C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 126

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Chapter 126

On Street, Meeting Fei Yan

Ye Ding showed his satisfy expression, He just knows that Third Sister in Law would not so easily to give away her feeling toward everyone of Ye’s family, that hairpin is represented everyone sincerity toward her!

“That lady was really in needed money when she prawned this hairpin.”

“How could you know she in needed?”

“The expression which shown by that lady had told everything, she really didn’t have any way except prawned the hairpin, she was in needed to use money. Until two days ago when the lady showing up, she said that she wanted to leave for a period of time, she begged me to give her a time, she would come back to redeem the hairpin, whatsoever to say I must agree. Seeing that lady redden eyes, I was soften, I told her there was ten days time span to let her redeem back the hairpin, so that no matter what she must back within ten days in order to redeem it back. Just never thought that Gu’s men were passing by An Yuan Xian, redeem this thing.”

“She lacking so much money? What was happened to her? Why she needed so much money?” how could he let his wife to drop any tears? Where was he when she needed his helped under that kind of circumstances how could he not beside hers? “Did she say where was she going to? Have you seen where she was heading?”

After Ye Che heard that Wan Er didn’t bear to pawn that hairpin and also her eyes redden and tear flowing down, his heart ache almost break into pieces. She suffered no less bitterness, actually what matter was encountering after she left?

“This, the lady didn’t mention anything, but I believe she still neared in Capital city, because she kept on saying that she would come back to redeem the hairpin.”

“Alright, Let me say something.” Gu Na Yan more or less understood after listened. “As Fu Zhang said that ten days ago Sister Wan Er went to pawnshop, few days later she also went to pawnshop, that means in between of these days Sister Wan Er was at An Yuan Xian city. Che, Lu Qun and I ever went to An Yuan Xuan city the place which closest to Wan Nian Temple During the days when Sister Wan Er was missing, during that time, we were separating to look for, there were possible for us to miss out that place, so that we were brushing past with Sister Wan Er. Che, what do you think?”

“En, must be like this.” Ye Che felt everything that said by Gu Na Yan completely logical. “How could I overlook the place?”

“Now Wan Er had left, we must add more people to look for her in capital city and also An Yuan Xuan city, Ding, this let you to settle, you and Big Brother keep on looking at here. She must be near at me, this time I could not miss her out anymore, I won’t let this happen. I will go with Na Yan for once again to An Yuan Xuan city, going there to find at each and every corners, I must absolutely want to know what was happened to Wan Er during that time.” Ye Che’s eyes flashed sharp eyesight.

“En, alright.”

After walking out from restaurant, they were separating left, started to make moves.

Just at the time when going out from the city gate, Lu Qun slower her footsteps, her eyes kept on staring at other place. At the moment when Gu Na Yan realized she was in dazzled-stated followed her vision line to look at there, just knew what was looked by Lu Qun, at sudden Gu Na Yan’s face changed to expressionless, stopped his footstep, standing-still at there.

Gu Na Yan extremely unhappy, such unhappy waiting until when Ye Che would gain himself, when he would realize, waiting Ye Che to solve the matter.

After few steps, Ye Che from his own thought gaining himself, felt that two persons who were beside him suddenly missing, looking back. Seeing that two persons were still standing at his back, at the moment when he wanted to ask, he spotted a person from the opposite street coming over him, and also he understood why there were unhappy expression hung at Lu Qun and Gu Na Yan’s face.

Right the moment he was still doubting what to do, on contrary the person who stood opposite him spoke first.

“Third Young Master, long time no see.” such familiar and also gentle voice flown to his ears.

She came, would everything as before? Ye Che didn’t know.

“Probably regarding the matter about looking for Sister Wan Er, Miss Fei Yan also knew it? Thorough now in heart, you probably also can make your guessing, does not now Miss Fei Yan coming over here is there anything able to enlighten by your guidance?” as long as Gu Na Yan thought Wan Er was missing because after she showed up, though he could not vent his anger, but still hard not to speak with hard tone.

“I….” after heard that words, at the moment Fei Yan’s face changed to be dim.

She only spotted at them, and also simply wanted to greet them, after all, knowing each other, after all, the person in front of her eyes isn’t someone she said she going to let go and then she could let him go, after all….

She has thought for half day and decided to come over, never thought to encounter such breezeless, Gu Na Yan and Lu Qun eyes are completely affirmed her crime already, completely not giving her any chance.

How about Third Young Master? She could not think of it.

Fei Yan using sort of cold way with slightest smile, started to speak. “Young Master Xi Yan’s words, of course Fei Yan understood, Fei Yan not that kind of person who is ill-informed and narrow-minded, how big Capital city is Fei Yan understood. Wanted to come over then just come over, there’s not much reason for it!”


Gu Na Yan still wanted to argue, but being stopped by Ye Che. “You and Lu Qun go ahead to outside the city lead the horse, I will immediately arrive.”

Believe that Ye Che must be able to solve it, Gu Na Yan gulped his anger, pulling Lu Qun with big stride heading to outside the city. Lu Qun while running small steps she also turned her head to look at Ye Che and Fei Yan who are standing in the middle of the street.

“Enough, no need to look it anymore. Che will able to solve it, you just rest assured! Fei Yan does not have any not a bit position on Che’s heart.” Despite Gu Na Yan was angry, but he still such thoughtful to examine Lu Qun’s expression.


Lu Qun slow-response half-looking at Gu Na Yan, still small running looked. And when she felt Gu Na Yan still holding her hand, after walking at the street, Lu Qun’s face blushed red wanted to free from Gu Na Yan’s touching.
How could he act this way? This is at street, being seen by many people, what suppose she do? She is a maid who just hasn’t married yet! How could she being holding by a man?

But no mater how she tries to free, the warmness of Gu Na Yan’s hand as if contagious over her own hand no matter how she tired could not free.

“Faster walking la! Don’t be dillydally, we still need to pay close attention to the time in order to look for Sister Wan Er.” of course because knowing Lu Qun shyness and also her movement, but, how could Gu Na Yan let her off and escape this easily.

After mentioning about Long Mo Er, Lu Qun giving up to free herself, anyway the most important is to find her Miss.

Actually, being holding also not really bad, on contrary her heart thump thump keep on crazily thumping, so happy and so warm.


  1. Julie · September 10

    Thank you Azurro for posting this translation. This novel should be finished ages ago…I still say this novel should be finish ages ago instead of been dragged so long..

    • azurro4cielo · September 10

      Don’t worry, I have set weekly schedule for this project.
      And Thank you for being so supportive and patient🙂

  2. Alice · September 10

    Always here for you Hun
    Whatever project you translate love all of them 😍😍😍

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