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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 3.4


He met her again, she recognized him. He forgot her but his body reacted when he met her for the second time after six years. What is Ming Yi? Does she really his Ming Yi? He pondered. 

Chapter 3

Part 4 (Four)

In the middle of Jun’s mansion, Jun Si Que is standing before the door, standing for sometime, finally he opened the door. Everything inside the bedroom, neat and clean, it can be seen that everyday is being cleaned, only, this bedroom owner, he had gone from this world.

Jun Yi Sheng, the man who could not find his Ming Yi, finally he ended up his life in this room, one day after the full moon, suicide.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

If want to say, in Jun family who is the person understood well about Jun Yi Sheng, undoubtedly the person must be Jun Si Que. In Jun family one every generation, there must be one person, who will inherit this weird bloodline, live in pitiful, because they need to find the Ming Yi that belong to them.

Moon, it is similar to poison, while Ming Yi, is their antidote.

From the Jun Family history the person who inherit this bloodline, no one is not brilliant, marvelous figure, but if they could not find Ming Yi, they are thousand more pitiful than an ordinary people.

This is the destiny of Jun’s family, as if they are a family that got cursed.

No one knows how to find Ming Yi, in the vast anonymous mass of people, maybe passing each other, or perhaps somewhere in the vast forest, or perhaps has died, or perhaps not yet born into this world.

“Ah Que.” Jun Yi He doesn’t know since when he also follow to walk inside the room, seeing at his son who keeps silent and then said, “Are you thinking about your Big uncle again?”

“After all, he was also one of the person in this family who similar with me.” Jun Si Que is gently close his eyes, pair of his hand stretched behind the cabinet, “Even my name is given by, named by Big Uncle.” Si Que, Si Que, thinking of the missing, incomplete…..
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When he born, big uncle had foresee this blood lineage, would keep continue in his body.
Jun Yi He heave a sigh, “Few more day is going to be full moon, don’t you prepare to stay at home?”

“Full moon that night, I will stay at my apartment.” that kind of pain is such bitter, he never thought to let anyone to show it in front of others.

“As heard, recently you are adding more dosage in your medicine.”

“Yes, adding the dosage.”

Jun Yi He is shocked, this is the evidence, his son is so painful. Following the old of age, that pain will be going to be more painful, moreover the sign is getting more often. This is special medicine of the Jun’s family, it has been and constantly using by the Jun’s family, this is only help to reduce the pain, but cannot to heal the pain.

“Father, the Ming Yi that belongs to me, is it really only at one glance of eyes, can I certain of it?” Jun Si Que opens his eyes, the fingers are pointing at his own eyes.

“Didn’t you also read the manual book of Jun’s family? According what written in the manual book, if the other party is yours Ming Yi, when you see her, your body will be reacted out of the normal.” Fortunately, Jun Yi He himself does not need to look for Ming Yi, these things are only handed down, only to few Senior Generation of Jun’s family who had experience to find Ming Yi.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“The body…. Will be reacted out of the normal?” Jun Si Que is giving mocking laugh, his left hand is gently touch the position of his heart in his chest. Ming Yi? That ridiculous woman would she be his Ming Yi?

But if she isn’t, why he didn’t kill her and to get rid a witnessed but he was such easy to let her left?

“Why you suddenly asking about Ming Yi this matter?” Jun Yi He suddenly asked him back,

“Ah Que, does you….” is it? That kind of small probability, is there any possibility?  Will son have chance to meet Ming Yi that belong to himself in this life?

“Nothing.” simply let out this two words, it makes Jun Yi He who shown hoping expression turned into disappointment. Jun Si Que is looking at other side, his corner of mouth is curved up and make faint smile, “I just thinking, my Ming Yi, can she really make me to fall in love with her?”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Fated to depend on each other, actually who will decide in the end!
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS

© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Inside an elevator, the air is little bit hot. The tight close elevator door, there’s even no gap for the air.

Man is leaning to the elevator wall, his eyes closed, while a woman is carrying six boxes of lunch box, standing at the other side, she open wide her eyes when see that man.

This man, absolutely is…. Her Misfortune (Bad Luck God)! Fang Yi Ran lamenting in her heart.

First time meeting him, she has lost herself plus being pregnant.

Second time meeting him, she saw something that she mustn’t have seen, that scenery.

And now, third time meeting him, the elevator is breakdown.

She just only coming to this company for the delivery order, is it necessary to torment her to this point?

Swiftly, the person who she glared slowly opens his eyes. She hurried changed her face with smile expression, “So…. So coincidence yo……”

“It indeed so coincidence.” Jun Si Que opens his eyes, his vision line is looking at Fang Yi Ran smiling face, once again his heart draw back, send out clear and loud beating sounds.

His five slender fingers, touching the position of his heart, his pair of lips pursed. Is this sort of being reminded? Reminded him, in front of his eyes perhaps she is his Ming Yi.

Ming Yi? He has thought many times of Ming Yi, could it be this simple showing up  in front of him?

The Jun’s family could not find Ming Yi, but could he find it?

Under the other vague eyesight, Fang Yi Ran is shrinking her shoulders, awkwardly said: “Ugh….. I just coming here to do delivery order, I am Mi Bao Bao Fast Food employee, if next time you want to make delivery order, you can phone our store to make an order, we are guarantee to deliver the goods at the fastest speed.

“At the fastest speed?” flat speaking tone but it gives such insulting feeling.

“Of course, as long as there is nothing unexpected situation happen.” said her quickly to make correction.

Thus, the conversation came to an end, the air inside the elevator is getting hotter. After passed five minutes, finally there are voices of the maintenance personnel from the outside elevator: “CEO Jun, so apologizing the elevator just stopped this way, we will try to settle the problem with the fastest speed……”

“How long it takes?” talking with the intercom which is inside the elevator, Jun Si Que coldly asked.

“Ten….. Ten minutes….” from outside the elevator the maintenance personnel stammered giving an answer.

“Understand.” after this words ended, Jun Si Que for once again close his eyes.

Outside the elevator, from time to time there are sounds make by the maintenance personnel. Inside the elevator, Fang Yi Ran is shrink at one corner of the elevator, still thinking about just now matter when the maintenance personnel called this man as ‘CEO Jun’.

Alright, at least, he seems really to have change his path, not doing the job as Host anymore, although she thought he working as Host, this kind of job, really have future.

Time, minutes by minutes passed, she suddenly realized the other party face is getting white pale. Originally he has white skin tone, but he is getting paler and paler not even has pinkish color anymore.

Lacking of air? Or perhaps…..

“Hey, do you feel discomfort at anywhere? The elevator immediately can be opened, just wait for little bit….”

Jun Si Que not even paid attention to what Fang Yi Ran said, he only palpating his western suit to look for small box. When his hand is opened the small box, suddenly the elevator shake.


Because of the shake, Fang Yi Ran felt to floor, trying to hold up in a daze, and then found the other corner of the elevator, that demoness good looking man, he has rough breathing, one of his hand hugging his arm, his whole powerless body leaning on the wall. And the small box that originally on his hand, has fallen to someplace inside the elevator…..


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  1. When JSQ meet her again he is going to pursueher and observe her like hawk and then he will discover his son. Thanks Thunder for the update, eagerly awaits the next one. Have a nice evening.

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