C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 339


Chapter 339

Part 1 (One)

The painful of ‘first time’
© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“What are you saying, Chen Yi. Impossible for you not knowing that I was at the wedding venue for all this time?”

“That’s right, you were at the wedding venue, well….” Feng Chen Yi’s face is dim, coldly said: “Where is your secretary? I have asked Gong Xiao Man, she said that was a woman who screaming at the corridor before, said there was a fight at wedding venue, when came back Yao Yao has already disappeared. Such high skill of luring the tiger out of the mountain, didn’t it something that thought by Chairman Yu?”

Ha, just expected he didn’t underestimate Feng Chen Yi! Alike this kind of tense circumstance, Feng Chen Yi stills be able keep calm, his head such clear to find out the real culprit, speak frankly it really rare. “Chen Yi, catch handed the thief. Impossible for you to have less enemies right? Why don’t you think carefully whether it done by your enemies or not? Perhaps the other woman who did it?”

“Li Ruo Ting?” an instantaneously Feng Chen Yi said this name.

Yu Ao Tian is giving a smile, conciliate by patting Feng Chen Yi’s shoulder: “Hope you to find your wife faster, I take my leave first.” after said, he starts the engine and left.

And then, not long after he left the hotel, Yu Ao Tian’s mobile phone notification led flashing, read his short message…. ‘The good is arrived at home.’ few words, it has cleared meaning.

“Hah.” at sudden flip back his mobile phone, Yu Ao Tian’s mouth is curved upward, makes a smile…..

Don’t… don’t…. don’t!© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Suddenly opened eyes, in front of eyes there are vast darkness, Yao Yao can feel that there is piece of cloth that covered her eyes.

Where is it?

Didn’t he just now prepare herself for the wedding ceremony? How could she….

Oh, she remembered!!

As she remembered not long after Gong Xiao Man went out, someone was coming to the makeup room, and this person was….

Mo Xue Tong!

The person who kidnapped her was Mo Xue Tong, but…. Yu Ao Tian must the person who asked her to do so!

‘Thump’ ‘Thump’ her heart skip beat. ‘uh! Uh! Uh! Her mouth is trying to let out some voices but stuffed with something, her pair of hand it seems being tied on something. But she can feel clearly that she must be lying down on bed.

What does the demon Yu Ao Tian want to do?

“Bao Bei, you wake up?”© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Suddenly, her ears heard Yu Ao Tian who speaking not in rush, she is moving her body, constantly to let out ‘uh uh’ sounds.

“Hah.” sitting on the chair Yu Ao Tian is smiling coldly, before, he had pulled off the black cloth that covered her eyes.

A piercing light hit, subconsciously she narrowed her eyes, in the process with adapting to the light from surrounding, just realized this….

Yu Ao Tian’s apartment!

Still thought, she would not ever to come here again; still thought, last time would be their last time. Never thought, on the wedding day, after all Yu Ao Tian is forcing to take her to here, actually what will he going to do?

Eyes which filled with hatred but at same time puzzled not understanding, looking at Yu Ao Tian’s pair of bottomless eyes.

It has been sometime to have such close distant with this good looking face, especially, in the past as long as she looked at that pair of eyes she would feel afraid. But since when, she has not that feared or tried to avoid at that pair of eyes.

But this moment….© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

This pair of bottomless eyes for once again flashed an eyesight as if able to taking herself to hell, it gives a chill for those who sees it.

“Really beautiful. Just now when I entered the room looking at you simply to say I was not daring to believe, My Little Thing after she wearing a wedding dress she changed to be someone so mesmerizing.” Yu Ao Tian is looked alike fool when smiling, that long and slender fingers exploring her body.

‘Uh!’ she felt disgusting, creasing her forehead, restless keep on moving her body, ‘stop to touch me! Stop to touch me!’© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


  1. AikooxD · August 9

    Nooo I hope he won’t rape her . I wanted her first time to be a sweet moment 😦😦

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Ah~ You think too colorful regarding the author writing style.
      This writer would go darker to the max and sweet to toothache level. Honestly, I really took very slow to translate these chapters because my heart ached…… T^T

    • Mintdaisy · August 9

      OMG ME TOO. I’m so anxious. I feel like my heart will ache too. 😭😭😭

  2. amy3108 · August 9

    Smart move YAT pretending not to care about YY and lied and blame LRT. I hope he won’t be cruel to YY and explain to her that she loves her,she belongs to him and misunderstood him. He did not killed her mom. they shoul have a good talk and clear the misunderstanding . Be honest to each other. Thanks for the update and hard work.

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      I agreed with you regarding Yu Ao Tian smart move. he pretending Yao Yao not important for him so he didn’t do anything and stay calm until the wedding day.
      Since Feng Chen Yi also tangled and no clear break with stubborn Li Ruo Ting, he could put blame to Li Ruo Ting.

  3. amy3108 · August 9

    I hope he won’t forced himself to YY. If he really loves her, he will not touch her.

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      My personal opinion, this is the best option he could take.
      As we know Yao Yao is head-stone and persistent, stubborn to the core. Simple explanation won’t works……

      • Yonski · August 9

        Hi Azurro, yes, I agree with your opinion.
        Based on the subsequent story plots, it seems that this action is ‘necessary’ to do as it will lead to immediate following events…

  4. kimchigalblog · August 9

    I want to skip the next few chapters…..though I’m in YY -YAT ship!

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Me too
      But, will reader allow me to do so?

      • Samie · August 9

        No please. I’m sure , most readers will appreciate the details. It’s a way of appreciating the author.

        Thanks so much 😘

      • azurro4cielo · August 9

        You just love the steamy scenes ah~
        Either M or S😄😄😄

  5. Kiroxsu Ninohaxi · August 9

    Wah!!! My heart! It’s…. It’s…. Broken…. Azurro….. Can I survive? This chapter…. I REALLY DONT WANT TO READ IT! YAT please, please don’t do this….

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Yours just broken while mine had been into pieces when doing this translation hiks…. hiks….
      so, should we skip it? yay or nay?

      • Samie · August 9

        Nay! I’m begging u … I’m no YAT ah … I talk a lot 😂

      • Kiroxsu Ninohaxi · August 9

        It’s a yay for me but I don’t know about others…

      • Julie · August 9

        Nooooo…PLEASE don’t skip it otherwise, it is no different of not reading for few chapters not knowing what exactly happen…always wondering how, why, when or when…too many questions marks…but I am thanking you very much for making an effort, Azurro.

      • azurro4cielo · August 9

        I have make my guessed LOL
        Don’t worry, I won’t skip any detail ^_~
        I decided to password it so, it up to the reader whether want to open the pandora box or not.
        Anyway, the password still same with last time Yo ^-^

  6. yadane · August 9

    totally agreed with you Azurro, darkness to the max! Everything must go for the extreme. Must say YAT has really strong patience waiting

  7. mhryu · August 9

    oh no…. He is going to rape her? Nooo…… Sigh! Guess that is how he will ‘own’ YY after that and she will never marry FCY? Thanks my dear for the chapter

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Yeah, this chapter is so sad but the next chapter even goes darker.
      I just hope reader will have steel heart.
      Perhaps in order to balance this chapter, I might turn my focus to substitute bride or the wolf husband LOLS

      • Samie · August 9

        It’s my 1st encounter to read this kind of story writing… *Hopeful*

        What is M & S pls?

        Thanks 😃

      • azurro4cielo · August 9

        M for masochist
        S for sadist

    • family682 · August 9

      I’d been waiting for the CEO Azurro:) is thunder not back yet?

  8. Samie · August 9

    FYC is know a dumbo for being too traditionalist and giving the best for YY 😕

  9. family682 · August 9

    I don’t think smooth and calm explanation to YY at this point won’t works. YAT as usual is smart but cunning, he will do it by force and there’s no other way around it. Somehow I have a feeling he already know the consequences afterwards, and know ahead of time he will suffer too but he choose to do it than let go of YY. The author never downplayed the good and bad parts of the story so keep still my heart as I wait for next😪😪

  10. Mel · August 9

    Thanks for the translation! I can’t believe he is going to rape her. He is going back on his words of not doing without her consent!

    • Julie · August 9

      but then YY is going back on her words too for not believing n not leaving YAT. Just because of her mom being murdered YY just assumed that YAT did it without actually finding out the truth.

  11. ysha · August 9

    Well well as expected of these stubborn S&M characters….You’re sure it’s a happy ending? 😕

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Why you don’t have faith in me?
      I won’t take any OE or BE as my projects.
      This novel sure is ended happily.
      We are about 60% of the novel perhaps…
      still have many chapters ahead.

      • ysha · August 9

        Hehe I trust you for sure Azurro , no worries : it’s just scary and frustrating : I want to know and yet I don’t want to know !

  12. alice · August 9

    What is happening,
    I can’t believe it.
    Hi azzuro what about ceo project translation
    It’s been longtime ?

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Ah~ you are the second person asked🙂
      Thunder will going to active this week.

  13. ayuzawa · August 9

    Is it best move YAT ..??? But YY wil hate u more ..YAT way of xpressing love is rough 😑😨

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      In my perspective, perhaps this is the best move Yu Ao Tian could choose.
      Perhaps it better to make Yao Yao hates him deep to her bone rather than being forgotten by her.
      ‘more you hate someone it proves more you love that person’
      This is indeed ruthless way but, is there really any better way to stop the marriage in very short time?
      Will Yao Yao hear him even though he make an explanation and even throw evidence, said that he innocent?

      • ayuzawa · August 9

        YAT way of xpressing is rough but he came for her
        Uff all r correct in their own way 😑😒

  14. Dian Nian · August 9

    Let since this story will be more dark and depressing,what should i expect there will be a sweet moment for YY & YAT?

    Since YAT broke his promise,what YY will forgive him and go back to his side someday??

    oh my…too much mystery in this novel

    Thank you so much

    • azurro4cielo · August 9

      Ah~ as long as you accustomed with the author writing style, you will know the author will give you the bitterest story but at same time compensate you with the sweetest scenery, since the author is one of the extreme LOLS

  15. Yonski · August 9

    Hi Azurro, I would like to know how did you get to know this novel at the first place?
    Have you read other novels by this author? If yes, are other novels as exciting as this one?
    This time I must say you really pick up quite a very long translation project🙂

  16. gia · August 9

    Thank you! I guess we have some steamy scenes ahead but way of your warning – 18+ and over. Poor YY- YAT seems really pissed off. Hope YAT at least treats her a little tender.

  17. juli · August 9

    Thank you….this story is giving such a roller coaster ride. Just have to endure….

  18. siti · August 9

    thank you for updates Azurro. I’m definitely rooting for YAT and YY even though this is way of showing ownership is wrong. But somehow I would like to know YAT difficulty, what I mean is his thought and his feeling. Is there any chapters that focusing on YAT personal thought especially regarding YY?

  19. Setsuna · August 9

    I know it..something like this gonna happen. I feel that YAT ways of showing his love is kinda cruel but it’s just suit his personality. In my oppinion, YAT is intelligent, bold and incredible person but always feel insecure if it was related to YY. Someone who always deal somethings in harder ways which lead to misunderstanding between YY and him. Btw, thank you very much azurro and we love you. I can feel how much sacrifices you have done in order to keep translating and I really appreciated it.Keep fighting!!

  20. Janna · August 9

    Reading the title…YAT is cruel & cold. Really don’t how to love so don’t deserve to be loved. Poor YY again. Always d victim & so Weak.

    Depressing but Thanks for update.

  21. Sxiong · August 9

    Thank you for your hard work. The plot picked up quick! @_@

  22. lovelyn · August 10

    password is stupid. i understand you are hurt , but don’t punish the readers for their crime. thank you for sharing all your hard work. I really enjoy this novel, but the password is childish. making your readers beg for password is just not right. I understand you want to be acknowledged for your hard work, and it’s really mess up for them to steal your work. it hurts me that you became bitter because of this. your reader knows you did the hard work.
    I just wanted to say thank you and good bye. i will no longer read this novel bc of all this childishly behavior from both parties. dont be victim and rise from this.

    • azurro4cielo · August 10

      I don’t act as victim. at same time, I don’t ask reader to beg the password. because no matter how many chapters I tend to password, I will always try the other way for the reader to access the not password one even I must work extra and they really no need to ask password from me.
      It’s right that I feel bitter my works stolen but I never intended to make everyone goes so much trouble only for my imperfect works.
      Perhaps you think password thing is childish, but one fellow reader just reminded me that ANSTG is R-rated novel.
      Moreover, it’s your option to leave and say good bye, you free to do so.
      When you don’t know the main reason why this time I password the chapters, you should not say that I am childish and act as victim.

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