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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 12

Chapter 12

Part 1 (One)
Regarding to hygiene problems

Dealing with Su Zhan Mo question, An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu, hum and haw, at last still An Jia Qi who pulled Su Zhan Mo, whispering told him that both of them are going to monkey cave to see Sun Wu Kong.

Su Zhan Mo creased his forehead, looking at two teachers who are standing not far away, sternly said: “Cannot, school does not allow both of you to go, next time asking Mother An to take us come here again.”

Once An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu listened, they head down, take back steps.

For these two kids, Su Zhan Mo words, is alike an imperial edict.

“Zhan Mo, what is happened to Qi Qi and Xiao Hu?” Gang Zi is walking closer by stroking gently Xiao Hu’s head, smile when asked.

When An Jia Qi sees Gang Zi, her eyes shinning brightly, whispering to Gang Zi: “Gang Zi Ge Ge, Xiao Hu and I want to go to mongkey cave to feed Sun Wu Kong, but Mo Mo Ge Ge does not let us to go there.”

Gang Zi is type flexible person, not alike death-wood Su Zhan Mo, hence he hooked his hand to Su Zhan Mo’s neck, whispering to his ears.

Not long after that, Gang Zi blinking his eyes to An Jia Qi, and then he goes to meet teacher, does not know what he said to teacher. Just sees that Teacher Xiao Wang nodding her head.

“Come on—–” Su Zhan Mo helplessly holding An Jia Qi’s hand, walking to monkey cave. An Jia Qi is so excited and almost shout out-loud, being glared by Su Zhan Mo, obediently she covered her mouth, as if alike thief she keeps on looking right and left.

Seeing Su Zhan Mo’s mouth straight and curved, after the eyesight leaving two children, Su Zhan Mo said: “Alright, put down the hand, it not hygienic.”

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, what did Gang Zi Ge Ge say to teacher? Why agreed to let us to go to monkey cave?”

“No need to know much, later after seeing monkey, faster come out.” once Su Zhan Mo thought the reason used by Gang Zi, he actually not agreed, but because of the little girl in front of his eyes, he Su Zhan Mo can be said that his first time to tell a lie to teacher.

All the way, Su Zhan Mo is trying his best to avoid Shi Yi Xiao’s students and teachers, taking An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu slowly coming closer to monkey cave.

During that time the monkey inside the zoo, they were not cage on the glass but using tall metal surrounded them, prohibit the visitors to come nearer, inside there is fake mountain, there are many small monkey playing, in order to avoid monkeys escape, little monkey feet or neck is tied with long chain. So that it will make them not easy to come closer to metal cage.

Note: I have updated ANSTG:
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