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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 356

Chapter 356

First Time With Feng Chen Yi

An instantaneously, Yu Ao Tian’s face is blacken: “Who ask all of you coming inside without knocking the door?”

With panicking looked at the people who are standing outside, damn it! It seems that Media also here! What to do?

Yao Yao who shocked her expression changed to pale creased her forehead, in order to avoid Media to shoot her face, she only can stay at Yu Ao Tian embrace!
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“Sorry, sorry, Director Yu, because an incident is happened at Mr. Feng’s room which it is on next room, so we are coming to remind you faster to leave here.”

“Get out!!” shouted Yu Ao Tian, tightly his hand hold on Yao Yao’s body.

This few waiters, quickly shut the door tightly while the outside Media keep on taking his photo.

“Just now who is the woman that embrace by Director Yu?” Few of the waiters are standing outside the door, with an expression you looked at me, I looked at you, they are looking each other, they are guessing that the woman who being embraced perhaps Second Young Master Feng’s wife, but they are also not so sure.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

While those reporters are constantly checking on their camera: “Aiya, after all the state council officer Director Yu has already had girlfriend? This time really got headline!”

“Are you happy with these?” inside the room, Yao Yao takes all her utmost to free herself, she really does not know whether the reporters have photo her face or not, but once this news exposed, it must be extremely troublesome!
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yu Ao Tian is slowly letting her off from his embrace.

Seize the chance, faster Yao Yao stands up, raging in the fume said: “Yu Ao Tian, if tomorrow we are becoming the headline, you don’t think both of us will going to have good day!!!”
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“I don’t mind.” He smiles devilish and shrugging his shoulders, with pair of his hand that support his body, he is flirting: “The most my reputation is going to tarnish as seducer toward other wife.”


Simply to say Yu Ao Tian he MF is scumbag!! Yao Yao is fiercely curled his hand into fist, turned her body and then walking toward the door.

“Bao Bei, the reporters are still guarding at outside, if you are walking out from here, it will really get exposed soon.”

At her back, there is Yu Ao Tian provocation sounds. Yao Yao is really taging in fume to the point she feels dizzy, actually what big sin she had done in her past life, the person who killed her mother could be this devil?
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

For once again she make fist, she only can choose to turn back at the room where Feng Chen Yi stayed now.

“Ao Tian, should we do something to the media?” waiting until Yao Yao left, Han Li Shang coldly asked, honestly once the news are exposed, actually it will really give bad impact toward Yu Ao Tian’s image.

He smiles, pulled his necktie, and slowly said: “No need. I don’t mind it.”

After went through such fierce fighting, the next room is absolutely in mess, some of the scoundrels are lying on the floor, while the rest might escape.

“Chen Yi.” quickly Yao Yao hugging onto Feng Chen Yi who is sitting at one corner of the room, she looked at him from head to toe: “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

She had made her prediction those scoundrels impossible to fight Feng Chen Yi, after all they have known each other for years, Feng Chen Yi martial art is excellent, more or less she knew these things.

“The Media are guarding at outside, what should we do?”

“We leave from next door room.” Said Feng Chen Yi, stand up and walking heading to the next room door.

Yao Yao is shocked and opened wide her eyes, the next room…. isn’t it Yu Ao Tian’s room? “Aiya….” at the moment when she wanted to stop him, the sliding door has pulled open by Feng Chen Yi.

But the room at their next has been emptied….

Did Yu Ao Tian and other had gone?

It seems 80% the reporters who guarded in front the door at least had dismissed, right? “Chen Yi, let me take look at the door.”


Yao Yao is tensed when she is pulled open the sliding door a bit, her head pop out looking right and left to make check. There are few reporters who still guarding outside their room.

While outside Yu Ao Tian’s room there’s no one guarding it. “Let’s go!” she is moving her hands, faster she and Feng Chen Yi left from that inner room….

The car is moving to west, but it seems not a way to go home.

“Where are we going to?” Yao Yao is curiously asking Feng Chen Yi who is sitting beside.

“Back to my place.”

‘back to my place.’?

Feng Chen Yi’s apartement?

“Don’t we back to home today?”

Feng Chen Yi cast cold glance toward Yao Yao, stretch out his hand and holding her hand: “The place that we are heading now it is ours home!”


Speak honestly, for this half month after she married Feng Chen Yi, she always staying at Feng’s Mansion, other than dinner time, most of time Feng Chen Yi always staying at their room, so rare to show up himself.

She could feel that, he must be hate that home, right?

That’s right!

If she is asked to stay at the home where she shares the place with person who killed her mother, she would also feel so uncomfortable! “Have you told your father not?”

“I had called him, had called him, before I not realized that actually you are scared my father so much?”

“Of course!” she does not want because of her and then ruin father and son relationship!

Eyes inadvertently looked at Feng Chen Yi’s hand that hold her arm: “Chen Yi, you…” Yao Yao is nervously touched…. something wet…..

When she looked at her palm….

Oh. She could not help herself to let out cold breath: “Chen Yi, you are wounded!”

“Hah?” compare to Yao Yao who seems tensed, Feng Chen Yi is clearly showed as if nothing is big matter.

“How can bleed? It’s okay, it is only small wound.”

“If it only a small wound how can it bleed so much? You stop the car at roadside, let me see it.”

“Soon we are arrived at home, when arrived at home you free to see.” after said, Feng Chen Yi accelerate his car, not long after that they are arrived at their ‘home’ apartment.

“Is it really a small wound, but how can….” inside the living room, Yao Yao is creasing her forehead, suspicious looked at his arms which wounded not too deep.

“My beloved Yao Yao, how long would you like to look at it?”

“Ugh….” cold sweat, she is focusing at the wound, but she completely forget to taking care of it! Yao Yao guiltily smiles, hurried she takes out the medicine Box and also band-aid to treat the wound on his arm.

“Are your body hurt?”


“I don’t believe!! undress, let me check it!!” Yao Yao is forcibly wanted to make a check.

Feng Chen Yi eyes flashed, very cooperate, he take off his clothes. Not long at that, his perfect body posture are naked in front of Yao Yao.

Up to this point, Yao Yao stills not feel anything, and she is such careful to check on Feng Chen Yi’s body.

“The lower part, do you want to check it?”


“It’s not a big deal, husband can take off and let you slowly to make a check!” after said, Feng Chen Yi is going to take off his jeans.

Seeing his mischievous good looking face, Yao Yao cheeks ‘blush’ for moment, and then from her neck to her ears it turned red: “No…. no need to check it.”

“Oh so this the case.” Feng Chen Yi is pretending to be sad and even pouted his mouth, not long after that, his mouth curved up, and turn Yao Yao’s body, pulled her into his embrace, softly said: “But husband wanted to check on your body, what to do?”


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      1. And finally did it??? Waaa, if that happens …the avid shippers of YY/FCI will have a field day, and I don’t why I feel cheated😨😨
        Thank you

  1. Azurro I think the title is a little bit…. – misleading –

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      1. Honestly i never thought that YAT could bounce back this quick. At first i thought he would be in his most desperate state after YY left him n become Mrs.Feng. Why is he acting like losing YY is just merely a minor problem?
        Thank you for the update

      2. He indeed desperate but he won’t let himself drawn and be useless because he still have many things to do, thing that more important than his melancholy feeling. His promises toward his sworn brothers-sister (MXT), his men….

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  4. Devilish YAT is willing to be photograph , exposed and caught with YY, even if it is scandal he doesn’t mind at all. It shows that he will do anything to create a misunderstanding between YY and FCY. Who knows if he succeed YY will go back to him. He is flirting with fire. Thanks Azurro for the update and have a blessed evening.

    1. Actually if media really caught him with Yao Yao, he is risking his future career and everything he has currently.
      The damage is more in his side compare to Feng Chen Yi’s

  5. i really want to continue from where i left off in this novel but i cant since i need the password for chapters 311,340-344. so if i could get those and finally continue the novel that would be great :D.

  6. I kept reading; despite not getting the password and skipped those chapters. Just a little confused about how YAT really feels. Why doesn’t he just tell YY the truth already?

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