C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 341

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Chapter 341

Heaven knows, his mood when he got the news about Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi’s marriage. It was feeling as if, the beloved pet that he has nurtured with his utmost, at last biting him without saying anything and then running into other people’s embrace!

Thinking to this point, this man was purposely faster his pace.

“Uh….” the body has already felt numb but still could not hold Yu Ao Tian crazy thrusting, for once again she could feel the pain as if her body being torn.

Gradually when facing with that man’s pair of eyes, it showed eyes filled with hatred.

Yao Yao really wanted to ask herself whether she saw mistaken?

Yu Ao Tian’s hatred? Does he have right to hate?

The person’s mother who being killed was hers! And now the person who is being tormented is her, okay?

Hah, really so mockery, so ridiculous…..

Whatsoever, whatsoever, just let everything naturally progressing by this way, this way, it’s only make her hate him more, doesn’t this also go, does it?

For once again shut close the eyes, the hurtful tears wet her small white face, she is using her strength to bite hard her lips until there is fresh blood stain dripping from her corner lips, it is represented indomitable life!

She….. won’t be ever bow down her head anymore in front of this devil!


In Feng Chen Yi’s place…..

“Chen Yi, Chen Yi, what happened to you?” After got the news about Feng Chen Yi’s sickness, soon Feng Xiao rushing to come to his place.

Feng Chen Yi is pretending to sick by lying down on his bed, shaking his head hinting that he is okay to his father.

“Doctor Li, what disease my son gotten?”

This Doctor Li is Feng Chen Yi’s personal doctor, naturally he would say according what Feng Chen Yi asked for: “Master Feng, Second Young Master is just having stomach cramps, take a rest, taking a rest it will be okay.”

“So this the case….” Feng Xiao relief, heave a sigh, his eyes are sweeping this not too big single room apartment: “Where is Luo Yao Yao?”

“That… uncle. Chen Yi is suddenly sick, as Zi Xuan seen, just sent off the bride first to her house.” Hei Yan Long feared that Old Master Feng would find out if Yao Yao is being kidnapped, so that he is looking an excuse, explained.

“humph, really, hasn’t passed the door (become part of family) she has become bad luck for Feng Chen Yi’s health, really bad luck star!!!! she really is Shang Men Xing (woman who brings ill luck to her husband’s family)!!!” Feng Xiao is curled his hand into tight fist, normally elders are more superstitious, but this is much better rather than let him to find out if Yao Yao suddenly being kidnapped.

“Uncle, let me take care of Chen Yi, you go back first to have rest.”

“En, this is good too, so trouble you Yan Long.”

“This what I should do, I should do.” Hei Yan Long personally sending off Old Master Feng left the room.
Feng Chen Yi also asked Doctor Li to leave.

He takes off the quilt, faster get down from the bed: “Yan Long, has Zi Xuan made any phone call yet?”

“Not yet….”

‘ding dong’ ‘ding dong’

“Perhaps that Zi Xuan is coming back.” Hei Yan Long rushed to the front of door, opened the door, just expected the person is Ou Yang Zi Xuan: “Zi Xuan, how’s thing?”

Ou Yang Zi Xuan is steady his rough breathing, helplessly he shaking his head: “It was not done by the Li’s family!”

At the time when Yao Yao had disappeared, Feng Chen Yi has been arranging Ou Yang Zi Xuan to go to Li’s household to look for Yao Yao, while he and Hei Yan Long were responsible to taking care of Old Master Feng’s mood.

And now it seems, if this was not done by Li Ruo Ting, so this must absolutely done by…..

Feng Chen Yi’s face is dimming when he taking out his mobile phone from his pocket.

‘Hello, the phone that you dial is out of reach.’

“Damn it! The person really is Yu Ao Tian!!!!” ‘Bam’ a sound, at sudden he tossing away the mobile phone from his hand, faster he walked toward the door.

Ou Yang Zi Xuan and Hei Yan Long as they see, hurried they stopped him at the front door: “Chen Yi, where are you going?”

“Go to Berson!!”

“you see, now is already 7 at night, Berson has already closed! Moreover, we don’t have evidence, how can we say Yu Ao Tian done it? If this matter you make bigger, it will only draw Media attention. When that time comes, everyone will know the matter about Yao Yao being kidnapped, there won’t be any benefit either for you or Yao Yao in the future!”

The words that said by Hei Yan Long is so logical, not long ago there was news about Yao Yao as Yu Ao Tian’s lover, supported by him, the result at the wedding day, bride is being kidnapped, and the person who doing the kidnapped was Yu Ao Tian, this would only become a laughing stock for this dark marriage!

“So what to do? Do we only sit here and wait until Yu Ao Tian sendig off Yao Yao back?” Feng Chen Yi could not wait, now he really could not accept the reality Yao Yao is with that dangerous man!

“How about this, Chen Yi, you wait the news at home. I will go together with Hei Yan Long to Yu Ao Tian’s place. Search whether we can find any trace or clue about Yao Yao.”

“I want to go too!”

“You can’t, your current state now is so impulsive, if you go, it only make thing more chaotic, when it happen, it gonna attract Media, and whatever we had done before would be fruitless.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan is thought much completely, Feng Chen Yi when he is facing with big problems, indeed he could still maintain calm attitude, but when he facing with his beloved woman who fell into other man’s hands, he could not give any guarantee if Feng Chen Yi still be able to maintain his calm attitude.

“That’s right, Chen Yi, this mater better let us settle it. You rest assured, you wait at home for our call.” After Hei Yan Long said, he followed Ou Yang Zi Xuan left his house.

Once these two persons are arrived at the apartment entrance, at sudden Hei Yan Long’s face is dimmed: “If Yu Ao Tian does not want to let off the person, actually, actually no matter how both of us coming over here to ask person, it is useless.”

Ou Yang Zi Xuan also knows this principle, the world is boundless, let say that Yu Ao Tian randomly taking and hiding Yao Yao at one place, they also cannot do anything. Moreover Yu Ao Tian initial background is from underworld, his reaction and his observation ability is higher than few times compare to the ordinary people. Although they able to investigate actually it also useless.

“But if we didn’t say that, how could we calm down Feng Chen Yi’s mood?”

“That’s right, Zi Xuan, don’t you know Berson Group’s Vice CEO Long Ye? Can you go and ask him?”

“Hah, Long Ye is Yu Ao Tian’s confidant, You think would Yu Ao Tian or he would help us?”

“Huh…. forget it, well it stills better we trying to search by ourselves then.”

“En, only can give a try.” These two persons sighed, separately both of them drive their own cars and then heading to different house of Yu Ao Tian.


Yu Ao Tian’s small apartment actually placed little too desolate, not to mention whether they can find it or not, as afraid even if the government asked police to go searching perhaps won’t be able to find that place……

For the full three days time, Yao Yao has been kidnapped inside that little apartment, when she wakes up there is endless making love, when she is sleeping there is endless nightmare.

Her inside, her body, every inches of her body is covered with that man’s body fluid, even though having a clean wash it only wash the surface, but the deep ‘kind’ which humiliating her heart is something could not be washed out.

“Little Thing, time to have meal!”

From her back, the man cold voice is flowing. She is so weak lying on the bed, slowly she opens her eyes, her eyes are looking at deep mark on her wrist.

She didn’t know since when Yu Ao Tian had untied her hands, the only thing that she knows, although her hands are already untied, she also does not have any energy to escape, moreover she does not have any strength to resist the endless demand of this man.

Close her eyes, as if she does not hear his voice.


  1. amy3108 · August 11

    Speechless. Poor YY…😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks a million for your hard work. Gave a blessed day .

  2. sithkazar · August 11

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  3. family682 · August 11

    Omg, as I expected YAT was really fuming mad when he heard the news…YY the only woman can bring that tremendous anger out from him and affect him emotionally. I am wondering if YAT even using protection. I got goosebumps reading this chapter., it’s pretty sad and painful. YY needs medical attention if she’s been abused for three straight days considering its her first time. Both of them did this to themselves…I just hate the circumstances that brought them to this stage. I am really get curiouser and curiouser to know what happened in the past. A lot of us probably hates YAT of what he did to YY but to these two there was someone in the past who did even worst to them that even until now manipulating circumstances to make them feel hatred and as a result: Plan for revenge, supposed wedding, kidnapping and rape. It’s not all about the love story…family background secrets, murder…dirty politics…it’s just dark and twisted.
    Thank Azurro, you’re so brave to translate this novel.

    • Julie · August 11

      From what YY said that with YAT’s fluid in her…that’s mean, YAT does not used any protection. I wonder did YAT try to make YY to fall pregnant with his baby….

      You may think I am sadist to say this…actually I can see where YAT comes from….but I am not saying that what he is doing right now is right either. Somewhere somehow that is the only way he know how to get YY to hate him n her attention. If you know what I mean here, to force YY to be responsible in what I have no idea either…I guess as the story proceed onward it will reveal more…I just wish it could be faster…this suspense is killing me…

      I am not putting pressure on you Azurro to translate faster. You already are doing a marvelous job in translating this n have to put up with thieves…I am grateful to you for soldiering onward. *bowing down to you, Azurro*

      • family682 · August 11

        I kind of understand better after reading the next chapter. I think YAT hated the fact that he didn’t get other reaction from YY aside from hatred gesture and of course the jealousy…thus the non stop**. YY in this chapter wasn’t talking to him, she had a lot of question but not voicing it out, she’s just doing it within herself. We really need to read this novel slowly not rushing in order to grasp the meaning between the lines. My first reaction to YAT’s action towards YY was disappointment…but if read slowly and I realized there’s hint here and there that so easy to missed…his purpose and all his action from the very beginning of the novel were never fully revealed at first but as we go deeper to the novel..it will eventually understand and cleared without him to explained fully. YY knew this that’s why I was really surprised why she’s fast to assumed YAT murdered her mom.

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    Alicia Voon


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      Everything still on my limit, It’s okay if my works being stolen by those who not have any consideration but, readers who have come this far with me, friends that I never met in my real life but somewhat feel close. I just want reader to understand and patience.
      Well, thanks for still be with me ^-^

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    I suggest you guys to read this novel slowly, its less fustrating that way than reading it in one go. Even the ending didn’t really cure my frustration from the twist of this novel (I love it though).

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