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Fang Yi Ran and Jun Si Que (总裁的孕妻) 4.2


Chapter 4

Part 2 (Two)

On the way, before all, the things happened too sudden. Fang Yi Ran really wanted to take a step and avoiding from people, but her wrist is grabbed too tight, even if she wanted to walk slower little bit also could do.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Until they are caught by the secretaries attention, she ‘feels with great pride’ being pulled inside CEO’s room.© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Well, this time more or less she can affirm about his status, being called as CEO Jun, also entered CEO’s room, it can be said that almost 90 percent he is Jun’s group CEO.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Are you CEO Jun right.” she has habit to show her innocent harmless smile, “Does not know why are you taking me to here, if you are wanted to make delivery order for Jun’s group, actually you can ask one of you secretary, it also can be done.”

“Jun Si Que.” he opened his ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

“Hah?”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

“My name is Jun Si Que. And you, can call me by my name.”

She is dumbstruck because of his words.

Jun Si Que, the Master of Jun’s household, he is also the CEO of Jun’s group. Before Fang Yi Ran ever heard little bit the news about this person, but she never had any impression about this name, and also never been relating with this man.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Jun’s family, it is one mysterious family, as rumor spread, the total wealth of Jun’s family, no one knows it, Jun’s group is only one of Jun’s family business from many in the surface.

At his age, can be the Master of Jun’s family, it seems he is not such simple person. This is Fang Yi Ran thought secretly, the rumor spread about Jun Si Que, very powerful, poison and dangerous, likes to toy other in his hands. Recalled what she saw that day, Fang Yi Ran can feel that the rumor perhaps ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

“Tell me what is your name.” he stared at her, as if he wanted to ensure something, raise his hand, gently stroking her hair, his gestures, very gentle, very soft, and also so slow, as if wanted to ensure something, his fingers from her hair, down to her face.

“Fang…. Yi Ran.” this thing alike name, although she wanted to hide also useless, due to his capability, with a little bit investigation he would find it out.

“Yi Ran….” his hoarse voice murmured, alike a magic charm, this sort of voice can seduce and take an ordinary people’s soul. Iced-cold fingers, on her brows, her eyes, nose and slowly sliding down, the last, stopped on her lips. His thumb, rubbing against her lips continuously. While pair of eyes are filling with sort of investigating eyesight.

Actually, no need to doubt, at the time when he felt the pain, when he grabbed her wrist, and then….. The tormenting pain that he felt for these years, it seems gradually disappeared. This is more than enough to be an evidence—— she really is his Ming Yi.
He tries to look for over time but cannot find her, he is yearning and longing, his mind is filled with Ming Yi!

“Yi Ran… Yi Ran….” he is constantly murmuring her name, does she ever know, the pain and the emptiness that he experienced for these years.

For the first time Fang Yi Ran knows, so that her name can be recited this nicely.

But, this is so…. Too… Too ambiguous.

Doesn’t he know the gesture he makes, it is easy to make woman misunderstand? If change with another woman, perhaps at the earlier must have drunken to death with this kind of atmosphere.

But, if this thing happened on Fang Yi Ran, she only have one reaction——-shivering!

Because the way he staring at her is getting weird, there is perplex, longing, rejoice, crazy, but also unwillingness…. There seems to be an invisible line, at some point she is going to be involved with him together, while she does not have will to refuse.

Want to leave, she must be quickly leaving here, or else, thing will get out from her reach.
Suddenly she step back one step, Fang Yi Ran still can feel the other party’s finger on her lips, this kind of ice-cold feeling.

Her gestures, it makes Jun Si Que creasing his forehead, and then makes him little bit unhappy.

She hurried carefully giving him a smile: “does not know what do you want to order, if there is nothing else, well I…..”

“Become my woman.” He is using such difficult speaking tone.

“Huk huhuhuk! (cough sound)” Fang Yi Ran worried she would get chocked to death by her own saliva, “What did you say?” does he lack of woman, or she heard mistaken?

“Become my woman.” Jun Si Que repeated it once again, “Whether becoming my girlfriend, or become my lover or perhaps become my wife, anything it is okay.” after all he has affirmed that she is his Ming Yi, hence no matter what, he must let her to stay beside him.

Today…. Is it April Mop? Fang Yi Ran can’t help but raise her head, looking at the ceiling which hanging an expensive dome-light, and then looking back to Jun Si Que’s face that seems no showing joking expression, “Are you joking now?”

“No, I never liked to joke.”

“Then the thing you said just now, can it be said…. Ugh, pursuing me?” after said this words, Fang Yi Ran who always has thick-face, she feels little bit ashamed.

“Pursuing?” Jun Si Que dumbfounded, and then nodding his head, “You can say so.”

“But, don’t you think that you must ask me whether I have boyfriend or do I have married or not?”

“It’s not a matter.”

“………………….” inhale, exhale, “I think there must be many women who willingly to be your girlfriend, your lover or even your wife.” in other words, he does not need to pick someone like her who only by chance coming to Jun’s group to send delivery order.

“All of them aren’t you.” his dark hair is slightly down, his face expression, which is already changed to little bit relaxed.

She snapped, does not who where is her special, to make this man has attention toward her.


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  4. Hurray!!! at last he has discovered that she is the ming yi he’s been waiting for all his life . he will never let her go again. i was a little bit confuse when i started reading but i remember that you updated the previous chapter so i went back to read the last post.Now let the romantic story begins!
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