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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 373

flower-1I like Hei Yan Long and I must admit that I am so biased with Hei Yan Long but, shipping Hei Yan Long with Yao Yao, it would be only second option if there’s no Yu Ao Tian. I hard to hate Yu Ao Tian and always has soft spot for him despite of every bad things that he done to Yao Yao. Different with Feng Chen Yi who seemed to treat Yao Yao very well but every times he did something nice to Yao Yao, I could feel there’s ulterior motive.
For all these bitter chapters, I glad there’s Hei Yan Long character beside Gong Xiao Man who will always stay beside Yao Yao, as best friend that never been replaceable, also Long Qi and Long Ye.

Chapter 373

Yu Ao Tian Comes Back to Manage Berson Group

His big hand is curled and make fist, Hei Yan Long coldly turned to look at his subordinate, gloomy: “What is the meaning of Chrysanthemum?”

“Reply…. in reply to CEO Hei…. Chrysanthemum does not have any particular meaning. It is only…. most of people used it….. used it to send to the death.” compare to Yao Yao uncontrollable laughing, this subordinate going to be doom, he knew that he is going to be faced with imminent disaster, he even stammered when talking.

“Ha. Ha…” Hei Yan Long is raging in fume until let out rough breathe, using his strength to shut closed the car trunk, angrily shouted: “When I was buying it why none of you reminding me?”

“CEO Hei, we didn’t know that you are going to send it to Miss Luo.”

MF! He is ashamed once again in front of this woman, he thought this time he gonna get her to feel thrill out, who knows…..

This time he even more embarrassed!!

Hei Yan Long is breathing hard, trying his best to control his anger, coldly said: “Woman, let’s go to have breakfast.” expressionless he walked to his car.

Yao Yao covered her mouth, and then followed to sit down.

Whole process, she not daring to see Hei Yan Long’s face, as long as she sees him, she would laugh-hard.

Until when they arrived at restaurant, she keeps lowering her head, eating her food: “Keke…. keke…”

“Woman, is there anyone tell you that, don’t laugh when eating? It easy to choke to death!”

“So, sorry. I…. hahahaha, if I really choked until death, then the Chrysanthemum flower wouldn’t it have it’s usage? Hahaha….” Actually the initial idea of Yao Yao she didn’t want to make fun of Hei Yan Long, but she really could not control and restrain her humor cells.

After listened to her, Hei Yan Long good looking face is even darken, knowing he is embarrassed himself once again, he immersed himself by eating his meal.

After long time….

Finally Yao Yao got to compose her emotion, and she even realized by keep on laughing of Hei Yan Long, actually she has hurt his heart. Moreover, being teasing him this way, even the bad moods of the previous days seems to have been turned away, she pursed her lips lightly, faintly said: “Thank you, CEO Hei.”

“If you are still trying to make fun of me, I suggest you don’t open your mouth. Or else, I really raging in fume!”

“This time, I am really talk sincerely from my heart. Thank you for accompanying me these two days, thank you for giving me a present, thank you to save my life, and also thank you….” cold sweat, at last she decided this thank you not to say out, or else the atmosphere going to be changed….. making fun of you.
Speak honestly, if yesterday Hei Yan Long didn’t come and send her present, perhaps now she has already….. gone to the other world.

But, being able to live, whether it is good thing, or bad thing…. she really does not know!

“Woman….” Hei Yan Long coldly lifted up his head: “You are looked so beautiful when smile.” after said, his good looking face, his lips are curved upward to make faint charming smile.

Yao Yao lowered her head, shy and smiles.

And then, at this time…..

‘Today, Berson group is holding an urgent press conference, the main focus of this press conference is involving former CEO of Berson Group and the current Director Yu Ao Tian who is going to continue to take over the CEO’s position in Berson Group. Expert Liu, what do you think regarding this matter? Could this as a sign Berson Group is having crisis? Or could this matter related to recently Berson Group been pressing by Feng’s Group?’

‘Haha, from the specific income view, even though for this half month Feng’s group keeps on taking Berson Group’s business. But, it didn’t have any relation (irrelevant), this didn’t have any impact toward Berson Group. Moreover the current CEO Han Li Shang was having MBA title which majoring in Management and Finance, no matter his ability and competency in management are enough to replace the former CEO and current Director Yu’s position. The main focus why is the state council Director Yu wanted to take over Berson Group back, this really unable to analyze.’

‘Alright, let we switch back to Berson Group press conference…..’ reported by the reporter, immediately the television screen display the Berson Group’s big hall.

As seen, sitting in the middle of a row, Yu Ao Tian dressed in a blue color suit, and his face looked at the lens, coldly said: “From now on, I will take over the position as Berson Group’s CEO, while CEO Han Li Shang will remain same position. There also won’t any change for Vice CEO Long position….’



Her eyes flashed excitedly when watching the Television, Yao Yao could not control herself raised, as if she had won 500 millions, excitement dance with joy: “Yu Ao Tian is come back! He finally come to back to Berson Group, later I can directly fight with him. CEO Hei…. thank you! Thank you for saving my life! If yesterday I really death, simply to say too regretful!!!” her emotions stirring up, holding Hei Yan Long’s hands.

From her eyes it does not hard to see, at this moment Yao Yao has already given up doing a suicide.


Hei Yan Long’s pair of black eyes flashed, coldly looked at the monitor: ‘hah, if not because Yao Yao wanted to suicide, Yu Ao Tian, impossible for him to take over Berson Group back?’


Berson Group, CEO’s office room….

“Li Shang, you just stay at this office room. Xue Tong, when come back, you can simply arrange a room for me, my main office still in the State Council Department Office.” sitting on the chair inside the office room, Yu Ao Tian smiling when giving them command.

Three persons who are standing in front of them exchanging glances, still Han Li Shang the first person who spoke: “Ao Tian, why suddenly you come to take over Berson Group.”

“What’s? I just gone away for more than one month, don’t all of you not welcoming me?” Yu Ao Tian jokingly said, but this kind of ‘joke’, not even able to tease Long Ye and others to laugh.

“Ahem….” he understood that he could not muddle through them, the smiles that hung on his face gradually disappeared: “That Little Thing….. needs me to ‘accompany’ her.”

All of them had known it!

‘pa’ (slapping or hitting sound)

A sound, Han Li Shang is using his strength hit the table: “Ao Tian, why must you care about her? Now she has married with other people! If she wanted to mess up, you just let her to mess up by herself. Don’t you know your works at State Council are so busy, all of us are staying at same roof, which days that you would not come home in the middle at night? Moreover in State of Council, you need to take care that Old Thing Zeng Kai Rui, internal and external problems, can you handle it?”

“That’s right, Ao Tian. Now you must concentrate all your energy in order to deal with Zeng Kai Rui, regarding about Xiao Meng Li there, if you are not expecting me to look for her. How about to let her keeps on attacking our Berson Group. As you know, Berson Group bottom limit, no more than ten years, or eight years, Xiao Meng Li would not able to make it bankrupt.”

What Han Li Shang said, Long Ye said, all of these Yu Ao Tian understood very well, moreover he knows the priority mission very well the most important thing that he must do currently, but….

If he really does not care of Yao Yao, should he with wide open eyes seeing her slowly by slowly ‘wither’?

“Alright, all of you no need to say anymore. All the matters in Berson continue to take care by all of you, but the things that related to Feng Group or Yao Yao, just let me to take care it.” After said, with his cold face faster he left the CEO’s office room.

Chapter 374

Hei Yan Long Wanted to Have a Girl Friend

“That Damn Luo Yao Yao!” Han Li Shang unhappily kicking the chair until flip.

Long Ye creasing his forehead, swept his glance at the flip chair, coldly said: “Li Shang, what is your reason blaming Xiao Meng Li? If you can handle it, should Ao Tian take it over?”

“This way you talked to me because I was losing that piece of land, wasn’t it? One of Han Li Shang’s hand inserted on his pocket, slowly he walking in front of Long Ye, coldly said: “You ask Xue Tong, how we lost that piece of land!!!”

Questionable eyesight looked at Mo Xue Tong.

Her eyes flashing cold gleam: “That day, after we were meeting Luo Yao Yao we had made a phone call to Ao Tian. Ao Tian asked us, if Luo Yao Yao wanted that piece of land, just let her to have it we no need to struggle for it. So that, Li Shang did not think of any countermeasures.”

“So that was Ao Tian’s idea….?” at the moment when Long Ye thought that Han Li Shang didn’t capable to fight against Yao Yao, even though her IQ is above 200. but Han Li Shang capable also beyond ordinary too!

“That’s right! All of these are Ao Tian’s idea, if there was no mistaken, he was simply doing it in order to coax…. Luo Yao Yao to be happy, that’s all!” After said, Mo Xue Tong ranging in fume curled up her hand and make a fist!


At other side….

“Ck, meal has eaten, where are we going to go?” walking until the restaurant big door, Hei Yan Long frowned for moment.

Yao Yao who is standing beside him humming, excitedly she ‘jump out’ in front of Hei Yan Long, spoke word by word: “I! want! Go! Back! To! Feng! Group!” her small and petite body restless moving, her small mouth is hanging faint smile.

Hei Yan Long who seen it almost faint, how could he never know if this woman such active person, simple to say she really alike little kid?

It was obviously first time when met her and also after interaction sometime with her, she always show such mature attitude. Or perhaps….

And now this childish of hers, could it be this hers real character? By this way, this sort of character with this woman appearance quite fit.

While thinking, there is a sport car come from South heading to North.

“Hey!! Foolish girl, watch out the car!!” Hei Yan Long black eyes flashed, his hand moving quickly pulled Yao Yao into his embrace. “Are you really a dummy?”

“Ugh….” Yao Yao is dumbfounded, smiles stupidly: “Hihi, I don’t pay attention, not pay attention. Thank you, thank you.”

“Huh….” Hei Yan Long letting out long sighed of relief, subconsciously pulled Yao Yao tighter into his embrace.

She frowned, what did this Hei Yan Long do? Why he hasn’t loosen up? Resist wanted to break free from his arm.

Just by this time Hei Yan Long finally realized something odd, hurried he loosen up his pair of hand that hugging onto Yao Yao….

Pair of black eyes at that moment flashed such awkward gleam, but very fast being suppressed by Hei Yan Long, pretending to be composed: “Woman, do you still want to back to Feng Group?”

“Why not going back?”

“Wasn’t you chasing out by the Feng family.”


Cold sweat! That’s right! Few days ago she was chasing out by her father in law from Fenf Mansion, even though that time if she didn’t choose to leave but at same time to give up on working in Feng Group. If she giving up, although Yu Ao Tian returned to Berson Group, perhaps she also not have anyway to revenge?

“What to do! What to do? What to do?” her previous good mood suddenly dropped, she panicking kept on moving in front of Hei Yan Long.

“Stop moving!!! the food just now being eaten almost getting out again!!” Hei Yan Long said, hurried Yao Yao loosen up her hand that grabbed his arms. “Let’s go, we go to somewhere to play.”

“Not going!”

“How about going home?”

“No!” Yao Yao with difficulty creasing her forehead, as if she has determined coldly said: “I have decided…… better to go back to Feng Group give a try.”

“Such stubborn!!” helplessly, Hei Yan Long only could send Yao Yao to Feng Group.

“CEO Hei, now where are we going?” the car is moving left Feng Group.

Hei Yan Long looking at Yao Yao through the car glass window who is entering Feng Group, that pair of black eyes could not help not showing such losing gleam: “Go back to office!”


All along the way, Hei Yan Long keeps quiet, the subordinate who is sitting beside him curiously trying to ask him: “CEO Hei, are you really like Miss Luo?”


“These two days company was such busy, but you because wanted to coax Miss Luo to be happy you even left all your works, even sending flower, and even looking for good place to play, simply to say the way you treat Miss Luo such similar with girlfriend. Actually, this subordinate has little cousin sister as cute as Miss Luo, beautiful, how about introduce her to you.”

These days the bodyguards who were accompanying Hei Yan Long, they have been following him about two years, can be said they are those who understood him.

Hei Yan Long daily life is such monotonous, he has strong heart for business, one day 24 hours, there’s ten hours he used for working. At the most he would come to find Feng Chen Yi and Ou Yang Zi Xuan billiards, playing golf, no more.

It can be said, inside this Elite circle, Hei Yan Long is rare good man. Not smoking, not drink liquor, not playing with woman, extremely rare ones.

There are many famous and also elite family who wish to introduce their daughter to Hei Yan Long, to get know, but unfortunately all was heartless being refused by him!

“Looking for a girlfriend….?” Hei Yan Long talking to himself, carefully he recalled these two days feeling when he was with Yao Yao, it feels not bad and not as annoying as he thought, it indeed pretty good.

But…. “Go back first and let see later!”


Feng Group.

Yao Yao is standing in front of elevator, while waiting it to go down, she is paced back and forth.

Let’s say, if Feng Chen Rui sees her, not even giving her any face and directly chased her out from Feng Group could it be more embarrassed.

Let say not come back, waiting until Feng Chen Yi back from Turkey and then coming back to here, she really cannot sit still.

Forget it, just wait until really meeting Feng Chen Rui then think for the further way.

‘Ding’ (elevator sound)

The elevator is stopped at first floor, Yao Yao and few of employees are getting inside.

At the moment when the elevator door going to shut close….

“Huh… wait.” a pleasant voice heard from distance.

“Faster shut close the door! Faster shut close the door, that is ‘electric machine’.” inside the elevator two female colleagues are laughing badly while pressing the close button.

At beside Yao Yao creasing her forehead, what do these two girls want to do? Why can’t they wait for moment? Naturally, Yao Yao directly used her hand to block the elevator’s door to shut close.

“Such be busy doing!”

“Hateful!” two girls inside the elevator who saw Yao Yao movement, at beside both of them are softly swearing.

This time, outside the elevator the girl is hurried to come over. Her height is about 160cm something, has such snow white skin tone, one oval-round face with eyes alike gems, when smile her two dimples obviously shown and make her quite sweet, a brown wavy hair until her waist, make this girl looks more cute, incredible lovely.



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  1. Lol, He is very thoughtful and caring guy, He give her a bouquet of flower to thanks her for her service. With out not knowing the meaning of flower he end up embarrassing himself and certainly YY can’t stop laughing, it so funny… Thanks for the update awaiting for the next part.

  2. YY and HYL are so good toghether ❤ I love this couple.
    Even though I can feel how desperately YAT loves YY but the love story is so painful LOL

      1. Thank you so much for your work on this, without you won’t be able to enjoy such a great story….❤❤❤

        I totally agree with your comments at the beginning of this chapter. Despite everything he did to YY, YAT and him is the true pairing… I also did ship FCY in the beginning but think he lost her already by not understanding her better, despite knowing her since she was 13…his character in the end is just as domineering as YAT. In truth she no longer loves him although she did, probably right up until YAT raped her. Fact that YAT could kidnap and rape her also his fault..not enough precaution, knowing YAT nature. Also, if he loved her all that time, don’t understand why he didn’t propose earlier? Or do anything to make her feel more secure…although YY also at fault for not giving him a second chance.

        Am going to make some random predictions, I somehow expect that YAT will die in the end, 😭 probably to save her (is that like kaikan phrase manga?) FCY and her will split, somehow realized too much happened for them to start over…finally in older age she will end up with HYL…XD!!

  3. awesome!!! finally he is back ! iwaited so long for the full chapter to update. can’t wait for more. please update more.. . thnk u Azurro :-*

  4. I think the reason why YAT is back to Berson is to entice or lure YY, so that she will focus on her revenge against YAT. He is afraid that she will commit suicide again. YAT can’t seems to part with YY, he loves her so much. HYL is a friend for keeps.

  5. It’s really infuriating and frustrating to see how much Yu Ao Tian loves Yao Yao but Yao Yao refuses to talk with him and YAT doesn’t do anything to clear up the misunderstandings and look at how how much he is willing to do anything for her, being the bad guy, and even raping her….he keeps on doing this roundabout ways because he desires YY so much and yet YY doesn’t know any of it, she’s way tooblinded by revenge and hatred when we all know deep inside how much YY cares for YAT that’s why she’s hurting so much even if she’s now married or something. Sigh….😌

  6. I love the friendship between YY and HYL , but i wonder when FCY will appear to support YY and how he will react when YY tell him about what YAT did…. Thank you so much for the chapter azurro.. 🙂

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    1. It useless to explain everything once Yao Yao has made her own conclusion. That’s why Yu Ao Tian kept silent and protect her secretly.
      there’s still many funny things going to happen as long as Hei Yan Long sticking together with Yao Yao.

  8. Hi Azurro, you had a post from yesterday, “protected and new” and needed password…. Is this a new project, not sure if I still have the password. Sorry to bother about password:(

  9. I actually have ever read until about ch340 last year, but since I really cant understand YAT, i dropped this novel. I couldnt read his mind at all and i couldnt accept him being this way as a way to express his love.

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    Thank you for translating, Azurro:)

    1. I glad you are back 🙂
      This novel isn’t everyone-taste but, if you are looking for different story, A Naive Short Tempered Girl actually quite ‘different’. You won’t only find romance, but also friendship, loyalty, other-side of world with various job such as mafias, businessmen, politicians, etc.

  10. Thank you, once more, I am grateful for all your effort !! When I read my mood, it is terrible to be anxious when Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian are together. Greetings from Venezuela

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