C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 4.4

Liu Shi Shi

The CEO’s Pregnant Wife

Chapter 4

Part 4 (Four)

Fang Yi Ran is touched her nose, but she did not say anything.

Xu Yi Xia striking the iron while it is hot: “Yi Ran, actually who is Xiao Tian’s father? Even though you are not going to tell me, but are you really thought to hide it from Xiao Tian forever?”

“I…..” She is hesitated for moment.

Xu Yi Xia murmured softly to herself: “Really strange, that period of time before you were pregnant, you are always stayed with me, I never seen you having serious relationship with others especially man. But I believed, Xiao Tian’s father absolutely not Li Wan Heng, Qian Yong Hao, Nan Gong Ling or Si Ya those brat!”


“Due to their appearance, absolutely they won’t be able to have kid alike Xiao Tian!”


This person is her best friend, when she was feeling vexed, there was suddenly a reservation telephone, she obediently carrying the lunch box, alike thief she came to Jun’s Group big building, she was secretively getting inside CEO’s office room when Jun Si Que’s secretary was not paying intention.

“This is the lunch box that you have ordered.” she gave her smile as the standard of the service employee, carrying the lunch box which printed with Mi Bao Bao’s words.

Jun Si Que smiled, but he did not stretch out his hand to take that lunch box.

Alright, customer is a king. She admits her misfortune is predetermined by God, she puts the lunch box right in front of him, she even set the table, also she opened the lunch box for him.

Seemed he looked so satisfied with her attitude, he simply said one word: “Sit.”

“I still need to go back and help out at the store, how about…. next time I will sit.”

“Sit.” his slender fingers picking up the chopsticks, and for once again he said this word.

“.………..” There was no way for Fang Yi Ran to retreat, encountered someone like this who has habit to control others, so helplessly she sat on the beside sofa.

He starting to have his lunch, while she only dumbfounded looking at him enjoying his meal.

“Have you eaten?” Jun Si Que asked.

“I have eaten.” She was answering him with respect, this kind way of giving answer is not alike boyfriend and girlfriend, but it more alike Boss and his employee.

Hence Jun Si Que is not said anything, and focus with his lunch.

At the beginning Fang Yi Ran still leisurely looking around the gorgeous CEO’s office room, but later, she simply straightly looking at Jun Si Que. Cannot be denied, When he is having his meal, he is so refine, elegant, as if watching those noble people in the drama when having meals—- although he is only eating simple an ordinary lunch box.

His bright and smooth fingers holding the chopsticks, he is eating with leisurely manner, while his sexy mouth is chewing, all are giving such charming and yet tasty feeling, this man, simply to say he born naturally with electric stimulant! Fang Yi Ran secretly sighed in her heart, her vision line slowly shifting to other party lips, this pair of lips, before it ever been crazily kept on kissing her lips during that night, their saliva blending, their tongue entangled, it made her understood for the first time, so that first kiss could be so excited to that point.

A trace of pinkish, slowly appearing on her cheeks, and then she heard a voice cracking jokes: “Do you like what you see?”

“Ah?” she dumbfounded, and then when she gained herself, that man smiling eyes are welcomed her.

“Do you like me?” he put down the chopsticks, taking out one tissue paper and wipe his mouth.

“Of course like, hahahaha….” her expression is so exaggerating and at same time trying to curry a favor, “I never thought, I can have you such good looking man and also rich as my boyfriend, I think if I tell my friends, anyone of them must be jealous to death!”

“Is it? Do you really wish to make your friends jealous on you?”

“Of course. Oh yeah, do you really have much money?” She is trying her best to show herself as materialistic woman.

“You can say so.” he put his hands on his knees, look askance at her.

“Since I am your girlfriend, don’t you think that you must give me something alike jewelries, house or car sorts of that things?” Her pair of eyes, showing such luster of greed.

“If you really wanted, I can give all to you.” his mouth is curved upward which shown such intriguing to people who seen it, but there is no slightest disgusting expression which she has thought before.

“Well then it is really…. too good.” Didn’t they say that man hates material girl the most? Actually to what point she must do it so that he would lose interest on her, so that he would dump her?

“As long as you promise me one condition.” He enclosed with proviso.


“Very simple, I want you to be ready as I needed.”

“Be ready as you needed?” Give me a break, should it be such trifled? Now her status is his girlfriend, and not his maid okay? “But, I still have my works, it afraid….”

“These things that I give you, it will be more than thousand times worth than your every month salary.”

“.…………..” if she really is such qualified materialistic girl, then she won’t be so hesitated to make a decision, but the problem is….

It seemed that he could see Fang Yi Ran hesitation, Jun Si Que stood up, big stride walking in front of her, his fingers raised up her hair, gently kneading it.

What does he want to do? There is uncertainty in her eyes.

He smiled, bent down his body.

His good looking face, it coming closer, constantly coming closer until in front of her eyes.

Hey hey! Impossible he is trying to use beauty man’s scheme right? Although she not likes him, because this man is too dangerous, to difficult to guess, but this does not mean she has immunity toward this man’s good looking face!

She has already could feel his warm breath that spread on her face, his pair of dark eyes, it reflecting her expression at loss. His eyelashes are thick and black alike fan, his eyes not blink, that eyelashes fluttering, his nose tip, it is almost touched hers nose tip. Just at the time when her heart is thumping with thing in front of her, his face, even had passed her face.

His lips, come closer to her ear, the warm breathe, blowing to her earlobe which gives her itchy sensation.
“Don’t you want to have more time to get along with me? My beloved girlfriend.” a like spring that thawing snow he whispered, he bringing along such familiar of air, come closer to her ears.

“I…..” she really does not know how to step back, but realized her body actually has embraced by him already.

“Tell me, what to do, so you will be only mine? Completely, be the person only for mine, until both of us ended our lives.”

That is devil murmured, which crazily contagious the atmosphere.

As if telling this kind of promise, a type of ordinary people cannot to have this kind of promise.


  1. Jonah · September 23

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Yadane · September 23

    Haha beauty became handsome scheme, the exchange sounds scary enough

  3. amy3108 · September 23

    FYR is the anti dote for his rare illness. How soon will Yiran introduce his son to his father?
    Thanks for the update.

  4. crowncare · September 23

    FYR has no choice but to do as JSQ want

  5. family682 · September 24

    Thank you, been waiting for the update…

  6. Samie · 29 Days Ago

    Been dying for an update 😍

    Tysm 😘

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