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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 13.2

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An Jia Qi vacation in her grandma and grandpa’s house is ended. time for her to come back to city and meet up with her beloved Mo Mo Ge Ge.

Chapter 13

Part 2 (Two)

Teacher Su’s Lesson

When back to the city it has already evening, An Jia Qi is happily rushing inside the big yard and then looking for Su Zhan Mo. The result Su Zhan Mo isn’t at home, at night finally they found out from mother Su that Su Zhan Mo seemed to eat something bad during his staying at his grandma’s house, this time he is staying at hospital for IV bottle.
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Once An Jia Qi heard it, she noise wanted to follow Mother Su to hospital. Mother An also worried about Su Zhan Mo, so she not really stopped An Jia Qi. Hence, Mother Su riding her scooter and bringing along An Jia Qi with her directly to the kids hospital.

Once An Jia Qi got inside the hospital room, seeing Su Zhan Mo alone lying on the bed while looking outside through the window, did not know why her nose……turned be sour, and then she cried.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.
“Mo Mo Ge Ge.”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Su Zhan Mo heard a sound, he stills thought that he is having an hallucination, turned his head, he could see An Jia Qi that he missed a lot, who is standing in front of the hospital room with tears.

An Jia Qi is crying while her short legs are keep running heading to the patient bed. Seeing one of Su Zhan Mo’s hand being inserted with IV needle, frowned, with bitter expression said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge don’t be afraid, Qi Qi is giving you a wishing stone. You make a wish and then you will be healed.” after said, An Jia Qi is taking out the white pebble stone from her pocket and then give it to Su Zhan Mo.

Su Zhan Mo glances, seeing An Jia Qi’s chubby little hand holding clean white stone, does not know why suddenly he feels his chest hot. He stretch out his hand, wipes An Jia Qi’s face that wet with tears, close his eyes and then he makes a wish.

He wished forever Qi Qi would stay beside him————–

At the second day, An Jia Qi followed Mother Su to pick up Su Zhan Mo from hospital. An Jia Qi alike small adult who parenting Su Zhan Mo.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, later you are not allow to steal eating, if not your stomach will ache.”

Su Zhan Mo with kind of cry and laugh expression glanced at Mother Su who secretly smile, helplessly nodding his head and said: “Alright.”

Because few days ago An Jia Qi was kept on playing, not even touched her pencil. While Mother An and Father An must back to work, so that they asked Su Zhan Mo to be little teacher to watch An Jia Qi to do her homework.
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But this An Jia Qi once she played, she changed to be wild, her spirit to do homework very soon forgotten, so that every time when Su Zhan Mo looking for An Jia Qi to go home and do homework, it alike another battle.

“Xiao Hu, is Mo Mo Ge Ge left?” An Jia Qi was carefully popping out her head, looking out when asking. But, she didn’t hear Xiao Hu’s voice, but at this moment she even heard the voice she especially didn’t want to hear.

“An Jia Qi, How long do you want keep on playing?”

An Jia Qi pouted her mouth, walking out, she sees right and left, but didn’t spot on Xiao Hu, with bitter expression, she murmured: “Xiao Hu is too disloyal….”

An Jia Qi who is being caught to go home by Su Zhan Mo, she obediently flipping her exercise book and then doing her homework. After some time, suddenly there is Xiao Hu’s voice calling out from in front yard.
Once An Jia Qi heard Xiao Hu’s voice, suddenly she is raging in fume, ‘pa’ tossing away her pencil on the table.

“After all still dare to come….”

“Qi Qi?” Su Zhan Mo arched his brows glancing at An Jia Qi who is boiling with anger, called her. And then he also stood up and looked to outside.

As seen the person was Xiao Hu who carrying his little bag on his back, head down, he was sending off by his grandma to come here.

“Mo Mo, Xiao Hu cannot do his homework alone, Grand Ma Jin is bringing him here. So that he can do homework together with Qi Qi, at least they have companion.”

Su Zhan Mo understood Xiao Hu’s grand ma intention: watching one is called as watch, just help her to watch her grandson together!

So by this way Xiao Hu finally being sent by his grandma to Su Zhan Mo’s house, and then with An Jia Qi doing homework together.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, how to count this problem?”

“Not allow to bite the pencil.”

An Jia Qi has little bit bad habit, as long as she found difficult question she likes to bite the pencil, because of this has been many times told by Su Zhan Mo. But there’s no way, later Su Zhan Mo is putting a plastic cap on the pencil above.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.
“Mo Mo Ge Ge, this how to count it?” Just now An Jia Qi asked, Xiao Hu also showing his weakness asked for the second time.

Su Zhan Mo took Xiao Hu exercise book, taking a look for while, it was same question asked by An Jia Qi, so asked both of them come close, teaching them at the same time.

Does not know whether when little, girl’s intelligence is growth earlier than a boy, whatsoever after An Jia Qi listened to Su Zhan Mo one time, she could do it, but this Xiao Hu after he listened three times stills could not understand it.

At last An Jia Qi helplessly, hit Xiao Hu’s head with a book, and said: “Xiao Hu, how can you this stupid? This kind of simple question you not even can do it, let me tell you.”

Hence An Jia Qi for once again told Xiao Hu, finally the muddle headed Xiao Hu done with his exercise.
At night, Mother Su was coming home, seeing at her house there was another little boy, asked: “Mo Mo, whose family this kid from?”

Xiao Hu never seen Mother Su before, hence he kept standing, with loud voice he introduced himself: “Hello Aunty, my name is Shen Zong Tao, my nickname is Xiao Hu.”

Although Mother Su never seen Xiao Hu before, but she often to hear Shen Wei Guo talking about his nephew and Qi Qi, could not help not to smile: “Xiao Hu why are you coming here? Are you looking for Qi Qi to play with?”

“Grand ma is asking me to do homework together with Qi Qi. Now Mo Mo Ge Ge is ours small teacher.”
After Mother Su heard it, surprised glancing at her composed son, and started to joke: “Mo Mo, since when you started a course?”

Seeing her son didn’t give her answer, Mother Su smiles while putting down her bag, and then go to prepare dinner.

Dinner time, An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are having free dinner in Su Zhan Mo’ house. An Jia Qi didn’t get affected but because of Xiao Hu, it affected little bit Su Zhan Mo’s mood.

Today Mother Su cooked a red braised fish, Xiao Hu by himself has eaten half fish, while An Jia Qi only ate a quarter fish meat. Su Zhan Mo afraid An Jia Qi would not get enough to eat, so that he put his own fish meat from his bowl to hers.

Mother Su saw her own son hung bitter expression, could not help herself not to smile and then put hers fish meat to her own son’s bowl. And at last mother Su not even ate any fish meat.

After dinner time, Xiao Hu is rubbing his rounded belly and then praising Mother Su: “Mother Su really a good cook, compare to the restaurant Mother Su cooking still more delicious.” Xiao Hu heard An Jia Qi called Mother Su, then he also followed her to call that way.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Mother Su happily laugh tidying the bowls and chopsticks, while praising Xiao Hu.

“Really good talker, if Xiao Hu really likes Mother Su cooking, then later you can come to eat….”

Mother Su hasn’t done with her words, she heard a voice that full of magnetism.

“Su Yue…. are you at home?”

Once Xiao Hu heard it, hurried he rushed to outside, “Little Uncle….. how can you come here?”

“I come here to pick you up for dinner.”

“I have eaten my dinner, Mother Su cooked a red braised fish, really tasty.”

Shen Wei Guo hugged Xiao Hu, pinched his nose, smile while walking inside.


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  1. So young and already got the love sickness…like an old Chinese saying, “not seeing for one day is like going through three seasons”.

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