Fang Yi Ran and Jun Si Que 5

Fang Jing Tian

It only been one week but how could Azurro said me slacking off, duh…. Not alike I would not update anything, just my moods. Also stop to ask password from Azurro because we have shared everything already.

Chapter 5

Part 1 (One)

The definition of be ready when needed, it can be big or small matter.

And now Fang Yi Ran, she almost has an impulsiveness to vomit blood. Because the definition of be ready when needed by Jun Si Que, it is obviously as vividly and thoroughly as what he described.

Often make phone calls, let her to go somewhere to meet up with him, and then after they meet up, without saying anything let him to hug her for while, and then let her left.

First time like that, second times also like that, and the third times still really like that!

Said that he needed her, if not looked alike, because he really bought her so many accessories and also clothes for her, it priced quite expensive, let her breathless. Of course, after settled the matter, she would take all those stuffs completely hide it into her own secret room, even her best friend Xu Yia Xia not even know this thing.

In this world, would there a person who give huge amount of money no animosity to the woman who actually a stranger? She thought perhaps no one.

But if this is not the case, why he keeps calling her to come when needed out of reason, actually what he wanted?

Whatever it was, thus for her now, Jun Si Que is alike troublesome that she could not get rid.

Nest on the sofa at their own living room, Fang Yi Ran is creasing her forehead while confirming the menu for next month with her best friend, lazily opened her mouth: “Yi Xia, do you have anything that can kill people without trace, or poison without taste and colorless, even though FBI come to make investigation they would not even can find out that sort of poison?”


Xu Yi Xia’s hand which is writing with a pen, but abruptly broken.

Turned her head, Xu Yi Xia glared at Fang Yi Ran, “Do you think I am a goddess, how can I have that sort of poison, even though I have, I won’t take it out!”

Fang Yi Ran touched her nose, “Alright, just take it as I am joking.”

“What’s, do you have someone you want to go against?”

“You can say so, but you also cannot say so.” after all the situation with Jun Si Que, it is little bit special.

“Is it has relation to the person who recently keep on phoning you?” Asked Xu Yi Xia when she thought about it. These few days, she has seen her fellow best friend little bit busy after she got a phone called, she would hurry take her left.

“Hahahaha….” Fang Yi Ran keeps on hahahaha, there’s thing, she really wanted to hide it, but every times she would leave some traces.

“Mommy.” soft and tender voice, flowing over to the living room.

Fang Yi Ran is looking for the voice source, seeing her son who is wearing Baby bear pajamas while rubbing his sleepy eyes. With bare feet he is standing in front of his bedroom door.

“What’s matter Xiao Tian?” she nervously walked in front of him, hugging her son, as if thinking of something that makes her tension up, “Is it pain again?” counting the time, three days more it is full moon.

Fang Jing Tian shook his head, “Today it is not pain.”

Fang Yi Ran can relief, “So why don’t you obediently go to sleep?”

“I forgot to tell Mommy, today is Sunday, there is [Kai Ti Da Mao Xian, Katty Adventure], Mommy must remember to help me record it.” Xiao Tian soft and tender voice, which bring along a deep sense of weariness.

“Alright, Mommy knows it, quickly go to sleep!” after said, she coaxing her son back to sleep, and then she came back to living room, prepared to record episode 22 of [Katie Adventure] cartoon for her son.

“Really wanted to let those bunch of men come and see, the current you are such filled with motherhood, perhaps there are many people who going to drop their chin.” Xu Yi Xia chuckles.

Fang Yi Ran rolled her eyes, when she wanted to say something, suddenly her phone is ringing.

She picks up her mobile phone, she has spotted such familiar number that displayed on her screen, heave a sigh, she touch the accept to hear it.

“Immediately, come to my apartment.” It is Jun Si Que’s voice, that heard from her mobile phone.

“Now?” she looked at the time, it has already nine past fifteen at night.

“That’s right, it’s now.” His voice, it sound slightest rough, he told her, his apartment address.

“But now is quite late at night, how about tomorrow…” without waiting for her to finish her words, the other party has hung up the phone call, Fang Yi Ran only could glare at her mobile phone.


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