C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 339 B


Chapter 339

Part 2 (Two)

The Painful of ‘first time’

“Bao Bei, what kind of eyesight that is?” Yu Ao Tian’s palm is stopped in front of her chest, his mouth is slowly curved upward showing sinister smile: “It was obviously not long ago, you body was still enjoying my teasing. Why, in very short time, you body hasn’t gotten used anymore toward me?”

No! No! She never enjoyed the teasing of this rotten bastard man. Doesn’t want to hear it, does not want to hear him to bring up about past.

It is so disgusting! So disgusting!

The past scenery one by one flowing in front of her eyes alike film pieces, she really wanted to forget the past she ever had with this man, the teasing which able to make her to lose her control.

“It seems…. I need to help you looking back the old memories!” after said, Yu Ao Tian cold eyes flashed.

Without waiting for Yao Yao to react…..

The white wedding dress as if the holy symbol torn by him in the middle!

Rotten bastard! Yu Ao Tian simply is a rotten bastard, beast!

Since her pair of hand being tied on the bed head, the mouth is stuffed, Yao Yao pair of eyes is filled with hatred, deathly she glared at Yu Ao Tian.

“Bao Bei, during this time with Feng Chen Yi, did he ever played this place?” after said that man pair of cold bottomless eyes glancing at the white flawless neck….

‘uh…’ feeling that big hand touching, her small hands are curled to make fist.

“Huh? Today reaction is really disappointed.” Yu Ao Tian looks unhappily heave a sigh: “Just as expected, still need to hear your voices it will rise my excitement!!” pair of dim eyes, he takes off the handkerchief that covered Yao Yao’s mouth.

“Yu Ao Tian, you are rotten bastard! Faster let me go!!!”

“En humph, this is much familiar.” he is smiling devilish, gently he lifts up her chin, slowly said: “Bao Bei, when you are swearing me, shouldn’t you think carefully of something, what things do you owe me?”

“Owed? Yu Ao Tian, the money that I owed you I had asked Long Qi to give it to you! What other thing that I have owed you?” Yao Yao fiercely gritting her teeth, that few words are almost out from her teeth.

“The thing that I mean isn’t money, but….” suddenly his hand that hold her chin put little bit strength, he gloomy said: “Your promise!!!”


What kind of promise she owed Yu Ao Tian?

‘I will not betray on you, at least within these three years I won’t betray on you…..’ is this promise?

Indeed, her marriage with Feng Chen Yi is betraying her initial promise with Yu Ao Tian before. But…..

“Have you remembered?” Yu Ao Tian is showing is devilish smile when asked, for once again he grabbed her chin tightly.

She can feel her chin is hurt, but Yao Yao is enduring the pain, gritting her teeth, growled softly: “Since the day you killed my mother, I don’t have any promise toward you anymore!!!”

“Hah, since this the case….” loosen his hand, Yu Ao Tian is standing up and walked to the bed end: “Bao Bei, have you done it with Feng Chen Yi?”

Why does he ask me this thing?

Her heart is uneasy and restless, nervously she swallowing her saliva, open her eyes staring at him but does not answer anything.

“In my heart you are the fruit that I have nurtured for such long time, if there is someone who tasted you earlier, my heart is really bitter.” Yu Ao Tian is pretending hopeless by shaking his head, that pair of bottomless eyes have power to send a cold chill to everyone who sees it.

“The most important, I never played with second hand thing. But today…. because of you I willing to break my principle!!”


  1. alice · August 9

    😧😧😧😧speechless from this novel twists.

  2. Setsuna · August 9

    Thank you very much azurro. That was fast, i just finished reading the previous chapter. Really appreciated your hardwork and I will always support you. We love you and Keep fighting!!

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  6. Dian Nian · August 9

    This is so verry stressful,beautiful wedding night that should instead be an unforgettable nightmare!

    Thank you so much Azurro ^_^

  7. Julie · August 9

    Thanking you very much.

  8. panda · August 9

    aahh both of the characters are extremely stubborn, if yat can say “i didn’t kill your mother, believe me and i’ll help you find the culprit” and yy can say “i haven’t done anything with fcy, please have a mercy” everything will be easier for both of them, its a pity they don’t explain them self:(((
    thankyou so much for the chapters;)

  9. Janna · August 9

    Has thunder posted new chapter on CEO’s wife? Where can I get the password?
    Need a break from depressing scenes of YAT torturing YY😦

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    • azurro4cielo · August 10

      This week.
      I will include your email into CEO’s list password ^_^

  10. kimchigalblog · August 9

    Haha second hand thing! You quickly jumped into this conclusion YAT?

    • azurro4cielo · August 10

      Because he thought Yao Yao perhaps has done it with Feng Chen Yi. After all they are going to marry and she stayed sometime with Feng Chen Yi (this how YAT’s thought LOLS)

  11. juli · August 9

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    Thanks! Poor YY

  13. fawziyamusa · August 9

    YT is really too cold why doesn’t he tell her he didn’t kill her mother?Really STUPID! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! How can he do this to her. I really loved him. Whyyyyy😥

  14. teal0927 · August 10

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