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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 346


Chapter 346

This Life Time I won’t ever give up on you

Yao Yao is backing Feng Chen Yi when he brings her into room, she glanced and focus at the shirt wrapped her body. But, this gesture finally not escape from Feng Chen Yi’s eyes.

“Chen Yi….”

“Yao Yao….”

Both of them are calling their names at same time. Yao Yao turned her head, dried smiled said: “You say first.”

“The wedding ceremony hasn’t canceled, you say which day should we set the time? Can we do it tomorrow??”

“Chen Yi!”

“If you feel it too hasty, how about the following day after tomorrow?”


“How about Sunday, that day also not bad.” Feng Chen Yi is persistent to give elegant smile for the whole process of conversation, he is completely not giving her chance to speak up.

Wedding ceremony? Hah…. such ridiculous, which wedding ceremony they would like to hold? “Feng Chen Yi!! you listen to me!” shouted Yao Yao in order to stop Feng Chen Yi who keeps on talking.
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“Impossible for us to marry. Do you understand? Both of us are impossible to get married!!!”

“Why?” Feng Chen Yi expression changed cold at sudden, he slowly takes a seat on sofa, expressionless he said: “Didn’t you want to revenge on behalf your mother anymore?”

“That’s right! I don’t want anymore! I don’t want to revenge anymore!!!” alike an arrow she dashed in front of him, Yao Yao is so affirmed when she gave her answer.
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“Sssh….” Yao Yao gasped, just by coincidence he is pinching her wrist which has rope mark and wounded because being tied before.

Feng Chen Yi is coldly sweeping his glance to her wrist, at the sudden his pair of eyes are emitting cold gleam. But he does not say anything, but at same time he also does not loosen his hand, and then he pulled her into his embrace, gloomy said: “Even though you don’t want to revenge anymore, you must still marry with me!!”

Staring at that handsome face and yet so domineering, her eyes are showing not understanding eyesight: “Why?” She agreed to marry him the reason because revenge, but now she does not want to revenge anymore, why must she marry him?
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Luo Yao Yao, why I want to marry you, don’t you know the reason? En!” at sudden that big hand lifts her chin up. Who knows, the kiss marked that kissed by Yu Ao Tian exposed, Feng Chen Yi pair of eyes are gleaming with cold eyesight. “You remember, Luo Yao Yao, this life, when you live, you are my wife, Feng Chen Yi’s wife; although you are die, I am Feng Chen Yi won’t ever to give up on you!!!”

What kind of domineering love is it? This domineering simply to say is so suffocating.

Yao Yao finally realized, she actually has provoked two men that she should not….. “Actually, you can use another way in order to stay together with me.”

“Another way?” Feng Chen Yi slowly loosen up his hand that pinched on he chin, sneered: “Ask you to be my lover? I can’t do it!” his cold eyes gloom: “I love you! So that I want to marry with you openly!!!”

At this moment, the tear that Yao Yao tries to hold back finally break, she is looking at him with blaming eyesight while grabbing onto his shirt: “Didn’t you say it before in such natural way? If wanted to take sum amount of money from you, just become your….. hu hu hu!”
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

That icy-cold lips sticking on her mouth that not yet finished her words, he does not want to hear it, he does not want to hear the continuation. Now Feng Chen Yi is afraid to recall his memory regarding two things.

The first thing was the matter regarding his cheating with Li Ruo Ting; the other matter it was, that time when Yao Yao came to look for him wanted to borrow sum of money, he said that words, you came to be my lover!

Feng Chen Yi thought perhaps that he would never regret whatever he has done in his life before, but these two matters, simply to say he cannot to wash away that memories for long time.

“Hu….hu….” Yao Yao is using her strength to break free herself from this domineering kiss, she really cannot to accept, thing that happened between herself and Yu Ao Tian, and once she come back she is being kissed by another man.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Enough! Feng Chen Yi!!” suddenly she break free herself from his embrace, Yao Yao faster step backward, dumbfounded standing in front of him.

After silent for moment, she faintly smiles: “Don’t you want to ask me what was going on within these three days?”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


40 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 346

  1. Thanks Azzurro by the new chapter !! I look forward to when YAT find that YY ran away! strong scenes are coming …

  2. What is going on? I decided to take a break i reading this novel… The suspense is killing me… Im not really clear with what happened in the “villa case” so did YAT kill her mom? If he did even a dummy can tell that he “will be owing blood” with YY, why is he acting like he was wronged? Sure he did everything for YY but the moment her mother was murdered, everything will change…. 😤😤😤 I need to find another novel to read while this is updating,.. Honestly this waiting…

    Azurro thank you so much again for not giving up on us…

    1. Why don’t you reread the few previous chapters?
      You must read these few chapters very carefully in order to understand the circumstance between Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian situations plus the mysteries involved between both of them.

    2. She is not YY birth mother and it still not clear if YAT killed her or some one else. Villa case is still mystery. Just keep reading, we’ll find out the truth eventually.

  3. Wow… What you said around 290’s chapter was true. I kinda miss the funny and silly moments of this novel. Now things are just getting depressing. Thank you so much Azurro for all the hard work😊!!! And those people who re-post your works…I hope they experience bad karma!!😤

    1. Well, when the novel reached the most depressing climax, then the author will give us something so sweet till caused toothache.
      This novel such roller-coaster, as if once you ride it you couldn’t stop unless the ride stopped itself LOLS XD

      1. she absolutely hates to be lover but her circumstance makes her into that. If you trying to stand into her position, if Feng Chen Yi really insist herself to stay beside him, the best is becoming his lover. because, she feels hopeless with herself, dirty, self-worthless….
        At same time she also considered Feng Chen Yi position, his image, etc.

      2. I must say I kinda agree with you. She has bad fate but many other women actually did too. How someone deal with problem defines how one’s happiness and future life. It’s really a waste of her IQ to be this helpless and having such inferior mentality.
        For a woman to live well, she first need to treat herself well too. If a woman look down on herself, how can she expect that others would have respect for her? She is indeed 19 or 20 yo but for God sake she’s a genius and not living in ancient era. Why would she treat her self like dirt?
        How could she revenge with this characteristic?
        She has always been treating her own self like a dirt since first time she met YAT, really doesn’t represent her status as world class lawyer.
        It’s getting unbelievable that she actually is a world class lawyer, not just a little genius.
        She’s raped, it’s a fact, and if FCY insist to marry her then it’s his own decision and she needs not to feel guilty for anything. He’s not a kid, he knows what he’s doing and what he will get from YY. And whatever kind of marriage they would have both know what they want and can get from each other.
        So if it is a deal then be it.
        Either she needs FCY or she doesn’t need him. As adult they would have to pay for each decision they made,so there is nothing to feel bad for. It’s not like she lied and cheated him.
        As for YAT, if it’s me, since he decided to rape then it’s over. Domestic violence is simply a big no no for me, there is no excuse for it.
        However for whatever happened between them, it’s also their own stupidity for not communicating with each other.
        But as feeling is something personal then the love fate between YY and YAT is becoming another topic.

  4. I really love YY present decision not to marry feng chen yi ,no matter how badly Yu ao tian treats YY, I will still ship for them, thanks AZURRO for this chapter, I am addicted to this novel .

  5. I can’t think how this story will go HE… I still believe, HS sweetheart YY and FYC are best suited together *sigh*

    Thanks tons for the update 😘

  6. YY is only 19 year old or is it 20 from her last birthday? If I were her, I will be all over the place too. I kind of understand her attachment with FCY, aside from the cheating issue they actually had a good memory together and she learned a lot from him. I never waver tho as YY/YAT fan, lol.

  7. I’m starting to feel sorry for FCY, even though I know he’s to blame for YY getting involved with YAT in the first place. Hoping the sweet fluff coming is between YAT and YY- even though I can’t imagine how that could be at this point. Thanks for continuing giving us this updates!

  8. Hi Azurro, thanks for not giving up this translation work. Love is indeed selfish and that’s what FCY and YAT are displaying. The two Guys really love YY but in a different way. The last few chapters are filled with sadness ,i just hope it will not be a long time emotional damage for YY

  9. I’m still firm in rooting for YY and FYC… getting married is the best revenge YY can do against YAT. Don’t lower YY just to become FYC’s lover….get married ah 😣

  10. I pity FCY even though people say he is domineering but I beg to differ. If he wasn’t stubborn and persistent I don’t think YY would seek his help or comfort and to be honest she is so stubborn she believes she can do everything herself and that she will be alright. However, she is certainly NOT alright! Up till now whenever she tries to do something on her own it turns into a big mess. Although she is a world class lawyer she is one person, she doesn’t have enough man power behind her. YT and FCY are not only clever and rich but they also have many contacts and subordinates! I am glad FCY is stubborn and helps her out. He is a true friend as he is always there for her even if she thinks she doesn’t need it or doesn’t ask for it. FCY disregards his man pride, he knows about YT but that doesn’t change his love for her. I love that about him!

    I think once YT finds out YY has escaped again because he loves her he will try another method to keep her because OBVIOUSLY this method isn’t working and maybe he learns how to love properly through YY. That love is gentle but passionate because although it’s hard to understand, YT has always been independent and others needed him but now he is the one who can’t live without YY. Since he hasn’t known love before he doesn’t understand what it is to love and be loved. Although YT is wrong for raping yy if we put ourselves in his shoes he actually doesn’t know what to do. Furthermore, his nature has always been domineering and aggressive. His lifestyle has also been tough and a different one. He has only known pain and the way he grew up was in the underground world where everything is taken by force. He truly loves YY and I believe he will learn and really regret the way he forced her. Even if the author hasn’t showed us how he feels about it from his point of view yet. Although rape is NEVER alright, I still want YT to be with YY and I know it may be impossible but I hope YY forgives him! That’s what I feel anyway! Thanx so much azurro loved the chapter! Thankyou everyone else i love reading your comments! Much love MWAH! Xxx

  11. YY marry FYC , to spite YAT…a perfect revenge against him… When you get prego… FYC will accept whoever the sire. Nxt baby will be sure is. Whatever success YAT achieve…he will never get hold of his own child wt YY… That’s really a sweet revenge … bwahaha 😂 That surely is worth another 200+ chapters ?

    Azurro dear, fighting 😘😍

    1. I meant, next baby will be sure His… FYC. YY can help FYC to built his empire bigger and stronger… even help him run for PM position… And , destroy Berson 😬

      Dang! I’m so much getting the hang out of this novel… I need a rehab 😂

  12. I still don’t get why she want to give up on revenging now. Hard to pull everything together with some missing chapters but I will wait. Please tag me or notify me once it’s update or password is ready. Thanks translating group.

    1. Yao Yao decided to give up because the damage given by Yu Ao Tian. he is raping her for three days. She even decided to suicide since she is so hopeless with her life but Long Qi saved her so she still alive.

      1. I see. Thanks

        But she should have known if she were to revenge using FCY that will pissed YAT up. And the jealousy that both of them have for her. Is like adding oil in fire to bring the devil in YAT out. I thought her IQ is 200. She should be smart to know what type of crazy person he is. That’s why he cant control but to rape her I guess..I do feel sorry for her though.
        Lol I still like her being with FCY better hahaha. They been together since she was 13. That’s a lot of memories together.

  13. I agree that Yao Yao should not marry Feng Chen Yi. She can support him silently with her law background and other skills.Then he won’t have to face public ridicule over her actions and identity. Ao Tian has gone mad. Well , I think he was insane from the beginning..Now that he has lost Yao Yao I think he will get worse I wonder if she ever had sex with FCY. I doubt it.
    Thank you for this update

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