C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 127


Chapter 127

Only Can Be One Self

After his eyes looking that two person gone, Ye Che focus his sight to Fei Yan, wait for following.

“Does Third Young Master know that, at this moment what kind of eyesight that exposed by yourself?” Fei Yan used such cold smile asked, but this moment little bit stronger. “The eyesight that shown by Third Young Master and also Young Master Gu same as let one’s heart broken.”

Ye Che silent.

“Actually, Fei Yan never thought to meet Third Young Master on the street. Didn’t Fei Yan ever say before? Fei Yan really hope won’t be met Third Young Master, today is only by chance or only a coincidence! But, Third Young Master’s eyesight which shown no trust, really make Fei Yan can feel myself appearance as laughing stock.” The smiling face on Fei Yan suddenly change to be hopeless.

“Fei Yan, I…”

“Third Young Master does not need to say anything, actually Fei Yan always know that Third Young Master’s heart wanted to find Third Young Madam, so that can be this sensitive toward Fei Yan, Third Young Master feeling Fei Yan can slowly to think of it and also understand it. Third Young Master deeply in love with Third Young Madam, so that can be like this. Fei Yan really envy toward Third Young Madam.” Fei Yan really so sincere to say her feeling, pressing the sadness in her heart.

“Fei Yan, you listen to me. I believe your words, there’s no doubt, I know Fei Yan is good lady, I understand your character, so that I won’t doubt you. Perhaps because Wan Er went missing, then I changed to cannot put my trust to anyone, I want to apologize my attitude toward you, and thank you because you are understanding my mood, it is hard to find friend, having you who understand my mood I have had enough satisfied.” Ye Che saw her paused, and then continue the words that he wanted to say.

“Perhaps in the very beginning, at the time under the circumstances in which I thought I was senseless, but everything was changed after Wan Er showing up, as if there’s an additional color, everyday seems to be brand new and interesting, everyday is filled with many newness, simple and yet happy, everything feels such quirky, this is perhaps what so-called true love!” Ye Che letting out his tighten feeling, faintly said it out, his face showed such warm and also slightest smile. “Now, everyday is waiting for Wan Er’s news, everyday is going out to look for the figure who I can miss for, everyday waiting for miracle to happen, everyday is waiting her to appear…. now I am completely cannot without her.”

For the first time heard Ye Che such straightforward, such deep of truth. Fei Yan only could show surprise, shocked, envy, heart pain, and still slightest console. Thing that comfort her is Third Young Master didn’t think her as outsider, after all he has said all the things that he impossible to say toward her before.

Weaken heart, being comfort still in pain.

If she were Wan Er, she would pay everything at any cost in order to cherish the person in front of her who is thin and pallid man which able to give heart ache, if she were Wan Er, she is willing to give up her life only to love this man, if she were Wan Er, she would not disappear without news, would not let him to be this sadness…..

But, no matter what she weren’t Wan Er, she is only Third Young Master confidant in his heart.

She, is a girl from brothel house, being regarded as infamous confidant of Third Young Master, doesn’t she suppose to be satisfied? Born at prostitute’s place, how many girls could like her?

Didn’t she want to give her bless to them, did her?

“Third Young Master, Fei Yan in this life time the happiest thing is meeting Third Young Master. Third Young Master is outstanding and elegant, different with other, being able to be Third Young Master’s confidant, even though Fei Yan die won’t be regret. Fei Yan in here really wish Third Young Master can find Third Young Madam quickly, hoping Third Young Master and Third Young Madam will life together until white hair. If there any necessary, Fei Yan can come to do formal visit, say everything clearly toward Third Young Madam. And also let everyone knows that Fei Yan didn’t say anything during at Wan Nian Temple, and also let everyone to break all the misunderstand.”

Fei Yan really sincerely said.

“Fei Yan, really thank you. Now I am heading to An Yuan Xuan to find Wan Er, so that, we are separated at here! Hoping you will also can find your happiness, I left.” After Ye Che said, he turned and left, heading to the gate outside the city.

Seeing Ye Che figure who getting further, Fei Yan is standing tall and upright for such long time.

This time, the last time!

Perhaps, both of them won’t be meeting anymore.

Tears, falling down.


  1. Julie · September 17

    Thanking you for posting this novel. Another twist to the story…:D

  2. ny · September 17

    Thank you very much for the update chapters..

  3. alice · September 17

    when he going to find her????

  4. w55555 · September 19

    Would she talk to him, when she spotted him? Or hiding from him?

  5. Anne · September 23

    Thanks for updating. I really enjoy reading it. 😊

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