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Summarized Chapter ^_^

I hope by posting this summarized post, there won’t be any reader who still troublesome one’s self to ask me about the password.

Updated 13 February 2017
Hi readers / new readers,
When you have reached and read chapter 399 you may find four onward chapters are being password and the next thing you may question how to get the password in order to be able read the password chapters. Speak frankly, I don’t have any password for those chapters hence I made this summary post in first place hoping the reader who do not get read the complete translation at least have a picture what was going on.
I plan to re-translate these four chapters later in the future after I finished my translation project. Again, please bear in the mind, all of the translations are FREE and USE for Non-Commercial purpose. I don’t want to sound harsh but If you are not satisfied with what presented, just leave without put any nasty comments.

Here I presented the summary chapters

On the wedding day, Yao Yao is kidnapped by Mo Xue Tong who was asked Yu Ao Tian. No one knew that Yao Yao was missing since everyone was busying to see the crowded until when the wedding ceremony was going to start.

Right when Feng Chen Yi asked Lisa, his secretary to call Yao Yao got prepared, suddenly the one of the assistant reported that Yao Yao has been missing and Gong Xiao Man with others still looking for her.

Feng Chen Yi suspicious this might be done by Yu Ao Tian but he didn’t see he move from the wedding venue moreover after he exchanged words with Yu Ao Tian in parking lot, his doubt with his first suspicion and his attention drove to Li Ruo Ting. The wedding is canceled, Feng Chen Yi, Hei Yan Long, Ou Yang Zi Xuan are summoning all their men to look for Yao Yao.

Mean while Yao Yao is sent to Yu Ao Tian’s apartment. It is the apartment which Yao Yao likes the most (Single room apartment, the building where Long’s brother, Han Li Shang and Mo Xue Tong live together)

Yu Ao Tian’s apartment!

Still thought, she would not ever to come here again; still thought, last time would be their last time. Never thought, on the wedding day, after all Yu Ao Tian is forcing to take her to here, actually what will he going to do?

Eyes which filled with hatred but at same time puzzled not understanding, looking at Yu Ao Tian’s pair of bottomless eyes.

It has been sometime to have such close distant with this good looking face, especially, in the past as long as she looked at that pair of eyes she would feel afraid. But since when, she has not that feared or tried to avoid at that pair of eyes.

But this moment….

This pair of bottomless eyes for once again flashed an eyesight as if able to taking herself to hell, it gives a chill for those who sees it.

“Really beautiful. Just now when I entered the room looking at you simply to say I was not daring to believe, My Little Thing after she wearing a wedding dress she changed to be someone so mesmerizing.”

Yu Ao Tian is looked alike fool when smiling, that long and slender fingers exploring her body.

‘Uh!’ she felt disgusting, creasing her forehead, restless keep on moving her body, ‘stop to touch me! Stop to touch me!’

“Bao Bei, what kind of eyesight that is?” Yu Ao Tian’s palm is stopped in front of her chest, his mouth is slowly curved upward showing sinister smile: “It was obviously not long ago, you body was still enjoying my teasing. Why, in very short time, you body hasn’t gotten used anymore toward me?”

No! No! She never enjoyed the teasing of this rotten bastard man. Doesn’t want to hear it, does not want to hear him to bring up about past.

It is so disgusting! So disgusting!

The past scenery one by one flowing in front of her eyes alike film pieces, she really wanted to forget the past she ever had with this man, the teasing which able to make her to lose her control.

“It seems…. I need to help you looking back the old memories!” after said, Yu Ao Tian cold eyes flashed.

Without waiting for Yao Yao to react…..

The white wedding dress as if the holy symbol torn by him in the middle!

‘uh…’ feeling that big hand touching, her small hands are curled to make fist.

“Huh? Today reaction is really disappointed.” Yu Ao Tian looks unhappily heave a sigh: “Just as expected, still need to hear your voices it will rise my excitement!!” pair of dim eyes, he takes off the handkerchief that covered Yao Yao’s mouth.

“Yu Ao Tian, you are rotten bastard! Faster let me go!!!”

“En humph, this is much familiar.” he is smiling devilish, gently he lifts up her chin, slowly said: “Bao Bei, when you are swearing me, shouldn’t you think carefully of something, what things do you owe me?”

“Owed? Yu Ao Tian, the money that I owed you I had asked Long Qi to give it to you! What other thing that I have owed you?” Yao Yao fiercely gritting her teeth, that few words are almost out from her teeth.

“The thing that I mean isn’t money, but….” suddenly his hand that hold her chin put little bit strength, he gloomy said: “Your promise!!!”


What kind of promise she owed Yu Ao Tian?

‘I will not betray on you, at least within these three years I won’t betray on you…..’ is this promise?
Indeed, her marriage with Feng Chen Yi is betraying her initial promise with Yu Ao Tian before. But…..

“Have you remembered?” Yu Ao Tian is showing is devilish smile when asked, for once again he grabbed her chin tightly.

She can feel her chin is hurt, but Yao Yao is enduring the pain, gritting her teeth, growled softly: “Since the day you killed my mother, I don’t have any promise toward you anymore!!!”

“Hah, since this the case….” loosen his hand, Yu Ao Tian is standing up and walked to the bed end: “Bao Bei, have you done it with Feng Chen Yi?”

Why does he ask me this thing?

Her heart is uneasy and restless, nervously she swallowing her saliva, open her eyes staring at him but does not answer anything.

“In my heart you are the fruit that I have nurtured for such long time, if there is someone who tasted you earlier, my heart is really bitter.” Yu Ao Tian is pretending hopeless by shaking his head, that pair of bottomless eyes have power to send a cold chill to everyone who sees it.

“The most important, I never played with second hand thing. But today…. because of you I willing to break my principle!!”

And after that all are the scenes where Yu Ao Tian raped Yao Yao.

Yao Yao was kidnapped for three days in Yu Ao Tian’s apartment, he did ‘it’ with her for full three days which caused Yao Yao mental break.

Within the three days, there was Yu Ao Tian who speaking most of the time while Yao Yao felt alike numb person, she didn’t want to care anything and hoping everything would be passed sooner, she only wanted to free from Yu Ao Tian and she not even bothered to forget her revenge to him.

Then there was a conversation between Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao, in which Yu Ao Tian wanted Yao Yao to come back to his side but directly being refused by Yao Yao because she reasoned since the day he killed her mother, there would not be any turning point for them anymore. Furious, Yu Ao Tian told her that Deng Hui Hong wasn’t her biological mother, but Yao Yao reaction was far from Yu Ao Tian prediction after he told her about this matter.

Yao Yao laughed with mocking to Yu Ao Tian, said that she had known it since she was 6. He knew that Luo Tian Ming wasn’t her father and Deng Hui Hong wasn’t her mother. But because Luo Tian Ming was her life savior then she just pretended to their daughter moreover she was amnesia so she just followed the flow and act as their daughter.

If Han Li Shang didn’t come to remind Yu Ao Tian that he is working with government, perhaps he would be stayed longer. Before went out, Yu Ao Tian not forgot to lock the door so that Yao Yao could not run away. In her hopeless state, Yao Yao who stared-blank to outside through the apartment veranda, she finally decided to end her life by jumping down from the veranda but luckily her action seen by Long Qi who by chance went home from school.


42 thoughts on “ANSTG Password Chapters Summary

  1. hi azurro, thank you so much!! please continue sending me the chapter summaries of the password protected chapters…i really like this story!!

    Sent from my Samsung device

  2. Thank you!!
    So YAT did want YY to come back to him but he didn’t bother to explain that he didn’t kill her adopted mother. Lol why bringing up the topic of wanting her to return and not bother explain is useless.
    Oh well if he explain to her then everything would goes smoothly and we wouldn’t have a story to read hahaha.

    Thanks again
    Much appreciated

    1. No, even if YAT explained to her, Yao Yao would not believe him because when Yao Yao asked an explanation when she thought Yu Ao Tian killed her adopted mother, Yu Ao Tian didn’t say anything.

  3. Thanks! Now I can understand many things, YAT asked her to stay with him, in a way, it made me happy, I know he raped her but still…

  4. Thanks Azurro!! But can I ask why the password protected chapters are back? Thanks for all the hard work you put in, and the love. I just found out in the comment section that you are proficient in neither of the languages and yet you put out such amazing work. Makes me question what I am doing with my time. LOVE ❤

  5. Thanq you azurro sorry to disturb you with asking the word pass I hope that you can translate later those chapters with details
    BON COURAGE and fighting 😉

  6. Thanks you Azurro,

    This helped me fill in some of the blanks…YY is not the biological daughter? When will we find out her background?

    Can’t wait…So excited…

    Thanks again

  7. For some reason I can’t hate YAT because his heart is pure for her, but his actions seem to prove otherwise. I think that YY and YAT’s whole relationship is a miscommunication like if they had just talked about some things there would be less drama. But for plot wise it’s super good. I can’t wait to see how this goes..

  8. Azurro actually how much chapter ANSTG??
    I’m curious about ending this story , so I’m always check every morning your post. And thanks for your translate this story it’s very interesting, thank you

  9. Yes, Thanks so much for translating!!!! So soooo in love with this story and can’t wait for the actual translated chapters. 🙂 ❤ ❤

  10. Yay! I just found this summary chapter after lingering in the comment section of previous chapter. Oh my Aotian why would he do that 😥 really looking forward to it until I reached your latest posts!

  11. it seems that I’m less attention toward your patient explanations. I’m sorry.. but I’m really thankful to you for translating ANSTG

  12. Thank you for continuing this novel. I started commenting initially . But felt so all alone because most readers were almost 2 years ahead of me. Today in January 2018 I see more recent readers from October 2017. HAH. If I keep reading I may find some one reading at my pace.

  13. I appreciate the summary, but it’s frustrating to not have a translation of YY thoughts and feelings over her 3 day captivity, also a translation of the conversation between YAT and YY would give a better insight into their thoughts and feelings. I would like to have a translation of what happened between YY and LQ. A summary doesn’t really convey the subtleties of the character’s thoughts and feelings. I’m rereading your translation and reached this point. I remember how frustrated I was when I originally read it, because, I felt, if YAT has truly lost control, then his use of force would connote a major turning point for both YAT and YY, personally and together. Since it is a major plot point, a summary just doesn’t give enough information about their thoughts and feelings. Thank you for the translations you’ve done. Because of you, I’m able to read this great novel and I’m grateful. I’ve just become greedy to spend more time inside the brains of such interesting characters. I don’t know if you’ll read a comment from an old post, but, if you do, thank you.

    1. As I have mentioned, I will re-translate those few chapters which password by Thunder after I finish my translation project.
      It’s not like I didn’t put myself in reader shoes, but because I did, that’s why I made the summary for the first place as anticipation.
      Many things had happened, but I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
      Let the past stay in past.

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