT~TT)

  7. I stil go for putting password for every chapter..
    As for emailing, readers can submit their email only once, you group them, and send password for 10 chapter in advance to the group…
    So you only send 1 email instead sending email to each person..
    Just my opinion..

  8. How I wish I can give you a solution to prevent them. Can you get in touch to those bloggers who had stolen their hard work like Trung and others. Ask them what is the best recourse or measures, solutions, where can you take this matter to complain and sue them. Wish I have a magic wand or pills to prescribe to eas your pain and frustration. Don’t worry be happy. We can’t smile with out you, 😂😂😂… Pls continue to translate.. Don’t let these thieves stop you for spoiling your love and passion in blogging and translating Chinese novels. I can feel your pain and frustration. Have a blessed evening and God bless.

    1. Just reading your comment is more than enough to shoo away the dark clouds on my head 😂
      I had spoken to some and all of us are still struggling.
      Have blessed day too ^-^

  9. as I expect you keep continuing translate the novels, however, I do understand to whatever your decision for future plan. I wish I can help you how to prevent this sneaky thieves.
    but one thing for sure…we do care about you, especially very appreciate your hardworking. we feel you frustration and pain and anger…so keep smiling and fighting!! we here for your azurro.
    have a great weekend.. Semangat !!

  10. Seriously I follow all 3 stories and love every chapter. Everyday few times checking for latest update from u. You are our sunshine to brighten our day.

    Hope that u don’t stop or go hiatus. Just a short break like a week 🙂

    Fighting! Cheers

      1. because you always provide us daily posts, it’s our time now to provide you some encouragement. because when my mood went down, whether because of my failed experiment or failed exam i always read your post. you always said that you only translate HE stories although the MC faced many hardship before got their own HE. so i hope the same with my life. cahyyo Azzuro

  11. Dear Azurro,
    I cant speak or read chinese, so knowing you and your blog its trully a blessing for me, because of you and other chinese novel translators, i can finally enjoy a lot of beautiful chinese novels.
    I believe on karma, those thieves will received the bad karma. dont let those thieves ruined your life and passions.
    No matter what decision you take, i always support you


    1. Thank you for the support and encouragement.
      I might hurt because a person or group who did this things but, I won’t let them to ruin my life and passions, I just so irritated with their action.

  12. I am so sad that these “losers” continue to steal your work and potentially ruin it for you and all of us. It’s not only the translations that are great, it’s also the responses from you and everyone. It feels like we are part of a reading club/community and it makes it all more personal. This they can not steal from you! I hope that you do not let them stop you from doing translations. You put a lot of work into this and you should not let their bad actions cause you to throw it all away. These thieves have no integrity or respect..

    1. This is also my reason why I like to do this translation thing. I found people who share same passion in reading c-novel, discussing about the novel, etc.
      I agreed with you, it feels alike reading club/community and friends, although we never met in real life.

  13. First, Panda gave an excellent suggestion. I can’t believe they re-typed the PDF. Why don’t they put that effort into honestly translating/machine translating a book of their own?

    I found ANSTG through Novel Updates and then I went to your Index and read everything you’ve done. There are only a few other translators who post as regularly as you do. Before this we could count on 3 or 4 posts a day, which was such a treat. I love this story, but you feel like a real-life friend. I would miss your blog if you went on hiatus, but this is clearly so painful for you that I would wait patiently for your return. I think most of us have gone back to Chapter 1 and are re-reading while waiting patiently for your updates.

    In my lawyer’s office, the staff were looking at the thief website to see if they could come up with other ideas to help. People looked at your work and other works posted there. They read a little to compare to the original post. Now 8 out of 11 people are reading your work from your Azurro page. Others are reading Trung’s works from her page. All of them said why pay and wait for posts when you can follow the original writer for fast updates at no cost? I hadn’t thought that these thief guys would actually direct new readers back to the original sites, Novel Updates, and Shushenbar. The theft is a personal violation and I feel your pain, but I’m laughing because people are going from the thief to the source to read for free as the posts come out – and with the chance to read other projects.

    There is so much hurt ahead for the characters that perhaps a break now would be good for us all. I would rather you take a break and come back than to disappear forever. The YY/YAT shipper in me is screaming ‘Don’t type that!!!’, but the creative side of me knows the pain of having your hard work stolen so again I say ‘Take a break. We will miss you and please come back to us, but take a break’,

    1. Thanks for the support and encouragement.
      I really don’t have other words to say any than, having all of you guys indeed my bless ^_^
      I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying Yao Yao-Yu Ao Tian ship sink? They are upgraded to submarine LOLS.

  14. well , all I can say is THANKS for your hard work. I had been a silent reader for ages , first mangas and manhuas then c novels , that is how I discovered your blog in January maybe. I never thought I’d be so hooked on ANSTG , not much to the others but I do understand the idea of having something stolen.
    Last July in a Parisian expo/convention, I heard some Japanese magakas and Chinese authors who were happy yet sad about internet sites that translate in French or in English their works as some felt it was an honour while others felt it was sheer piracy and disrespect for their status as authors or artists…
    Personally , I am okay if you want to stop , I am okay if you want to continue, I am okay regardless the decision you take or choices you make ; do as your will and principles tell you and thank you still.
    I’ve read many ongoing stories, mangas, novels that were never completed and the only one to blame is me , their reader and not the streamer or the translator,, as I should have chosen a completed one hehehehe.(I am turning into a masochist due to all these uncompleted c-novels!!!) So don’t worry about our frustration as we know the rules, just don’t get hurt and keep doing things you like !

    1. Ah~ l did consider this thing too before I start my translation works as C-novel translator as well reader. that’s why there is unwritten rules among translator to put “this is non commercial purposed” because we understand the ethic.
      As for me, beside to improve my Chinese, challenge myself be better, I want to share this joy I have whenever I done reading.

  15. Hi Azurro,
    There is nothing that I can say to make you feel better because of your stolen hard work. I have experienced like this too at my workplace. It’s really painful and feel being used. But I believe one thing… My parents once told me to do the best I can to glorify God’s name and be proud of whatever you do, then you can give the best quality wherever and whenever you are and you can become a blessing to others. I have done this until now and don’t think of the people that hurt you, keep your focus on what the priority and keep moving forward. It’s not easy…
    People will reap what they sow. I have seen this happening in my life many times, because I kept my focus and I want to be proud of what I do, eventually some of them (one of them was my boss) loss their jobs and became infamous because no lies, secrets and bad things concealed forever.
    If your and other people work’s have been stolen by them for money, I believe whatever money they get from this website, will end up in vain. Either by some unfortunate events they end up losing all the money they gain from this.
    I believe God is just and you just presevere and watch what is happening.
    The important thing is do not loose your focus and remember on your passion or the reason why you are doing this in the first place. You have lots of people supporting you and I think you have done great achievement for someone who claim can’t understand Chinese and have bad English. You have overcome your huge mountain and succeed. You have encouraged a lot of people in your blog and they learned a lot from you. I believe you will overcome this as well and stay positive so you become role model and a blessing to others.
    So Azurro… Well done and keep the great work. Aku percaya Tuhan besertamu selalu. Terima kasih telah menjadi berkat banyak orang termasuk aku juga. Tuhan memberkatimu.

      1. Hi Azurro,
        Like others says if you decide to go on hiatus, it is your decision. It would be great if you could finish all your projects and that’s it. Leave while you are at top of the game and believe me you will have a great satisfaction when you do this. You have achieved something great…and you can tell everybody in the future. Instead of resentment and regret all your life for example I can’t continue what I love to do because of…
        I always believe in leaving a legacy. A wise friend told me if you leave your job or the world tomorrow what people remember you as….
        As someone who not doing your job and keep promising the world and nobody miss him or her
        As someone who keep his or her promises so people can rely on him or her
        As a great worker, person and role model to everybody and loves by everybody
        As a quiter (left when it’s tough… Sorry to say this but a lot of people tends to do it)
        As a someone who overcome challenges, etc
        In your case, maybe put yourself in the reader’s shoes, if you follow your favorite blog and suddenly go hiatus what legacy you think of that blog owner. This is what your readers will think about you (most of the time the same)
        To me, you have done all you can do to make your work not stolen but nothing can keep them from typing your translation work in their website. Maybe report it so the website can be shut down, contact other bloggers who have the same situation with you and report it together to make a stronger case. It’s happen to youtube accounts all the time. The account got closed by youtube if it’s violate the copyright.
        Sorry a bit long but it is something for you and everybody to think about. All these times I have been a silent reader but it’s upsetting a lot of bloggers go hiatus because of the same reason.

  16. Hi Azurro and Thunder,

    Whatever you decide I will be fine with. It is heartbreaking to watch you go through the pain of having your work stolen. I don’t even understand why people go through such extent to steal someone’s work like that. Aside from shameless I can’t even think of any other words for their actions. As an C-novel addict, i would love for you to finish the novels. Like the others, I wish I have a solution for you. Whatever you and Thunder decide, we will support you. I wish I can bring a smile to your face, just like you do when I see your updates.

  17. I, just like any other of your readers do wish for you to continue your translations because as a person who doesn’t know Chinese your blog is just so precious to me nd I love all your translations nd have been following your blog for a long time now! Nd ik how hard u work nd I also know how much frustrated you are due to these thieves… Even tho I want u to continue translating but know that if there comes a time that you are getting more hurt and upset rather than joy when you translate nd u decide to stop no one will blame you 😘😘😘😘 nd love ur spirit nd how ur still trying to find ways to stop the thieves from stealing ur work!! It’s not childish at all nd I think ur actually pretty strong 😊 idk if I could’ve continued if I was in ur position

  18. Naive short tempered girl was totally worth reading and being translated. I was too excited about it and couldn’t stop reading, so I read from google translator too even though it was abit shoddy translation 😂 Took me 1 week to finish even though I was supposed to study for exams 👉🏻👈🏻 To all readers, this is a must-not-missed novel. About the password maybe you can resend to all once for one day and fix the subsequent subscribers auto-get the password after a certain period?
    *And dear Azzuro, thank you for all your thoughtfulness towards your readers 🙂 it is a job well-done! maybe after all my exams and some problems I need to resolve immediately after my exams, I may want to extend my assistance in translation for this novel to speed up as much as possible if time permits haha..*

  19. Hate these thieves 😡😡😡😡
    Stupidies how could anyone can be so annoying . Sorry have no good solution but I am always in your support azurro😊😊😊
    Whatevever you decide .

  20. hi azzuro…

    I find ur blog by chance after reading the manga version of ANTG .. N quite surprise that it is originally a C novel. Over here, there is many shops selling C novel but I can only see the cover as I cant read Chinese.

    Stumbling upon your C novel translating blog.. it has become a blessing for me as now I can know/read these C novels that is used to be foreign to me.

    Since your posting are frequent .. believe me I am constantly (at each 3 hours apart .. what u have done to me ?? 🙂 ) checking for updates .. You really makes me become addicted to the story ..

    Now .. on this piracy thing .. I understand your frustration .. and it seem quite selfish of me to ask you to continue posting … but.. thank you.. thank you so much for your effort thus far .. A million thank you also not enough for you ..

    I do not have solutions for you for this piracy thingy .. but for the chapter with password .. it must be cumbersome for you and to the reader as well .. FYI .. I am one of your reader that still do not get the reply for the password ..

    nevertheless, a million thank you for the translation.. n hope you keep on translating despite all the hardship ..

  21. Hi Azurro, I have been a silent reader for a long time. I’ve started following you since when you first started translating ANSTG. I can’t read chinese, so I really appreciate all your time put into translating these novels. I certainly hope that you continue to translate but I will support your decision as I understand it must be super frustrated when your hard work is being stolen.

  22. Hey there!

    I am a brand new reader to your website. I came because I was looking for translations for A Naive Short Tempered Girl. I am so sorry to hear that your work is being stolen.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your translation. I have been a glutton and got cought up with the latest chapters in a matter of days. I enjoyed not only the characters in the story, but watching your English translation improve with each chapter.

    I wish that I could give you helpful suggestions for theft protection. However, in most cases of any kind of theft, for every deterrent, the thieves eventually find away around it. I know that it is frustrating, but I’d much rather see you put time and effort into additional translations.

    I have seen many people on boards and website providing your website for C-novel translations. You also show up on Google searches. So you have a very loyal following as well as a word of mouth campaign.

    I’d hate for you to stop due to this. Many other translators suffer from this common problem. I really believe that the theft will never be completely stopped, only delayed. Instead of thinking about how many people are stealing your work, think about how many more people enjoy your work and support your website.

    You should feel very proud with all you have accomplished. Thank you for all your hard work on these translations!

  23. Wow can’t believe the theives are that persistent even with all those preventative measures being done

    I would keep spamming your copyrights tag after each paragraph to make more works for the theives to edit

  24. Thanks for your hard work in translating
    I feel terrible that someone would choose to steal your work and I can understand your frustration
    Though I would love to continue reading, I don’t want to be so selfish and not think of how tough this is on you
    Take care and be at peace

  25. Dear Azurro,
    All this time you have worked hard. I fell in love with C-novels thanks to wonderful translators like you. Please don’t loose heart over petty thieves. I sincerely wish you and you’re partner a happy life.

    (And downfall to the thieves. Let them BURN!! >.>)

    I wish I could suggest you a solution… 😦

    With Love

  26. All I could say: think back of what was your intention were when you started this project. What have you learn and how it satisfy your passion then everything else doesn’t matter anymore. Because in life no matter what you do there’s always something or someone who or can be a downer, coveting your work, backstabbing and everything unimaginable to put you down and if you let them to dampen your spirit and your motivation then they will win..just focus of what makes you a better person and how you contributed a lot of entertainment and pleasure to your readers as you generously shares your translation. Those people will get their payback eventually, those are the kind of people who can’t go anywhere in life…they might get profit for now but they will lose or meet catastrophe in diffident way later on. Fighting Azurro and hope you won’t stop translating! Reading your translations become a part of my life and am sure to others too..I know am too greedy to suggest not to stop …but at the end of the day, it’s your baby..I will support you whatever you ended up deciding and will patiently wait for next…be healthy and be happy. Hugs and kisses!!

  27. Azurro…thanks a lot for every translation you did until now…
    Take your time…
    Just make sure youre happy while doing translation, if no, better rest for a bit…
    Everything means nothing if you didnt do it happily…
    I appreciate your hardwork, like your other fans…keep haealthy and happy

  28. I love reading the novel that you have translated.. every single day without missing I check if you have posted the new chapter directly to your blog without even bother to see my inbox for the update of your work. Of course it is not convenient for us, readers if password is needed but again, this is your work. You work hard to do the translation…whatever you choice I’ll support.. 😊

  29. I always love your dedication and saddened by the recent event. I would recommend you to put background transparent writing about your link and put your work in .jpg format to make it more difficult to be copy pasted.
    just a thought and I hope it helps to stop the thiefs.

  30. Well there is another thing that maybe you can do but this is a suggestion. I seriously don’t know if this helps cause when I see you suffering, I’m trying to rack my brains to help. In my uni, we had to use our gmail account and send it to our lecturers so that they can post our results in the folder. Because you made a folder and shared it with the account its for, they should be the only people who seen it. I don’t know about this method but I hope it’s worth a try for you..

    Please take care and God bless you.

  31. Azurro, I love reading “A naive short tempered girl”. You have been doing an amazing job of translating. I understand its sad and frustrating that all your hardwork is being stolen however I really wish that you continue till the end. A big thank you. Love you.

    1. Hi there,
      thank you for your understanding. I am sorry if few days ago I acted little bit out of control.
      After short breather, I feel much better now 🙂
      And I will keep moving forward LOLS ^_~

  32. Hey!

    Have you tried contacting creativecommons about this? What about the original author of this story? I am more than sure they will assist you in your endeavour against this idkwhattocallsomeonenotworthytobecalled.
    If that thing doesn’t want to stop stealing your work, try to see if you can contact his provider and file a complaint. As we all know you have more than enough evidence to support your claims.

    Though I don’t personally read A naive short tempered girl, I do read and enjoy the other stories available. Well actually all of them 🙂

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