C-drama: Finding Soul (超少年密碼)

Finding Soul

I have waited this Web drama to air since the first time I watched the trailer not long ago on Youtube. No need to mention reason why this drama put as my must watch list, simply because I like TFBoys. Not only I like these three teenagers as singers but I like them as individual. Three of them are cute, adorable and growing up to be eye-candy and also good looking teenagers but also, hard-working.

So what this drama about?

Senior High Xia Chang An (Wang Jun Kai), Sui Yu (Wang Yuan), Chen Hao Xuan (Yi Yang Qian Xi), because of different motives they are investigating about AI (AI is a human robot) at their school. The story is begin from Xia Chang An’s parent who was getting involved in car accident caused by AI not long after they back to China after sometimes. This AI is one of new generation AI with has blue eyes and even human emotion so it frees to do whatever as he wishes.

In order not to make his parent worry about him, Xia Chang An is learning to be strong and dependent while he keeps on looking for any information regarding AI that caused his parent admitted to hospital. He goes to school everyday, studying and playing with his classmates. At school he met Sui Yu who often absent due to his health and Chen Hao Xuan who is extremely smart especially in math but lacking in expressing his emotions.

At initially, Xia Chan An suspects either Sui Yu or Chen Hao Xuan as AI which hurt his parent but after long time mingling together, these three boys finally be best friend. Whether is it because fate or by coincidence, three of these boys parent actually acquaintance who are developing AI technology.

The searching about blue eyes AI keep continuing until bitter-truth about this new generation of AI revealed and shaken these three boys friendship.

My Opinion
Actors acting
I don’t have words for the Senior actors who played as parents, teachers and supporting role. As for the children/kids actors such as Wang Jun Kai, Wang Yuan, Yi Yang Qian Xi, Ding Chen Xin, Huang Qi Lin, etc. As newbie, These actors acting are not bad means still watchable for me.

I like the technology effect really, after I watched this web drama, I think it will great to have such slim mobile phone that almost transparent and television that resemble with hologram LOLS.

The story plot is suitable for kids and adults, it’s light story. If I can put my business perspective onto this web drama, I can say, this drama quite good for investment as what OPPO did.

finding soul 002
Don’t you think this kind of technology is cool ^-^

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