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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 347


Chapter 347
Part 1 (One)

I’m Serious Won’t Give Up on You!

“I don’t want to know!”

“But I want to tell you!” after said, Yao Yao torn her clothes.

On her white smooth body, it is imprinted with so many hickey. Every hickey that imprinted was the evidence of endless humiliating for her, and also her unforgettable nightmare. “These three days, I was with Yu Ao Tian! Regarding what we did, you make your own guess? We….. how can we still get married? How can we still marry?”
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Why, why Feng Chen Yi wanted to force her to tell what was happened within these three days, she really wanted to forget it, really wanted to forget everything……

“Hah.” at the moment Yao Yao thought Feng Chen Yi is going to leave with satisfaction, his good looking face is hanging such indescribable smiles.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The next second, Feng Chen Yi pulled her hand, turn her body and pressed her down to sofa.

“What do you want to do?”

That iced-cold lips suddenly landed on her neck, body, chest, and every hickey which left by Yu Ao Tian, Feng Chen Yi completely kissed all over again. “Now, this hickey that left are mine! Hence, ‘the others’, I, do, care, less.”

“Don’t care? Feng Chen Yi, are you idiot? Who would be the man that not going to care? Even I by myself cannot accept myself!!”

“Well then you just think me as idiot. Hah, whatever since the day I fall in love with you, I never….. been normal.” Feng Chen Yi gave dry smile, and then for once again he pulled her into his embrace.

Perhaps due to his childhood experienced, he really never had any good impression toward woman, at much when he has necessity he would find woman to fulfill his desire.

And then when everyone persuading him to find girl friend, he was answering them expressionless while shrugging ‘why must looking for girlfriend? Better looking for bed mate, every matter that girlfriend can do they also can do it, moreover there’s no need so much troublesome.’© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

But, since he met Yao Yao, suddenly he wanted to have girlfriend, and also wanted to stay together with her, and then suddenly he wanted to marry her.

That time, he thought he must be crazy, he obviously someone not care with woman, but because of a little girl he has changed his mind, so strange?

But he really cannot lie to his heart, after some time, he realized only her the person that he wants to put to his side, forever he only wants to love her…..

“Marry with me Yao Yao. Let me to become your only family, person who protect you, love you, okay?” although only as her family member, Feng Chen Yi does not have any objection, anyway, as long as he could put her stay beside himself then it alright.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Ha, hahahaha.” snuggled into his embrace, Yao Yao is crying and also laughing.

Is there any reason for her to make refusal? How to refuse?

If she keeps on refuse him, she afraid Feng Chen Yi would kidnap her and force her to marry him? This domineering man…. she must….

In what way she has to make up for the debt that coming from deep her heart?

Trying hard to love him? Trying hard to find back that feeling which ever loved him?

No…. still better to accompany him for the rest of live….. until he left. Of course, there is also a possibility that she will be the first person who left him?

“Feng Chen Yi, how could I never realized….. actually you are an idiot?” she murmured, Yao Yao is hugging Feng Chen Yi tightly.

Finally that cold good looking face finally has slightly smiles from bottom of his heart. But the next moment…..

His bottomless pair of eyes are gleaming dangerously: ‘Yu Ao Tian….. let’s us wait and see!!!!’


39 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 347

  1. Thank you azurro 🤗 You are the best. I really can’t tell what and where this book is going but still can’t stop have to read until the end. I was actually routing for YY and YAT but not sure that will actually happen hopefully YY can choose a man who will make her happy and love her rest of her life. Again thank you can’t wait for the next chapter. Good night from NY

  2. It must have been love to marry YY in spite of what happened to her. I’m curious what FCY will do now that YAT the one who kidnapped YY and what he did to her. What YAT reaction when he comes home nonYY to be found and LQ help her escaped. What is his next moves. Thanks Azurro for the update. Eagerly awaits for the next part.

  3. Wooh! YAT better be ready! FCY is going after him! Poor YY to be caught between these two men. I wonder who YY really truly in her heart wants to be with?

  4. whoa … FCY, I haven’t other word for you besides: idiot. if you and YY stay together you will end in sorrow ..
    YAT, when he finds out what FCY made YY …
    War. It will be … not .. It’s WAR!

    Thanks Azurro!! you are the best!

  5. Sigh…the story is even harder to read,my heart was puzzled to imagine what life would be like YY later…

    But now,i don’t want to bother anymore because during YY and others will end up happy then i will stay read this novel until ‘The End’…

    Thank You for your hard work Azurro and stay Happy

  6. Yes!!! Azurro, you’re the real gem… Bless your heart for sharing wt us this novel.

    Life is like a game chess… everyone can be a Pawn. Ur only good as whatever is your worth *sigh*

  7. OMfggg I’m praying and hoping she doesn’t get prego thats gonna be more heart breaking for YY 😀 :O aiya the mental break down :l we can only wait and see and thanks for all ur hard work 😀

  8. Now this is what you call “The Clash of the Titans”

    Azurro thank you so much 😘😘😘

    I really hated YAT for raping YY. I just wished I read this novel when it was completely translated…. The waiting… The waiting… 😵😵😵

  9. FCY is getting creepier. If he truly loves YY, he won’t think about revenge, because at the end it will be YY will get hurt. Does he really think he can beat YAT, that YAT will just keep quiet and won’t do anything?

    1. All of y’all bias. YAT is a rapist. Feng biggest flaw is that he is arrogant and a ass plus he cheated before. He is a freaking Saint compared to YAT.

      1. I never said what YAT did was okay. For me, and I emphasize me and my opinion only, FCY is getting creepier in a sense that he delivers himself or I could say in front of YY, he is all good and mighty; very vocal of his love and all and yet and in his mind he’s thinking differently. There’s still a lot we don’t know…we’re not even sure about the text messag he received way back. From the beginning of this novel I already find him deceitful. For YAT, he is of who he is, never claimed to be different of what he is. He was even more cruel during his mafia days, which is what to expect if he’s the leader. If someone wronged him, you know right away he will do something no if no but, for FYC I just don’t know what to expect of him. But anyways, am I bias, yes, you might be right since I’d been rooting for YAT since the beginning of this novel. I never condone tho of what he did…we’ll see what happen in the end. The author is really good in working of our emotions. This is dark and twisted novel. I tried a couple of times to dropped this on but for some reason am still here and rooting for YAT. I must be crazy,lol.

      2. YY is just plain stupid, YAT already told her that for 3 years she is his, I get the fact that she wants revenge but the way she went about it was like she was begging YAT to rape her, was that the best idea her genius iQ could provide, she should have prepared for her revenge secretly, for crying out loud YAT is a MAFIA

      3. YY is just plain stupid, YAT already told her that for 3 years she is his, I get the fact that she wants revenge but the way she went about it was like she was begging YAT to rape her, was that the best idea her genius iQ could provide, she should have prepared for her revenge secretly, for crying out loud YAT is a MAFIA , By getting married to FCY she was indirectly telling YAT “BEWARE I am coming for you ” Tell me, isn’t that just been stupid?

  10. Omg FCY just take YY and go some else place to start a new life lol. More revenge meaning more pains and hurtful emotions. Sooner or later u will lose YY if wars get started. Huhuhuhu

    1. I think YY once considered to forget her revenge when she felt so helpless during her 3 days kidnap, but then FCY come to her rescue. I mean he give YY hopes regarding this revenge thing with his love.

      1. correction: It’s not Feng Chen Yi came to rescue but, she escaping by Long Qi help.
        She is not forget her revenge but she just didn’t want to revenge anymore because she was so hopeless and thought to end her life so why bother to plan revenge? after all she just wanted to die and leave the world together with the pains and hurts she felt…..

  11. I am so confused right now .
    Sometimes I pity YY very much , I feel sorry for her but other times I remember that she brought this on herself . If she wouldn’t have asked FCY to help her with her revenge things would have went differently . I mean , FCY had nothing to do with her affairs, why did she want to include him in her business?
    I try to think from YY perspective and I still don’t understand. She knows what kind of person is YAT and she still proceeded with that plan . What was she expecting for the sake of heaven ?
    She should sort out her feelings .
    She hates YAT , very well . But don’t drag other people in your mess .

    1. Let me enlighten you XD XD XD
      At the beginning Yao Yao indeed didn’t want to get Feng Chen Yi involved with her revenge.
      the chapter when Yao Yao reported Yu Ao Tian to Officer Liu regarding Berson’d fraud.
      After that experienced Yao Yao finally understood that Yu Ao Tian is someone too strong to take down by her. In her hopeless way, Feng Chen Yi showed up. During her ‘insanity’ state, she willing to sacrifice anything…..
      So that, she was so hesitated with her marriage with Feng Chen Yi but that man ensured her, everything going to be okay with their marriage….

    2. Hmm , I understand . Maybe is because I am too subjective that I think like that . Things often seems simpler when you see it from afar so I can’t afford to judge her that harshly .

  12. Next chapter should be , YY marriage to FCY…. Then, YY getting pregnant and helping FCY to become more strong and powerful 😎 bwahaha!

    It’s a thrilla in Azurro mania ☺

  13. First of, thanking you forever spoiling us with this novel.

    FCY is one of a twisted man who do not have any guts to face YAT up front but using YY as n excuse to deal with YAT. I am strongly believes that those messages of so-called YY’s adopted mother sent was a made up trump card to make YY turned against YAT.

    When YAT decided to break the contract agreement with YY by tearing it up but YAT also warned YY that this next three years YY must remain by his side. YY also agreed n strongly agreed it herself she will stayed at YAT side for this three years.

    YY of all people she should know what types of person r YAT n FCY but she still fell into the invisible trap set by FCY. For someone who has an IQ over 200+ she really ain’t that smart. She also know that YAT will DEFINITELY will punish those who betray him yet she still betray YAT by believing in the lies spun by FCY n decided no matter how hesitated was she in agreeing marrying FCY.

    For someone who has an high IQ like YY she really did not think very clearly n let emotion to rule her instead of her guts instinct. I am very disappointed in her of all the actions she had been taken so far. She always allowed guilts to control whatever her decisions she made when it come to FCY. She may said that she don’t love FCY anymore then y r all the soft spots for him. Really YY, r u not loving FCY always think the worst in YAT without giving him any benefits of doubts but for FCY, YY always second guess yourself. YY asking to be punished by YAT n I don’t to what YAT resort to rape to punish YY. Staying with FCY will make matter worst than better. How will you feel after the revenge, will you feel so much better n it definitely will not bring back your murdered adopted mother?

  14. FCY’s last words remind me of his talk with YAT after that party when both were competing for YY’s love…body and soul… it seems to me like a childish battle .Still, this is terribly cruel for the pawn or the toy ie. YY because lets face it none of them treats her like a human being . I hope she’ll stop being a toy or pawn and find a way out of their dangerous and vicious game, that’s not love in my humble opinion .
    Get a grip YY!
    Thanks Azurro, cheers.

  15. well, okay. FCY can revenge if he wants, but don’t pull YY in, which means use YY to revenge or something like that. That will be seriously cruel to her. She has suffered enough to their selfishness, both FCY and YAT are the same type of man.

    Thanks azurro for the translation ❤

  16. How if YY mather by ZKR and FCY know abaut it and make fake massage from her mother’s phonsell…how……

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