C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 338 B


Chapter 338

Part 2 (Two)

The Bride Being Kidnapped

But, why she feels such uneasy?

Hard to imagine, how Yu Ao Tian reacted when he found out she would going to marry Feng Chen Yi, but, both of them don’t have any feeling for each other, he must not have any reaction, right?

That’s right, there is no reason for him to have any objection, but why Yu Ao Tian is coming here to join the wedding party? Is it only to embarrassed her for moment?

So regretful, she won’t let Yu Ao Tian gets what he wants, she wants to complete this wedding perfectly!

The coming of Yu Ao Tian, undoubtedly only to make Yao Yao hates him more, this strong hatred as if a pushover, so that she even more affirm with completing this wedding.

“Not good, there is fight in the wedding place.” suddenly, there is woman’s voice from corridor.

Yao Yao’s heart is tightened, at the moment she wanted to stand up and take a look, hurried Gong Xiao Man stopped her: “Now you are bride, cannot randomly move, let me help you to check what is going on.” after said, she hurried run out from the makeup room inside.

Who knows, only few minutes, for once again there is a sound door being opened.

Yao Yao is curiously creasing her forehead, at sudden she turned her head and looked at the doorway: “Xiao Man, why are you coming so fast, what is… how can it be you?”

Looking at that figure which is coming over toward her, Yao Yao is uneasy standing up, she is stepping backwards. No, don’t…. don’t….


The white cloth which had drug cover Yao Yao’s nose, she exert all her strength to go forward, but at the short few minutes she has already losing her consciousness…..

Wedding ceremony venue.

FCY YY marriage

The guests are almost come crowed, the wedding is scheduled to start on four o’clock afternoon, it’s only few minutes left before it to start. Feng Chen Yi stopped to welcoming guest, tidy his necktie: “Lisa, go, and tell Yao Yao to prepare.”

“Yes, General Manager Feng.”

“Not, not good, Second Young Master.” when Lisa wanted to go to call Yao Yao, one of the assistants panicking and hurried running over: “The bride…. the bride is gone!”


As if a piece of invincible big stone suddenly hit on Feng Chen Yi’s chest, he narrowed his eyes, his eyes are looking at Yu ao Tian who is sitting on the guest seat.

He could affirm that Yu Ao Tian hasn’t even moved from his seat, so how can Yao Yao disappear? “Have you looked for her?”

“Still looking for her.”

“Where’s the bride maid?”

“At makeup room.”

After Feng Chen Yi heard, faster he rushing to the makeup room.

“Feng Chen Yi!”

“Xiao Man, how can Yao Yao disappear?”

“I also don’t know ah!” Gong Xiao Man frowned in difficulty: “Obviously everything was good, everything was good. But suddenly someone said that there were fighting in wedding venue, so that I went to check of it, the result nothing was happened, so when I come….”


  1. alice · August 8

    yay finally yat is back😊😊😊. And kidnapper may be xue tong

  2. mirai · August 8

    Things are getting more interesting …thank you for two chapter update today ^^ awesome treat for a boring monday

  3. kimchigalblog · August 8

    YAT is getting her back by hook or by crook!

  4. rosesisred · August 8

    Ahahaha .. Tq for the update .. I keep on refreshing ur blog from morning .. 🙈🙈🙈

  5. AikooxD · August 8

    Yaaas!! Now everything is perfect 😆😆

  6. Sara · August 8

    Is it YAT or someone else kidnap her? I dont care as long as the marriage is not performed. And if it is not YAT, i want him to rescue YY so that YY will know he loves her so much.
    Tq Azurro.

  7. amy3108 · August 8

    Yes, finally YAT took action, definitely he is the master mind of kidnapping the bride. YY will hate YAT but sooner or later she will find out that YAT did not killed her mom and also YAT loves her. Thanks a million for the update. Have a blessed evening.

  8. thing · August 9

    Thank you very very much Azurro..this make my mood booster to the max (excited) :p.. have a bless day Azurro.

  9. yadane · August 9

    the saying goes: tricks are never too old as long as there is someone falling for it

  10. juli · August 9

    Thank you….i am getting excited too…..

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