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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 357


So this chapter is the continuation whether Feng Chen Yi flirting is succeed or not? Do Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian Ship really sank to deep sea and Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao ship sailed to the vast ocean 😄
Again I need to warn this chapter is bit hotter and still able to thump one’s heart LOLS

Chapter 357

An intoxicating and teasing voice is flowing to Yao Yao’s ear, it makes her heart a ripple.

Her back sticking to the man’s strong chest, it is clearly can be felt the man’s warm body temperature is getting hotter.
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Since when Feng Chen Yi learn to flirt this way? It clearly he wasn’t someone like this before. “Chen Yi, stop to tease.” she restlessly moving her waist.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

However, this action is rubbing the man’s body. Feng Chen Yi pair of deep eyes dim, one his hand turned her head, his cold icy lips are quickly pressing down hers.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yao Yao shocked open her eyes big, initially she wanted to refuse, but she does not have reason to do so.

Thus she lets him to kiss her.

Very obvious, Feng Chen Yi isn’t satisfied with this kiss: “At least you replying my kiss, or else I feel alike kissing with wood.”

Seeing his helpless expression, Yao Yao feels guilty and lower her head.

Thinking carefully, since she married with Feng Chen Yi, although both of them are sleeping on the same bed, but they never did any intimate gestures. All her attention put on her ways to revenge, she is completely ignoring Feng Chen Yi as her legal husband this matter, and she never done her duties as wife.
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Although her reason wanting to borrow Feng Chen Yi power in order to revenge on behalf her mother, but, she has told herself, as long as this marriage is available, she promised to stay at Feng Chen Yi side forever!
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Thinking to this point, Yao Yao is pursed her lips light, slowly close her eyes, and then slowly kissing Feng Chen Yi’s lips.

Her small mouth seriously and carefully sucking his cold lips, that add lustre of little tongue clumsily inserted to his mouth.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Under this flirting situation, Feng Chen Yi bull eyes, excitedly hold her little tongue and suck it back.

‘hu……’ quite a while, the vague atmosphere inside the room changed little bit hot, while the air feels washy-wishy.

After all Yao Yao is new leaner, being guiding by Feng Chen Yi passionate kiss, very obvious she could not hold onto it, her breathing becomes rougher.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Yao Yao, you are breathless.” Feng Chen Yi goes down to her collar bone licking it lightly and then moved to lick her sensitive earlobe, the warm-hot air is spreading to her ear, it even force her to breath rougher.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Uh.” for while she feels numb, Yao Yao can’t endure so she moves her body: “So itchy, stop it.” her faint resistance of sound as if an invisible temptation.

Feng Chen Yi seems could not hold back himself anymore, he inserted his hand inside her clothes.

“Humph…. don’t!” her sensitive body gradually turned and trembling.

His hot passionate hand is gently teasing her sensitive part: “Yao Yao, in here you seems to have prepared, right?”

“Don’t, Chen Yi, take out your hand. This is enough.” Yao Yao is trying to make the man takes out his hand from her inner clothes.

But how can by this time asking the man to stop when the food is almost at his mouth?

Feng Chen Yi with his domineering aura flip over her body and pressing her down to sofa, faster he lifted her body, slowly goes lower….

“En ah…..” something alike invisible electric is flowing over her body, Yao Yao feels in difficulty frowned: “Don’t…. stop to suck it. Don’t be like this….”

The rapid breathing and mixed with the woman’s sound of resistance, for the man this is type of unimaginable temptation.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Feng Chen Yi kisses from her flat stomach along the way to her lower part, forcing to take off her long pants.

“Don’t! stop it! Please don’t continue, Chen Yi, stop it!” the unsteady breathing suddenly turned to be feared feeling, today she only can reply his kissing that’s all, and she could not move to further step with him.

But Yao Yao not even a bit understand about man, once man has already into** it hard to stop them,
The long pant has already taken off by Feng Chen Yi, with domineering aura he squeezed between her pair of leg, that pair of eyes with lust is looking at her frightened white small face, unsteady breath: “Wifey, give me. I could not hold it back anymore….”
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Since they are married, this is the first time Feng Chen Yi officially called her wifey.

And inside the man’s pair of eyes filled with impatience and also strong possessive gleam, it makes Yao Yao dumbfounded, such stranger…. Feng Chen Yi…..

When she is at the blank-state, suddenly she can feel as if something get into her body.

Yao Yao who has been through this kind of experience shortly could make guess what kind of thing that is. “Chen Yi, you calm down!! don’t be like this, okay? I…. I am so scare….”

Even though it has been passed for half month, but Yao Yao stills cannot move on from the nightmare when she was ** by Yu Ao Tian.

There’s time she even dream about that scenery when she was ** by him.

Today, she able to respond toward Feng Chen Yi’s kiss actually she has made big progressing. So that if asking her to do thing completely, it is impossible!

“I am sorry.” at sudden, Feng Chen Yi’s pair of eyes which filled with lust turned into icy-cold eyes, he faster gets up and then tidy his own clothes.

As seen Yao Yao also quickly dress her clothes back. “Sorry… really sorry.”

“It’s not your matter, it not your mistake….” so whose mistake it is? Feng Chen Yi mocking himself, raised, expressionless he walking toward bathroom.


29 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 357

  1. The part of YY that she let both FCY and YAT play with her body I just hate it … She might be weak in strength compared to both the guys but if she want she can avoid this kind of situations …So disappointed with YY and moreover her marrying FCY just to get her revenge …YY what a let down -_-

      1. I know they are married now but here she is doing all those things just for the sake of fulfilling her duty as his wife out of guilty conscience no fellings involve( its just my attitude towards YY- didn’t meant to offend other readers or any hard feelings intended)

      2. But isn’t that great? I mean, YY is still thinking of other people than herself (or in this case, her revenge). I think YY is quite a sweetheart and she’s really strong, despite all of the traumas that she’s been through, she’s still thinking about those people around her.
        By the way, non taken. I just like seeing other people’s point of view and also to share mine as well. 😀 Its kind of refreshing, you know?

      3. It is #EilahD ^^ always refreshing to see different point of view’s ….and there’s no doubt that YY is a sweetheart for someone who lost her mother , parted from grandpa and unknown history which is still a mystery …

  2. YY needs to realize that as bad as YAT he is still better then FYC who threw her away because she wouldn’t sleep with him. YAT could have raped her ages ago and not given a shit but he let her keep her virginity and even started cherishing her. Once she finds out he isn’t the murderer she will feel like shit.

    1. True she will feel like shit but is it really her fault? YAT could easily mend the situation before it got out of hand but his pride won’t let him

    2. I don’t think so. FCY had never thrown her away. It was YY who had left him because he slept with other girl, not reverse. And YAT is not much better than FCY, because he also has been sleeping with any women whenever he want sex. He even force the women to do abortion and even destroy the uterus of a girl who did stupid thing getting pregnant without his consent. YAT always treat women like trash, and it doesn’t make him better only because he treat YY a bit better because he likes her somehow… But finally, he also still treat her like his belonging. And kind of treatment doesn’t represent LOVE, not at all…that is only a manifestation of an EGO, not love. Regarding YY, FCY has never even asked her to have sex, he loves her and never wanted too force her to have sex with her before marriage and that was exactly the reason why FCY had slept with other girls. FCY is acting childish, it’s true… but at the very least he never had forced YY at all. When she’s still in trauma he didn’t force him self on her.
      The only reason why she was hurt by FCY but has no resentfull towards YAT even if YAT also has been sleeping around was because she was in love with FCY when he slept with other girls, she was his official girlfriend, but on the contrary she has no feeling at all towards YAT at the moment he kept on changing sex partners.
      Her relationship with YAT was completely only responsibility based on their lovers contract. No feeling no pain, no love no jealousy no heartache, very logical.
      So the control is still somehow in YY’s hand. She should decide what she wants to do with her body. Either she wants to use it for whatever reason it is, or she could respect her self as well as her intelligence and should have never married for benefit in first place. Principally what she does now with FCY is nothing better or worse with what she did with YAT. Both relationship: lovers or marriage is really not important: but both are relationship with benefit and both parties are voluntarily agree with it, those were never a deception attempt.
      But finally it is her body, her choice, with or without feeling it is her decision, and every adults just have to be responsible for her decision.
      Like her decision to sell her body to YAT for her Opa before, it was also already a path that he decided to take. There is no way back. Just the same regret that FCY has now because he declined YY’s request for help 2 years prior, there is no way back either for him. It is his own fault that YY no longer love him now.
      Both of these male lead are As#ho##s in my eyes. If I should choose any man from this story, the only could come into consideration would likely be Long Qi and He Yan Long, they are both at least the loyal type of friend and quite respectful, not sex maniac and women abuser like all other men there.
      Unfortunately they are both really loyal friends to the male lead so that they most probably would never try to court her for the sake of YAT and FCY. But It is really too unfortunate.
      I principally have nothing against black belly type of men, but YAT and FCY are both really far away beyond “black belly” character, YAT is simply abuser and has no respect towards women whereas FCY is an extremely overbearing & possesive type of man, both kind are not at all a good type of a husband for any woman nor father candidate for any children.

      1. before, i ve ship YY n YAT rather than YY and FCY, but since i read ch 355 onward, i ve change my view, YY has known the consequence of her choice, now, i know why Azurro not ship YAT or FCY, cause both of them actually not the best for YY, this novel made many different view for readers, should give 5 stars for the author (according my own view :v), cause the author can mix so many flavor with all the character, and gain so many emotion for the reader (angry,sad,frustrate, etc). but all of that, i give 7 stars to Azurro who has translate this novel so we can read you azurro and thank you very much..

      2. Yes… Indeed 😊.
        The author and translator both deserve lot of appreciation 😉.
        I had shipped YAT at the beginning and ignored about his mafia background. But then I lost respect since I know how he treated women, it is simply overbearingly cruel. I know that all his women are crazy about him and he also paid for it. But it still doesn’t give him right to torture them, and even to YY. How could YY believe Long Qi that YAT loves her if he kept hurting her verbally and physically when he’s not happy. Then I prefer FCY because at least he’s gentle with her. He even doesn’t care if she’s virgin or not (he didn’t know before that despite the lovers contract YY was still chaste, however he still cares about her). FCY had slept with another girl indeed, but YAT is not a monk either. YAT even someone who only wants to touch a virgin but then throw them away. So if one can give YAT a chance to love then why not for FCY? Everybody deserve a second chance to repent, if they really mean it.
        Especially after YAT raped YY. Well, to YAT it seems to me that YY is just a trophy he must win. He must always be the first one having SEX with a woman. So even if it’s YY it is not a special case either, he still must be the first one for her. That’s sucks. For a man who had SEX like drinking water doesn’t have right to demand a virgin as a partner for a lifetime.
        I had shipped YAT before because I was still expecting that at least he would see and treat YY differently and has more respect and gentleness, but not at all. He treat YY only a slightly better than others, but not the way she deserves as a love partner. The impression he gave is just like as if he likes her still Because she is challenging and making him curious, because she is not head over heels to him like other women.
        However, like I said before… To be fair… Everybody deserve a second chance to repent. So I’m just hoping that those crazy men both will have a better attitude someday to make them deserve to be loved. If not, then it will be really disappointing…
        I’m curious how the author would develop the characters in this story further…

      3. Since you are talking about second chance, can we call this marriage (Feng Chen Yi -Yao Yao) as the second chance for Feng Chen Yi?
        Then let we see how well Feng Chen Yi used this second chance?

      4. Sure, why not. Whatever the reason was, the marriage had taken place and both parties have consent, no one force them to. It is normal that FCY wants to consummate the marriage and as long as YY agree with it, there is nothing wrong with it.
        But if only he didn’t stop in time after YY declined and kept forcing him self into traumatic YY, I would still see it as a rape too even if they’re already married. But till this chapter it is not yet the case. His head still has better control over his genital.
        In fact, some marriages in the world were arranged by parents and there’s no love involved but many of them still work out well and love come after. So they still can try to make their marriage works well.
        They have been in love once, so it is not impossible that she falls in love again with him.
        But if YY could make peace with her heart and not being slaved by hatred which blinded her rationality, she might as well turn to love YAT instead.
        Despite the rape, she seemed to enjoy the sex with YAT anyhow. She also seem to enjoy every oral Sex with YAT during their previous contract 😁😂😄, she was just too hypocritical to admit it LOL.
        However love is something very personal and never logical.
        There are also enough cases where women stupidly manage to endure everything even if the men are extremely abusive only because they fear more to get a status of old spinster; left over women ; or widows… Especially in Asia. I personally will never give second change to abusive men, because it is in my opinion a mental sickness. The probability that this man would kill me and my children or make us disabled sooner or latee is far more bigger than the probability that he would change into a good man.
        But finally it is just a novel. The author could always make what is impossible into possible if he wants it hahaha. So I’ll just let him surprise me later 😁.
        One must differentiate between fiction and the reality somehow.

  3. Azurro, thank for uploading the new chapter. For this chapter, I just can’t read it thoroughly. Even they are married, I don’t want them do it. YY body is only for YAT,no one else. Why, why is this happening? 😠

  4. Hi Azurro, its my first time commenting and I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU, i really love this story, and i always come back to it, even wen the characters are driving me crazy!!!

    I haven’t read the protected chapters, but i get the gist from chpt341 that YAT raped YY, even though he was able to make her enjoy it she didn’t want him to do it, that totally killed his ship for me, I’m sorry!! I love his character so much, but I would never be able to forgive him, if I was YY, whether or not he did or did not kill her mom.

    I’ve been waiting for this scene since she married FCY, is she really going to go through with it???!!!

  5. Yes, agreed that YY should do her wife duty. Hopefully with FCY’s loves, she gets to enjoy it and helps her to forget her trauma of being raped by YAT.

    Thanks, azurro

  6. They are married now, so their is nothing wrong if they will do it, unless someone will interrupt them. We want YY only for YAT but, he did a lot of bad things to YY. Thanks Azurro for update, awaiting for the next.

  7. well , even if I am into the YY YAT team , I still don’t mind YY trying it with other men! After all YAt also tried it with many other women. That way she might be able to compare who is better, why should our heroine be the pure virgin who only loved one man and did it with him and only him? After all , the world depicted in the novel is neither totally dark nor totally bright , right ?
    Whatever she does , to me she remains a naive character (whom I want to slap sometimes) even if she has a high IQ because she is only driven by her emotions and is often clueless regarding relationships ,still , she is young so time for her to grow up a bit more ….

  8. Hi azurro lm silent reader for quitesometime and I really appreciate your work you are doing great job and a lot for your hard work .
    I hope I’m not sounding rude but will u please give me password .
    and sorry again for rudeness but is really my first time leaving comment in any website so if I’m sounding rude please have mercy on me and can you tell mepassword thank u

  9. FCY taking baby steps but once Yao Yao is with YAT, knowing his character, he will take her by force…this unhealthy relationship

  10. hi thank you for all your hard work. I have really enjoyed all the stories you have posted so far. if I may suggest writing your copy write message in white. That way it will not spoil the flow of the story but show up if any one tries to copy your work. I hope this suggestion is useful.
    lots of love take care 🙂

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