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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 352

YAT 2Ah~ what do you guys think about this chapter?

Chapter 352

Berson Group is Attacked Part II

Half month later……

Yu Ao Tian work performance is getting more excellent and very quickly he got promoted to enter the State Council Executive Director, this position.

Just to know, the person who is able to have this position basically those who have minimum 3 years, moreover they must completely back up by family who as public figure. Someone alike Yu Ao Tian who no need to wait until 3 years, and he stills single this is really rare. It can be seen that how powerful and stronger he become within this half month.
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‘Knock knock’ (knocking sound)

“Director Yu, this is the document that sent by today, please take look at it.”

“En, it’s okay just put it here.”

His today’s works simply to say so similar with the ancient emperor’s works, every day there are endless pile of documents, endless files need to check. And finally he realized what it mean by the higher officer position, the more scarce the hair. Hah, he really afraid himself before four years he would change to be ‘middle bald head’.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘knock knock’ (knocking sound)

“Come in.”

The Financial Secretary is smiled, slowly he walking inside Yu Ao Tian’s office room: “Leader, still busy?”

“Haha, officer Liu, it seen as you said.”

“I am not wrong right? My official position only five stars, but now yours are three stars officer who is after General Director and Prime Minister. If I don’t call you as leader, what should I call you?”

Yu Ao Tian helplessly smiles, pointing at the chair inside his office room: “Have seat, Office Liu.”

“Aiya, I remembered years ago when first time I met you, I knew you are an extraordinary talent. But never thought, you just step into politician world half month, directly being promoted two stars. You are simply a legend.”

Listened to the way Officer Liu praising, Yu Ao Tian who is reading his document smiling while said: “If you have words go straightly.”

“Ugh…. hahaha.” Officer Liu always admire Yu Ao Tian observation ability, he felt that he had covered up well enough, but never thought he could reveal it so soon. “Actually, I am coming here to make a red line (match making).”

“Which family of girl that you want to introduce to me?”

“This time coming from strong family. General Director Qi’s daughter! She is so beautiful. Still young, very youth. You think it carefully, okay?”

After Yu Ao Tian heard, his head still head-down to read his document: “Officer Liu, if you are not afraid the girl will cry because of me, it seems you can introduce her to me.”

“Sst….Ao Tian, see what you said, you are already 8, it’s time for you to have family. Moreover….” When Officer Liu said to this point, suddenly his expression changed to be stern: “If you still want to climb to higher position, your wife must be someone who can be used. If you are married General Director Qi’s daughter, that Vice General Director position that still empty until now might be yours!”
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That’s right!

Political circles are extremely have high expectation in marriage, most of the time family with political background will be given a priority choice to the unmarried political people, it started from choosing from their family background. Someone alike Yu Ao Tian who is still single, if wanted to be promoted up to one level, really difficult.
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Of course, this is also the reason why Luo Tian Ming didn’t divorce Sang Rou and then married Deng Hui Hong. Without doubt it because the political position, one he divorced, and remarriage an ordinary woman, his colleagues would secretly make thing difficult for him. Even though they didn’t make thing difficult for him, his divorce status would decline his political position.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Officer Liu, thank you for your good intention. But currently I have my girlfriend.”

“You have?? Why I never heard you mentioned about her?”

Because the reality he does not have any, how could he talk about her?

If this is not inside governmental environment, he really wanted to tell this Officer Liu, he Yu Ao Tian absolutely does not need woman to help him to climb up! “Ha ha, later I will introduce her to you.”

‘Ring, ring ring….’

Just at this time suddenly his mobile phone is ringing, Yu Ao Tian smiles: “Let me pick the phone call.”

“Well, I take my leave first.”

“En.” when he sees Officer Liu left, his expression changed to be cold at sudden: “What’s matter?”

“Ao Tian, initially regarding this matter I don’t want to disturb you, but now I really don’t have way anymore.” it is Han Li Shang’s voice flowing from the mobile phone.

He is creasing his forehead: “What is happening?”

“It’s about few projects that handled by our company, as long as we compete to Feng Group, our projects absolutely being taken by them. As if they had stolen our plan ahead in some span time.”

Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes: “Have you asked the I department to check all the company’s computer if there any hacker attacking it?”

“Had checked on it, but there is no viruses or hacker trace. But impossible for Feng Group to have infinitely resourceful alike magic always beat us one step ahead, taking our proposal, right?”

That’s right!

There is no such coincidence to have same proposal, moreover every time it taken by Feng Group one step ahead, and the only logically reason is someone has been attacking Berson group intranet computer.
But Han Li Shang even said with such affirm, there’s no any trace of viruses or even being attacked by hacker.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

It seems, the person who can freely attacking Berson Group’s computers intranet without any trace would be that person……

Thinking to this point, Yu Ao Tian’s mouth is curved upward and making sinister expression, this is the first smile that shown by him within his half month. “Li Shang, how long this thing has happened?”

“Since half month ago it happened.”

“Alright, I understand. Now I am at Government Bureau Office, it is not convenient to use the computer in here, you prepare everything in remote area, I want to use your computer to do something.”




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