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Long Lost Project : 我的傻姑娘(婚后宠文) – 馨婧


Ah~ I forgot about this novel. This novel was one of the oldest novel I had read before, trying to translate it years ago but stuck due to my poor Chinese and only by yesterday I found some chapters I had draft translated before. I still consider to make this novel to be my future translation since I haven’t spotted anyone do it.

What you guys think?


You can read the synopsis at

Little peek at:


16 thoughts on “Long Lost Project : 我的傻姑娘(婚后宠文) – 馨婧

  1. As long as it’s happy ending, I’m in, lol.👍👍. I’d like to know more about uncle Wen😄😄
    Please consider to translate this one, hopefully not too much angst like YY and YAT.

  2. Well as long as the sugary and sweet parts don’t hurt my teeth , why not ! Seems long though ? Do you know any with funny parts in them , like the Shan Shan series ?

  3. Well, I’m not terribly fond of Uncle novels but I read the synopsis and it does sound like a happy kind of book so – go for it! It also sounds really long – is that your thing now? 😉

  4. Wow! 😍 loved it already. Now I wished I have more time to read this too…. Hahaha… Thanks for the lovely introduction. Looking forward to the translation of this novel 😉

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