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Food Review: Sizzle-Burger & Grill Medan


After some time, finally I managed little bit time to do food review. This time, I would like to review some foods such as super Huge Hamburger which can be said as one of Sizzle burger and grill signature dish LOLS. I was visiting Sizzle-Burger & Grill Medan not long ago. Although this place also have others menu such as Steak, Spaghetti, Rice, etc.


From the menu the price is reasonable since this dinning place classified as middle upper which actually little bit expensive for me, moreover all the price that listed in Menu list exclude 10% (for tax) and 5% (Service Charge).

Food that I ordered:

13722063_205356423201082_1860346838_nI forgot the complete name of this dish but simply called it as Huge Hamburger XD. My estimation at least it has about 20-25 cm for the hamburger plus the big size of the french fries.
It tasted quite good even though I didn’t like the taste of it’s meat which bit juicy. For me, the meat might taste better if they grilled it longer time until it has dark brown color, not alike raw pale pink color.

13556822_147559102317910_1137523996_nAlso ordered spaghetti which tasted good too but sadly it not as creamy and seasoned like I expected. They made the portion little bit smaller and so stingy with the seasoning since it taste it not creamy enough, less cheese, and others

The other was something a like bread toast with cheese.

Overall taste: The food was not bad but also not super delicious. But, it stills okay lah ^_^ (6.5/10)

Price: For me, it’s bit pricey the food prices + the taxes + service charge. But compare to others, price still reasonable.

Services: so-so, not bad but also not excellent, the waiter was nice means still gave smile, helping open the door, but when it came to mastering their own menu, the waiter seemed lacking on training. For example when I asked the ingredient of one dish, the waiter took long time to give me the answer and even asked other waiter to help.

Place: Nice, cozy, clean.


4 thoughts on “Food Review: Sizzle-Burger & Grill Medan

  1. Holy Cow. That bun is huge and looks like a puff up doughnut. I can hardly see any meat. How much did you chow down when you were there? half? Yup, the creamy spaghetti look pretty dry up. Perhaps wrong place to order spaghetti in a steak house. LOLS. Should gone to a Italian restaurant.

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