C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 338

yy yat

The story is getting interested because Finally Yu Ao Tian is taking his action regarding Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao marriage….

Chapter 338

Part 1 (One)

The Bride being kidnapped

Gong Xiao Man’s word as if an adhesive in general.

Toward this kind of wedding party, actually until this minutes Yao Yao still doubted, actually should she marry or not?

Speak honestly, she does not matter at all, that time in order for her grandpa medical fee she had crossed one time; now in order to revenge for mother, what must she afraid of?


How’s Chen Yi?

Is she really wanted to drag Feng Chen Yi together with her?

But after listened to Gong Xiao Man, her contradiction feeling in her heart suddenly steady and at peace.

Seeing everything in front of her eyes, seeing the wedding dress which she wears, and even the small piece of Daisy, could she really forget the emptiness within last two years, just straightly forward all scenery to the next two years.

He ever did wrong toward her before in the past; she also had endured the past before.

Could she?

Could she try to look for the past feeling of loving him before, could she search back the heart beating memories?

“Hey, just now when I was at the wedding venue I have spotted Berson Group Chairman.”

“Are you sure?”

“Really, he is so handsome, compare to with him in television, his real person is more good looking.”

“Go, I also want to go and see him.” few of the assistants are gossiping in low voice tone but still their words are completely being heard by Yao Yao.

Does she really able to escape from two years ago?

It seems impossible, because as long as Yu Ao Tian still live, she could not forgive this person!

“Yao Yao?” Gong Xiao Man can see Yao Yao restless reaction when she heard Yu Ao Tian’s name, hurried she comfort her: “It’s okay.”

That’s right, it’s okay! Everything is going to be ok!


  1. amy3108 · August 8

    Finally YAT should up, hopefully he will be successful in kidnapping YY… Eagerly waiting for the next chapter what will happen next. Thanks a million and have a blessed day.

  2. family682 · August 8

    Oh boy, of course YAT will do something but to kidnap her? How on earth he could accomplish that in a very crown and public place? Thank you as usual Azurro…

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      You are welcomed
      Yu Ao Tian just….. bit out of his mind

  3. mirai · August 8

    Yay ^^😆 shout out for Ao tain…… Go kidnap your girl hehe 💪✊ 😁

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      You seem so happy LOLS
      It’s crime😄 kidnapping….

      • mirai · August 8

        I know it is not right still as we all know How YAT is… He’ll never confess or beg

      • azurro4cielo · August 8

        That’s right. until this point asking him to beg, better asked him to go die =.=”

  4. Samie · August 8

    Azurro dear 😘 just answer Y or N… Will there be a wedding between YY and FYC ? 😂 *aargh* the suspense is really killing me ah. Who is YAT to YY ? Is she a part of his childhood? Siblings maybe? 😁

    Thanks 😘

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      Since Yao Yao is being kidnapped, you may got your answer regarding the marriage. Yao Yao is the person Yu Ao Tian loves, of course and definitely…..

  5. mhryu · August 8

    Getting real intense…. Nooooo YAT would not kidnap YY…. Please no….. Just stop the marriage if he can’t let her go. And tell her that he loves her… How hard can that be…. Sigh… Thanks my dear for the translation 😘

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      For Yu Ao Tian, it is so hard.
      Since his face’s skin thin so asking him to directly say ‘Yao Yao, please don’t marry Feng Chen Yi.’
      OMO, cannot imaging, Yu Ao Tian begging Yao Yao’s love…..

      • mhryu · August 8

        Ha hahahahaha…… he will never do that I think where as FCY would not hesitate to do it if it’s the other way round

      • kimchigalblog · August 8

        Who knows he may do it in the future…

      • azurro4cielo · August 8

        Agreed, who knows in the future LOLS

  6. Sara · August 8

    Tq Azurro for updating the chapter.
    I m back coz YAT is back in action. Hopefully, the marriage between FCY and YY won’t ever take place.
    YAT, show how much you love her, confess to her your feelings and who murder her mother. YY high in IQ but low in EQ, she needs someone like you.
    For Azurro, fighting ✊ Semangat ✍ 💞

  7. kimchigalblog · August 8

    You go Man👏

  8. yadane · August 8

    have a premonition Yao Yao is going to suffer

  9. Alice · August 8

    Yay finally yat show up😊😊😊

  10. panda · August 8

    if yy is going to be kidnapped, oohhh billion dollars are going to be wasted(?) uh oh why am i thinking about those money >,< hahaha jk… really glad yat still loves yy:')
    thankyou so muchhhh^^

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      That’s money nothing for Feng Chen Yi but not Feng Xiao LOLS….
      Since he budgeted Feng Chen Rui’s marriage not more than a quarter of Feng Chen Yi’s😄😄😄

  11. Dian Nian · August 8

    Wow…this is getting interesting course,my imagination was wild now *hihihi*

    thank you so much Azurro

  12. ayuzawa · August 8

    FINALLYYY GO!!!! YAT !!!!!!!!

  13. Elder · August 8

    Yay the story is going to be really interesting..want to read MORE pls….

  14. gia · August 8

    I hope YY wedding dress doesn’t go to waste….wishing YAT will force YY to marry him. Thanks for the update.

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      Do you really expect Yu Ao Tian can be that shameless?😄😄😄

  15. yunaem · August 8

    Laughing, funny reading you guys comments..
    Hope Xue Tong succeed in kidnapping YY..Go Go team YAT.

  16. Janna · August 8

    Ahhh…wish that kidnapping failed so the marriage can go through. FCY should be given d chance of happiness cos he fights hard for it. YAT don’t deserve it with his cold behaviors.

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      This little bit hard to comment. I don’t like Feng Chen Yi and at same time I don’t agree with Yu Ao Tian way of doing but I also don’t want Yao Yao to marry Feng Chen Yi…..

  17. EilahD · August 8

    Wait, so he really is going to kidnap YaoYao? Whaaa, I was just joking when I said about him kidnapping YaoYao. lol Never knew that he actually WOULD.😄

  18. AikooxD · August 8

    whoa YAT is back in town
    ” everything is going to be ok ” lololol you wish YY :)))

    • azurro4cielo · August 8

      Yu Ao Tian is back to limelight, push away Feng Chen Yi to dark corner…..

  19. Julie · August 8

    You’re so funny Azurro regarding asking YAT to go die another word asking him to confess his love to YY.

    When YY do find out who actually killed her mom, I wonder how would she justify her own action towards YAT by not believing in him being guilty?

    Seriously FCY has never loved YY, he may think he did. If he really loved YY as the way he put it then why cheated on her two years ago?? If FCY do loved YY then why can’t he abstained for YY until she is ready for him. FCY only loves himself n no one else. If the wedding to proceed on, YY will be more miserable with FCY then being with YAT. YAT maybe a cold n cruel person, he only like that to others but he protected YY in every ways he known..

    I may sound bias here but I ship for YAT from beginning till end but don’t get me wrong here I don’t condone to his sadist methods in solving problems.

  20. Lynn · August 8

    omg. Can’t wait to see what YAT will do with her.
    Thanks azurro for the hard work❤

  21. eunieberry · August 10

    Azurro I know I’ve been gone for a long time~ and it’s just now that I caught up😭😭😭 and I’m embarrassed to say but I forgot the chapter password!! 😱Please tell me😭😢

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