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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 355

Chapter 355

Yu Ao Tian is Flirting

But after looked at Yu Ao Tian and Han Li Shang expression, the person who seems to be the leader suddenly reach out his hand: “Wait!” nervously he gulping his saliva, hurried showing his smiling face: “Aiya, how… how can two of you?”

“Big Boss? What’s going on?” Little Scoundrel not understand asked.

That Big Boss in bad mood hit his head: “Hurry apologizing toward Director Yu and CEO Han, still daring to ask?”

Few of the little scoundrels who heard it, immediately they understood who are these two men in front of their eyes, no need to said about their on surface status. All are mingling in underworld, there’s no one who does not know who is big boss of Yu Long group Yu Ao Tian and also the second big boss Han Li Shang. “Yu, Director Yu, you….”
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Yu Ao Tian is coldly stretch out his hand and stopped the little scoundrels who bowing apologized toward him, expressionless cast a glance to their Big Boss, without saying anything. As if he is waiting their Big Boss to give an explanation.

“Yu, Director Yu, really sorry. We are carrying an order come here to find Feng Group’s Feng Chen Yi, but as result who knows that…. we are…. coming to wrong room.”

So this the case! Walking on two paths the white and black paths, Yu Ao Tian is clearly understand there’s some of business men who would come to look for mafia help to do something, it seems that Feng Chen Yi has offended those rotten people.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yu Ao Tian is silent for moment, slowly his corner of mouth lift up smiles sinister, raised his hand and pointing at the next room.

An immediately that Big Boss understood what Yu Ao Tian meant: “Thank you, thank you.” politely they closed the sliding door, turned their back and then opened the next room door!

At one glance Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi who are chatting happily, immediately both of them already can feel the strange!

“Make moves!” Followed by the command, suddenly few of the scoundrels who are holding knives rushing into the room.

Feng Chen Yi’s face dim, faster he flipping over the table: “You go first!” as fast as an arrow he has been in front of Yao Yao protecting her, he got up and fight with that scoundrels.

Whose men are this group of people belong to? Report to the police? Or better to contact Ou Yang Zi Xuan?

Very obvious, this group of men are targeting Feng Chen Yi, but because the door is blocked, Yao Yao only can climb to the next room.

While waiting for a chance when everyone not pay attention, quickly Yao Yao pulling the sliding door that connect to next door, ‘sneak off’, at the moment she has been hiding inside. Close the sliding door: “Report to police!! report to police!” she is nervously taking out her mobile phone, she is completely not pay attention toward two persons inside the room.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Bao Bei, if you are making a report to the police, you are really caused Chen Yi to die.”

That’s right! If this time making a report to police, Media must be hurried coming here, perhaps there would be news about Feng Group’s General Manager being attacked, when time arrives it would affect Feng Group’s stocks. “That’s right, what you said not wrong!” Yao Yao is talking so affirm by nodding her head to the voice.

But at the moment when that devilish good looking face caught by her eyes…..

‘Bam’ a sound, mobile phone that on her hand before, it is falling down to the floor, Yao Yao shocked her mouth wide opened: “Yu! Ao! Tian!!”

Yu Ao Tian smiles devilish titled his head aside, stretch out his hand pointing at the food which served on the table: “Leave it for you as your share, do you want to eat together?”

How could he at here?

Yao Yao is sitting on the tatami, her body is leaning on the sliding door, her pair of dark eyes are looking at her back.

Only one door, impossible if Yu Ao Tian does not hear any ruckus happened at the next door. Moreover, how can thing such coincidence, he is sitting in here while that group of men are attacking Feng Chen Yi!
Thinking to this point, Yao Yao is raging in fume frowned: “Do that group of men are people you called to come here?” after said, Yao Yao is picking up her mobile phone and then throwing her mobile phone to Yu Ao Tian.

Han Li Shang who is siting beside seen the situation, his skillful hand quickly stopped the mobile phone, gloomy said: “Woman! You don’t act way too much. Do you think Yu Ao Tian such leisure, calling people to come and chop your husband?”

“That’s right. Bao Bei, if those men are called by me, I would call the sniper, it won’t waste my time and no troublesome.” After said, Yu Ao Tian still with his devilish smile took her mobile phone from Han Li Shang’s hand and played it on his hand.

It seems that these people aren’t called by Yu Ao Tian? Lost in train of thoughts…..

‘bam, bam’ Yao Yao clearly heard the hard sound from the next door.

She lowers her head, her eyes rolled, she is kneeling to Yu Ao Tian in front, begging and said: “You quickly go and help Chen Yi, okay?”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian is holding the tea cup, takes a sip, and smile devilish: “Why must I go to save your husband?”

“You are such good fighter, it is easy thing for you to deal with those minions (little scoundrels) right, you go to help okay? Can you?”

“Hah…..” Yu Ao Tian’s lips curved upward, his hand is stopped playing with the mobile on his hand, that pair of bottomless eyes suddenly are looked eyes to eyes with that pair of big eyes which showed begging eyesight: “Bao Bei, you are learned to be naughty. After all your face is not even blushing now when acting like this.”

Yao Yao is dumbfounded, pretending not understanding by creasing her forehead: “What are you saying?”

“Humph? The other party only about 7 or 8 persons, impossible for Chen Yi not able to fight them, if that is the case, how could he pass his childhood safe and soundly. On contrary if it’s me….” Yu Ao Tian is reached out his finger, slowly lifts up her chin: “If at this time I showed up, it afraid that tomorrow headline will be Government Officer is getting involved with fighting?”


Very quick her lies being revealed, immediately Yao Yao reversed back to her cold expression.
That’s right, she just wanted to give a try seeing his attitude, try to see whether Yu Ao Tian is going to help or not, if Yu Ao Tian wants to help, due to his current status as Government officer he would be kicked out from governmental.

If he is not helping, due to Feng Chen Yi ability impossible for him not be able to fight those few little minions!

But, very quick her lies being revealed, there is slightest unhappy in her heart!

Han Li Shang who is sitting beside after listened to these two conversation, and then looked at these two expressions, suddenly he creased his forehead, and still this is his first time to see Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao are trying to trick each other, speak frankly, if not because Yu Ao Tian revealed Yao Yao lies, he really does not know how to react, this is perhaps what called as Woman’s scheming!!

Yao Yao is biting hard her lips, she breaks away Yu Ao Tian’s hand that hold her chin, coldly raised her body: “Director Yu, I take my leave first!!”

“Aiya, Bao Bei, suddenly you are barging into my place, you think when you say you are leaving…. then you can really leave?”

Seeing Yu Ao Tian sinister expression: “Well what you….” without waiting for her to finish her words.

As seen, Yu Ao Tian quickly extended out his hand, pulled Yao Yao to sit down in his embrace.

Her petite body which tightly being hugged by pair of this man hand, she restless makes moving: “Yu Ao Tian, you let me go!!!”

At the next door, Feng Chen Yi is fighting against few people; only separated by a thin wall, now she is entangling with devil, if she knows the person who sits beside is Yu Ao Tian, she would rather to face those group of scoundrels!

Letting Yao Yao to keep on struggling, that man is smiling devilish, without saying anything, but at same time he also not let her go.

She is so worried and also angry!

Just at this time….

Suddenly the slid door is sliding open.

“Director Yu, CEO Han, next door….” few of the waiters are panicking standing outside the door, but seeing Yao Yao who is in Yu Ao Tian’s embrace, suddenly they shut their mouth.

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  1. Haha …. I can see how YAT suppresses his temper towards YY and her marriage matter.. He acts cool outside . CNT wait for next chapter..thank-you for your hard work azurro

  2. Thank you 😙😙
    Um I have a question unrelated to the chapter … when will we have some HLS GXM romance Happening? 😊😊😆

    1. Exactly we get to read very less of HLs- GXM romance …in many ways their part of story is more promising cute and interesting

  3. OMG, Devilish YAT, can’t help himself of freeing YY. He is going to used YY as the bargaining chips for FCY safety. It’s getting interesting by the day, and eagerly await to the next chapter. What will happen next.

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  5. YAT can be so childish sometimes Ah! I know that he has the ability to tell those guys not to attack FCY but he just want to have fun before stepping into the situation and this action might cause misunderstanding again between him and YY.

    1. Jyeahh.. maybe YY think that scoundrels that attack FCY was YAT people.. Dont know how those two deal with this matter.. hehehe

  6. Thank you so much for the translations. I was new here and wasn’t able to sleep for three days because i can’t resist the twist and turns of the story. Whoever the author is, I really salute him. Because it is one hell of a roller coaster ride! Cheng yi is nice but I shipped for ao tian-yao yao tandem.

  7. YY might think all this doing is cause by YAT. As a warning to her little hack on Berson. By pointing to the next room YAT probably want YY to beg him to save FCY. Can’t wait to read next. Thank you

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