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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 12.3

Chapter 12

Part 3 (Three)

Regarding to hygiene problems


Of course An Jia Qi was happily to have additional friend, hence before she got down from the bus, happily she patting Li Mei’s shoulder said, later in the school she would ‘cover’ her.

Compare to An Jia Qi who got new friend in here, while Su Zhan Mo at there was feeling such bored. Su Zhan Mo’s grandma house is located inside the city, no need alike An Jia Qi to use truck or big bus, only need to take two times small

He was boringly sitting on the chair while watching television, listened to his brother and sister cousins who are arguing about cartoon. Now he really missed to hear An Jia Qi’s voice, because no matter what cartoon it was, An Jia Qi could watch such relish.

After she done watching she even spices-up the cartoon beside him who was doing homework. Thinking to this point he could not help himself not to smile, it frighten brother and sister cousins who are beside

Both of them know that their elder brother cousin is someone could not be provoked, especially when he smiles, so that they must got further way from him, if not they must be doomed. Therefore they were stopping to quarrel, faster got up from chair and then dashing playing at

An Jia Qi is sneezed, because being pulled by Mother An and Father An to get into big bus. Perhaps because last night she played too late, and then today wakes up too early, once An Jia Qi got into big bus she has fallen sleep, she was sleeping a long the way until arrived at Grandma’s

An Jia Qi’s grandma house is located on small hill, has big yard, inside is planted many vegetable and flowers. Make the yard look alive. Grandma An seen An Jia Qi, not like when she was baby such weighing boy over girl, very enthusiastically pinching on An Jia Qi’s chubby cheek, let them went

Inside the house, An Jia Qi’s younger brother cousin An Jia Chen, sitting on a chair watching Television. Seeing his familiarized big Aunty and big uncle, smile while greeting.

Although Mother An not really likes Grand Ma An who favor him more, but toward her nephew she still likes him. Hold An Jia Chen and teasing

Inside the house is happy and harmonious, not little bit able to see if in the past there was a

And An Jia Qi life in her Grandma’s house



4 thoughts on “C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 12.3

  1. So young yet crafty szm….a black bellied man in making. Poor ajq. Luckily she is cheerful, happy go lucky.

    Thanks, azurro. Missing this cute story. How many chapters till ajq get to high school?

  2. Azurro, now I know why you want do this project in between ANSTG. This is such a cute story. Thank you for your hard work. I envy you can understand many languages. Wish I can read chinese too.

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