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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 365

Chapter 365

Being Chased out From Feng Mansion

His such cold and chilling pair of eyes, why there was no warmness at the first sight?

Is that his nature? Or is it…. he never felt any warmness from this home?

Tears falling down, streaming down slowly wet her cheeks, Yao Yao turned her head, she would not come back and rushing out from Feng’s mansion….

Sky, it has gradually turned dark. When the dim moonlight and the snowflakes falling down to her body it’s give cold and chilly pierce feeling.

In front of her eyes, it seems as if an illusions, there’s little boy at tenth something standing in the middle of snowing helpless and crying.

Although, he has much money to spend, has such excellent family background, but sadly could not makeup his empty heart, could not to find out someone who really love him and someone who able to give him a warmness.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Chen Yi, since the day I gotten know of you, I used to scold you by having such paralysis expression; I used to speak sarcasm way talking about so-what if you are having wealthy family.

If I wasn’t your wife; if I wasn’t coming to Feng’s house, perhaps in my life time I would been ever experienced the bitterness that you ever felt before.

Why you never told me about this, about your past? Why never told me, that you were such hurt and bitter before?© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

At this moment, the tears that streaming down wet Yao Yao’s cheeks not for herself, but…. it’s because of Feng Chen Yi.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This still her first time to feel the bitterness of being jointly-attacked, but how about Feng Chen Yi? Someone who perhaps growing up in this kind of environment?

Painful, speak it for itself!© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Such a family, it’s not even worth to mention.

Whatsoever, she will be his the only family member; while he will be hers only family member!!!

Coming back to that 40 meter square little house, strangely Yao Yao can feel a satisfaction feeling.

So what if that Feng’s mansion is big? Human feeling is as thin as ice house; so what with small house? It stills create many marvelous things.

Perhaps, if later in the future she lives in here with Feng Chen Yi might not a bad idea.

Will he get used with it?© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Not right, he stills has that small apartment, if he is not getting used with here, perhaps later they still can back to live at that small apartment.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Since the wedding day until today, Yao Yao has never dreamed her future living with Feng Chen Yi,, but this moment, in her head gradually there seems to have expected the future scenery, her mouth is curved upward and hung up happiness smiles.

Perhaps, it was because Feng Chen Yi’s past that never known before, shook her up…..

‘Knock knock knock’ (knocking door sound)

Suddenly there’s sound door being knocked, Yao Yao who is still daydreaming about her future naturally creased her forehead: “Who would be?” She just came back to home, how could there’s someone pay a visit?© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Are Feng’s family, their men coming here?

Stand up, at the moment when she opened her house door, Yao Yao’s eyes are caught someone figure which makes her eyes glared big.

When she wanted to shut the door, but it was firmly stopped by a big hand. “Bao Bei, is this your way to welcome your guest?”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The familiar devil voice heard by her ears, tensed she looked at Yu Ao Tian who is standing right in front of her door, he is wearing a black coat match with a white turtleneck cloth which makes him looked so mature and charming. But toward Yao Yao, his coming is alike the death God who is quietly patronize.
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“You, why are you coming here?”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

“Just by coincidence I am passing by your house, I saw your light is on. Immediately I get in. Never thought, you are really at home.”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

For this half month she has not back to her house, today is her first day coming back here and even met Yu Ao Tian, she really does not know what kind of deed she made so that she got this ‘Dog shit Luck’!
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Here, here, is not, is not welcoming you! You go!!!!” Yao Yao is using her utmost strength to shut her door close.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

But her strength could not suppress man’s strength?

Yu Ao Tian is only using one of his hand to block the door, she has completely not had way out. “Bao Bei, don’t you invite me to have seat inside your house?”

“Chen, Chen Yi is here. I don’t, I don’t want he see you!! you go!!!”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian bottomless pair of eyes flashed, his corner of mouth moves cannot help showing his devil smile: “Apparently, I have been quite long not seeing Chen Yi, greeting him for while also not bad.” After said, he used little strength.

Yao Yao who is blocked the door being pulled inside, while Yu Ao Tian is taking big stride get into the inner room, followed by shut the door.

“Yu, Yu Ao Tian, you are trespassing!!!!” Yao Yao is alike seeing demon personifying pestilence and then backwards in small steps.

Yu Ao Tian not only took of his outer coat, but vain manner of walking and then sat on the sofa: “Where is Chen Yi?”© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Nervous eyes are keeps on looking right and left, she is gulping her saliva, faster she pointed at bathroom: “He, he is in bathroom.”

“Huh.” Yu Ao Tian cannot help himself not to laugh, his body is reclining on the sofa, his slender fingers natural and elegantly touching his forehead hair: “Bao Bei, you are really worst at lying. Why are you alone staying at your house? Impossible you are chasing out by the Feng’s family, aren’t you?”
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Just expected there is nothing can be hide from Yu Ao Tian! She furrowed her brows, fiercely gritting hard her teeth: “It’s not! Chen Yi won’t chase me out!!! he is going to Turkey for business trip!!”

“Oh….? so Chen Yi is having business trip!”

Darn it!© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Looking at Yu Ao Tian’s eyes which filled with a strange gloss, she cannot help herself not to tremble. How could she burst out the matter regarding Chen Yi having a business trip?

“Bao Bei, it seems the member of Feng Family then who chased you out? Aiya, you just not long ago entered their home, they, the Fengs are such bullied you?”

Hit the point!© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Yu Ao Tian observance skill indeed such strong. “This who to blame? If last time when having dinner, you were not act like that, impossible for the media to take ours picture!”

“Even your face isn’t seen, how could Feng Family such affirm it was you?”


It seemed that Yu Ao Tian had seen the newspaper? Could it be after he seen the newspaper so that he made the guess that she would be chased out by Feng family?

This is really ashamed. She is so frustrated, that news obviously only caught her back, how could Feng

Family so affirmed if it was her.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Even though, that person in picture is her!

“Come.” Yu Ao Tian is smiling sinister while his finger is moving gesturing her to come, that bottomless pair of eyes surging impenetrable gloss.

Yao Yao is secretly taking long breathe: “You, what do you want?” constantly she is stepping backward.

As seen, he is moving as quick as an arrow, grabbed her arm.

“Let me off!” Yao Yao is surprised and frightened to the point didn’t know what to do.

But Yu Ao Tian is staring at her small face, there is no other movement. But, the five fingers imprinted in her cheek really irritated for his pair of his bottomless eyes.

Turned, he sitting back to sofa.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Yao Yao can feel little bit relief, and then without she realized she touched her own cheek, he… has he seen it?© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

“Bao Bei, the wealthy people life style really not suit you, still better to consider, consider to hurry up divorce with Feng Chen Yi.” Said Yu Ao Tian, his corner of lips slowly curved upward and make devilish smiles.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

She is trying to gain herself, raging in fume and creased her forehead: “That’s my matter, there is none of your business! Moreover, the marriage is mine with Feng Chen Yi, both of us. As long as I love him, he loves me then it is more than enough! I won’t divorce with Feng Chen Yi!!”
© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Love?” the smile that hung on Yu Ao Tian’s face gradually disappeared, and it even replaced with his dim and cold expression.© 2011-2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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  1. What happened to YY. Why she is in prison, and what ground. where’s FYC? The prince is looking at YY. What is going to happen next. Thanks for the update and have a blessed day.

  2. I’m confused, earlier I was reading different thing, that’s why my comments will not correspond to this. I hope YAT will not bully YY, but be friend to her. Thanks Azurro for the update.

      1. The correct one is Bao Bei (宝贝). Literally translated as Baby or The Precious. In some case, Bao Bei can also means treasure, darling. It depends on its sentence. In this case, I prefer Bao Bei to Baby.

      1. Yup … I realllly dread the next few chapters .. But need to read Azzuro translations as the ones that I’ve read before I only can understand the basic..

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      1. Hu hu, what will happen now…is it worst from the previous one? It’s almost midnight to where I am now…how can I sleep …I have to wait for the next update…lol

      2. I still dwelling with my emotions….
        sometime as translator, I just hate to be so absorbed into my translation work because it going to affect my pace but as reader, it becomes different thing.
        Have sweet dream and when you back new chapter might be posted 🙂

  4. I think YAT went to YY house because he learned about of what happened…or he figured it out of what will happened when he saw their picture in the newspaper and he got worried of her but yet he got provoked of YY statement of her loving FCY and now…jealousy

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    One the other hand , what I will say now has no connection to this chapter but I really want FCY to do something very very nasty so I won’t look like a fool accusing him everytime . Perhaps you have noticed that in a few previous comments I said that I don’t have trust in him . That’s why I want him to show his real face so I will not look like a stupid girl anymore lol. Then I will say I told you :)))). Anyway my guts never betray me so ….

    1. I can see you are same ship with Julie unwavering and so affirmed regarding to Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao ship XD XD XD
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