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ANSTG Three Seven Seven – Eight

zhao Li ying

Chapter 377

Clothes Disappeared

Part 1 (One)

“CEO Hei, is Bao Lai Group recently decided to start any new project? If can….”

Hei Yan Long coldly stretch out his hand to stop that person: “Today we are not talking about business!”

one of his hands inserted inside his pocket, while his pair of black eyes kept on staring at those few wealthy Madams, his eyes coldly narrowed, faster he walking in front of Yao Yao who is sitting at one corner.

She is expressionless raised her head, at the time when her eyes met Hei Yan Long’s eyes, immediately she showed her surprised expression: “CEO Hei, you are also coming ah….”

“Follow me!” condensed words, quickly Hei Yan Long walking into the elevator.

Yao Yao with kind of not knowing what’s the matter followed his footsteps, also entered the elevator. “CEO Hei, what’s going on, why your face such scary?”

He keeps looking at Yao Yao’s clothes with measurement eyes, his pair of black eyes are darken, and also looked at her small face that hung such silly smiles, he really wanted to give her fierce slap!

‘Ding” (elevator sound)

The elevator stopped at third guest floor.

“CEO Hei.”

“CEO Hei.”

Seeing from the corner there are Hei Yan Long’s bodyguards who standing, Yao Yao already dumbfounded: “How can all your body guard are being here?” the problem, where Hei Yan Long brought her? Moreover he didn’t say anything, just alike the moment when both of them met before, little bit afraid him.

“Where the thing that I asked you to take?” Hei Yan Long stopped his footstep, coldly asked one of his men.

“CEO Hei, the thing at the guest room.”

After said, Hei Yan Long pulled open the guest room.

Yao Yao is dumbfounded standing in front of the door: “?!”

“Come in.”


“Come in.” a low roar, Hei Yan Long pulled Yao Yao to enter the room, and at same time closed the door.

“Are you okay, CEO Hei?” heart, strangely turned to be tensed, seeing Hei Yan Long stern face, her six sense told her, something scary is going to be happened soon.



“I told you to undress!”

Is there something wrong? Or has Yao Yao offended any of Hei Yan Long’s god-older sister, or god-younger sister? How could she feel the scenery so familiar to her?

If seems that Hei Yan Long really impatience, naturally he took initiative to make a move, he unzip her one piece dress.

“Hey!! CEO Hei, are you crazy?” Her mind went into blank-state, Yao Yao subconscious used her hand to grab her dress collar.

But how could she win over Hei Yan Long?

An instantaneously, the one piece dress which she wore completely unzipped by him.

Her petite body slightly trembling, her anger pair of black eyes glared at Hei Yan Long, she is nervously stepped back: “You, what do you want?”

Hei Yan Long stayed silent, turned his body, opened one luggage which put on the bedside, from inside he took out one pastel pink color one piece dress which shown back. “Wear it.”


It feels…. is he wanted to help her to change dress??? she let out relief sigh, Yao Yao almost scared and slumped to the floor: “Are you sick? You are scared me to death, if you wanted to help me change dress, tell me before, asked me to undress for what?” her small hands are covering her chest area, she is raging in fume questioned him.

“I have told you to undress, it was you who didn’t want to undress, so that I made a move.”

“You are standing here, suddenly you are asked me to undress, if I really undressed, didn’t you think the weirdo’s was me?”

“Woman, what are you scared of? Which part of yours body that I never seen before? Moreover, now you are still and must wear the dress?” Hei Yan Long speaking tone even more stern, as if there’s nothing wrong with him.

But the problem is, now she only wears bra and underwear, only heaven knows how awkward she currently, why does Hei Yan Long not even feel strange with this?

Does it?

Yao Yao’s eyes rolled, faster she grabbed the dress from Hei Yan Long’s hand: “Turn back! Turn back!”

Hei Yan Long impatiently turned up his eyes, slowly turned his body: “Pretend keeps on pretending, it is so obviously we are such ‘intimate’ already!”

“.…………..” listened to this word, Yao Yao almost cried, she really wanted to find one person to judge which side is right, actually who is pretending, or Hei Yan Long just too abnormal!

“CEO Hei, I have such little personal question want to ask you.” after she dressed, she smiled strangely.
Hei Yan Long turned back, coldly said: “What’s matter?”

“Let me say first, I…. I don’t have any intention, just naively and purely….. so boring wanted to ask you this question. It is, just it is. If not then it’s not, you don’t get angry, could you?”

Seeing Yao Yao showed such mysterious expression, Hei Yan Long eyes rolled: “Ask.”

“Hihihi, you….. your…. sexual orientation? I really don’t have any ill-intention! Just curious. He, hehehe.”

At the moment when Hei Yan Long heard this question he has already gotten the clue, this woman wanted to ask him whether he is gay or not?

Good! Very good!

He fiercely gritting his teeth, but his face is showing such difficult and bitter expression: “That’s right, I am a Gay, but this matter you must not say to anyone, this is a secret between us, okay? Yao Yao.”

Woah Kao! Just as she thought something is odd, whoever the normal man, they must be avoiding such interaction with woman. “Does Chen Yi know this matter?”

“He does not know, you don’t tell him! Absolutely cannot tell him. Zi Xuan is big mouth, you also cannot tell him.”

“Oh, I understand.” but she really wanted to share this secret with Feng Chen Yi, forget it, since Hei Yan Long didn’t wish them to know, she would keep this secret tightly.

“Yao Yao, will you look down at me?” Hei Yan Long is pretending to show his pity expression.

As seen Yao Yao, she shook her head and make her hair rattle: “I won’t, I won’t, you rest assured, now the society is such open, everyone is able to accept this kind of thing. You don’t need to be feel yourself inferior.”

Self-inferior? He is Hei Yan Long having self-inferior? Ha… Hei Yan Long is raging in fume inside his heart ‘pit-a-pat’ valiant, curled his hand into tight fist until his vein shown obvious, but it seems that Yao Yao not paying attention. “Woman, your IQ actually is 205, or 250?”

“205 ah, what’s?”

“I see yours must be 250?”

“En? How can you say so?”

Looking at her cute and also her harmless innocent appearance, Hei Yan Long who was raging in fume before turned his expression into helplessly: “Nothing, no matter. Come. Sit at here.” he is pointed at the chair which facing to the mirror.

Yao Yao curiously sat down.

Hei Yan Long stood behind her, that slender and long fingers are gently updo her hair.

“You this?”

“Your current hairstyle not fit with yours dress, just wait for moment it going to be done soon.” Hei Yan Long such skillful hairstyle her hair, that good looking face shown such strange serious expression.

Yao Yao confusedly blinking her eyes: “You, you even can… do hairstyle?”

“Don’t talk with me now!” Hei Yan Long coldly opened his mouth.

Zhao Li Ying

Chapter 378

Old Lover Meet

About 5 minutes….

“It done.”

Yao Yao is dumbfounded facing the mirror in front, simply to say she didn’t believe that person reflecting in the mirror was her!

That one piece pastel pink dress is so beautiful, but not really the main focus, but it is so fit with her princess hairstyle, totally shocked. As if being created by the professional stylist. “You are too awesome, CEO Hei.” she looked Hei Yan Long with admiring eyesight, and she lost words to express the surprised in her heart.

Who would have thought someone this arrogant, such violent man would have such detailed side? That’s not right ah….  “CEO Hei, how can you this skillful?”

“This is my personal hobby that’s all.”

“Personal hobby?”  Would there a man having this kind of thing as personal hobby?

Wouldn’t it….

Hihi! Hihi! Hihi!

Could it be the reason why Hei Yan Long learn this ‘dress up’ for himself?

But this seems not right, someone alike Hei Yan Long even though he is Gay, he must be the ‘male’ side, and won’t be the ‘female’ right? It seems this really his personal hobby?

Turned down from the chair, she so curiously looking at the dress which worn by her: “CEO Hei, how could you bring this dress when attending Prime Minister Qi’s birthday party? Moreover this guest room?”

“This private party was my idea. I had spotted there was your name in guest list, so that I have made guess what kind of beggar outfit you gonna to wear, hence I had asked my men to bring this dress before.” When Hei Yan Long said this, his speaking tone such flat.

But toward Yao Yao, these little bit weird.

Although she didn’t like Hei Yan Long words which said her way dressing alike beggar, but she couldn’t not to say that, Hei Yan Long indeed someone who so detail-orientated, very detail, and thought thoroughly.

Now, on contrary she has thought if there is a girl who can be his girlfriend must be very! Extremely happy thing.

But unfortunately…..

Hei Yan Long is a Gay! “Really let you to think and worry too much, CEO Hei.”

“It must be.” after listened to those wealthy Madams who talked bad about Yao Yao, Hei Yan Long was quite angry, actually if compare to appearance, how could those wealthy Madams compare to Yao Yao? Didn’t it only the outer appearance? He Hei Yan Long can easily changed everything.

“CEO Hei, let’s us go down. Perhaps the party is going to start.”

“You go down first. Because of you, I feel little bit tired, I want to rest a bit.”

“Oh, then I take my leave first.”

Waiting until Yao Yao left, Hei Yan Long who is weary fallen into the bed, with helpless and anger he smiled, he spoke to himself: “After all thought me as Gay? Huh! Really damn stupid woman!”


Part Two

Yao Yao was standing inside the elevator, without she realized the light from the elevator reflect herself on the elevator wall.

Speak honestly, since she was young she never has such special attention toward her hair and the way she dressing, if there was an important occasion in which she necessary to find hairstylist to do it. But every times she not especially satisfied with it, solely this time….

At the moment when Hei Yan Long done, her heart was thumping when she saw her reflection on the mirror. Hihi, could this call as shameless? But, Hei Yan Long indeed so awesome, since that time when they visited Armani store it could be obviously seen he has good taste with fashion. Ckck, but unfortunately, actually Hei Yan Long could be such great fashion stylist.

‘Ding’ the elevator stopped, Yao Yao slowly entered the party.

“Younger sister in law, you go….” Lan Ling was the first person who spotted her.

Then two and three people, inside the party hall everyone attention ‘whoosh whoosh whoosh’ all put onto Yao Yao.

Each of their face reflected being amazed expression. Those few wealthy Madams who were disdained Yao Yao before were even dumbstruck and then come closer to Lan Ling: “Feng, Madam Feng, your younger sister in law…. is she wearing the newest dress from Chanel?”

“Heaven! I have waited for more than one week but could not buy it. And also, her hairstyle is so beautiful.”

In this elite circle, family background is the main focus for everyone. And then toward those few women, wealthy Madams the second important is dress, and then style.

No doubt, at this moment Yao Yao’s style has completely concealed her insufficiency of her background.

“This dress which you wear where you got it?” Lan Ling frustrated and also angry rushed in front of Yao Yao asked her.

Her clear big crystal eyes rolled: “Like this Big Sister in Law, just now I dirty my dress, so I made a phone call to ask my friend to bring me a new dress.”

This ‘one family’ of Lan Ni Pei is constantly looking trouble for her, if she really telling the true saying that Hei Yan Long was helping her to dress and also style her hair, when she goes home she must be going to ‘investigate’.

“Hah, your friend! Such great person! Even this such limited edition dress could be gotten to hand!” Lan Ling fiercely said these few words, unhappily continued to say: “The party is going to start, Father in Law is called you!!”

“Oh, trouble you Big Sister in Law.”

The banquet hall is located next to the ballroom. Total ten tables, the table is long square alike European style table. Every table at least can fill twenty people.

The main focus of the banquet is Prime Minister Qi and his wife who sitting on the first table which is host table, the Feng Family is one who closest to his seat position and then there still two empty seats.

And the next is someone who come from Africa, thus the other men must be businessmen with their family.

Seeing from this kind of seat arrangement it can be seen, this can be shown that The Feng Family position no one can shake.

But Yao Yao is so curious, at the same there are two important empty seats whose seat it would be? Must be someone who is so important, or else how could they sit such close to Prime Minister Qi.

“Lao Feng ah, I do really envy you.” Prime Minister Qi opened his mouth.

Alike someone who is Country’s Leader spoke, everyone is focusing to him.

“Lao Qi, are you trying to mock me?” Feng Xiao elegantly smiles.

“What to mock about you? You say, today both of your sons have married, moreover your daughter in law is more beautiful one to another. Now you looked at me? My daughter even until today not even bring her boyfriend to let me see, even not coming to my birthday party. Huh….”

“Lao Qi, It’s not like I say you. I see you really do not know your fortunate, it is not like all of us not know how she is? If she really wanted to have boyfriend, there will be many men queue from 50 miles?”

“Just cut it off.” Prime Minister Qi helplessly moved his hand: “Not long time ago I asked Officer Liu to be my daughter match-maker, the result being rejected.”

“Oh? Who the bold person? Even your treasure daughter dared to be rejected?”

During Feng Xiao and Prime Minister Qi still having good conversation, one voice is cut off their conversation….

“My apology, Prime Minister Qi, recently I am quite busy, so I come late.”

Followed by that voice, Yao Yao’s face is dimming, she lowers her head. She really too familiar with this voice, it can be said this voice always keeps on heard in her nightmares.

**Here the end of chapter 378**


12 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Seven Seven – Eight

  1. Thanks for the update and translation of such a difficult story! I can’t see how Yu Ao Tian could ever be redeemed or ever be forgiven for the rape of Yao Yao – and there’s no way the author plans or should ever think, to reunite them. I keep reading but can’t help but feel that the story won’t really have a satisfying or happy ending. I just see a broken girl spinning out of control fueled by revenge that once she gains (kills Yu Ao Tian) she’ll find little left to do with her life. She’s had nothing but sadness and once her anger dissipates if she doesn’t strive to gain some happiness she’ll end up stuck in time with nothing to show. I can only envision a (hated anti-) Romeo and (abused and angry-) Juliet ending…. What do you all think about a possible ending?

  2. HYL pitied YY for being belittled or mocking by those Hi So ladies, and he took YY to a guest room to change to a fashionable or elegant dress. He wants to show them what she can be if she is dress up. Eagerly await for the transformation of YY and the reaction of those ladies. Thanks for the update and have a blessed day.

  3. Ahh! I guess this is why the YY and HYL ship can only circle in the friend zone! But he is a good friend and guardian to have on YY’s side.

  4. Probably he likes her, but she’s the wife of his best friend plus he has seen her naked many times, so I think he just doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

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