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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 122


Chapter 122

Third Young Master’s mood

“Where are you going? Actually where are you going?”

Faintly there is an emotionless sound which coming out from the restaurant private room, people who don’t know might think a stranger who self-speaking, but the people who knows the sound that comes out from Ya Jian (elegant room), everyone knows the sound that comes out is having complicating moods. Although didn’t not know what the detail happen, but the people who familiar with him could feel his changing, earthshaking changing.

“Why couldn’t I find you? Why you left me? What do you want me to do for you?” he murmured, while his hand is holding tight the liquor’s cup, his eyesight is sharp which able to fear people.

The owner is nervous because he thought the liquor’s cup could be smashed by him at anytime, he raised that liquor’s cup in order to drunk himself.

Outside the Ya Jian for such long distant there are people surrounded table.

At this time, in the middle way if the shut close Ya Jian they are carefully to make an observation about the movement from inside, with low voices they are discussing.

“The Third Young Master of Ye’s is really infatuated, in order to search for Third Young Madam he has been searching for the entire capital city.”

“And also don’t know what the reason of Third Young Madam left? Couldn’t it be the person who Third Young Madam likes not Third Young Master, so that she left?”

“Don’t know ah! This kind of Third Young Madam, never seen before!”

“Since Third Young Master got married, he is really such rare to show up in public, isn’t he? Even it’s rare to spot Third Young Master visiting Bai Hua Lane few times, outside other than Fei Yan, Third Young Master never seen with any woman, this Fei Yan is being cold because of Third Young Madam arrival, really wanted to see what kind of person Third Young Madam is!”

“Third Young Madam is coming from Long’s household, Long’s household is scholar family. As said this Third Young Madam has good knowledge, poetry and painting all she knows well! It is so reasonable if Third Young Master topple over.”

“That’s true, I did also hear it so! I am really curious with this Third Young Madam, what matter could it be happened to Third Young Madam by staying at Ye’s mansion? Why she left? Or perhaps there was an issue happened?”

 “This, is unknown……”


At downstairs there are group of people, when the owner sees clearly who the person is, immediately welcoming with smiling face, bringing them to enter Ya Jian.

“Third Young Master.” Lu Qun is little bit afraid when called.

Now the expression of Third Young Master is little bit scary, even though this for the sake goodness of her own Little Miss, but stills she is little bit feared. Third Young Master has been sometimes like this, but, she stills not get used with it.

Walking forward shrinking. Shrink to Gu Na Yan’s beside.

“You guys coming! How’s thing? Is there any news? Didn’t you guys say that already have clue?” Ye Che is cover Lu Qun’s voice, after looked at them, his eyes are changed clear and bright, hurrying asked.

“Third Young Master……” Lu Qun uneasy makes step backwards.

Standing behind of her is Gu Na Yan who extending his hand to catch her arm, support her so that she can stand straight. “This hairpin, do you recognise it?” touching his waist’s pocket, Gu Na Yan is taking out a black glossy hairpin, show it in front of Ye Che.

While Ye Ding who is standing at beside, when Gu Na Yan is speaking, he has already sat down facing Ye Che.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 122

  1. Seriously what about the sister. She still hasn’t been found and they are worried about the person who supposedly ran away. Sigh.

    Thanks for the translation. This story is really enjoyable I’m glad I found this gem.

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