ANSTG Three Seven Nine

Chapter Three Seven Nine

Yu Ao Tian Protecting Her

Sitting beside her is Lan Ling and Feng Chen Rui who are exchanging their sight as if waiting for good show: “Aiyo, Old Lover is meeting.”

“Ahem!” Even though Feng Chen Rui’s voice low, but Feng Xiao still able to hear it, at sudden his expression changed to be stern.

“Old Feng, we were just talking about the person and he has already come* this is the brazen person, he is Ao Tian!” Prime Minister Qi stood up.

The people who are sharing same table also standing up, one by one greeting Yu Ao Tian: “Director Yu.”

“Director Yu.”

He is elegantly smiling to everyone, his bottomless pair of black eyes are slowly looked at Prime Minister Qi: “What bad words were you saying about me before I came?”

“Don’t mention about this. And this girl beside you is….” said Prime Minister Qi.

Yao Yao lift her head little bit alike thief who took a peek, just as expected, Yu Ao Tian really bringing a girl with him.

This girl seems twenty something, her height more or less same with Yao Yao’s height, also her black hair, her appearance lovely and cute.

“Let me introduce for moment, she is my girlfriend.”


The first thing that pop out in Yao Yao’s head is Yu Ao Tian telling lie, it is so obvious that kind of girl isn’t Yu Ao Tian’s type. She is too understanding this man’s eyes when looking for women.

But, whether he is lying or not, it seems none of her business.

The girl is politely nodding her head toward Prime Minister Qi, and followed to others.

While the two important empty seats which curious by Yao Yao before actually leave for Yu Ao Tian and his girlfriend.

“Ao Tian, during that time when Old Liu told me you have already had girlfriend, I thought it was your excuse to reject my daughter. Never thought you really have?” these words which said by Prime Minister Qi finally disappeared all people doubts, so he was thinking to introduce his daughter with Yu Ao Tian!

“Aiya, it seems you don’t have this fate to have someone alike Yu Ao Tian as your son in law.”

“Even though it little bit sadly, but there’s no way.” It not hard for everyone to spot disappointment gleam at Prime Minister Qi’s eyes.

This is absolutely positive, if wanted to mention in politic world, who the one or two high rank officers could be younger compare to Yu Ao Tian? Who could be more handsome?

If mention business world, simply to say top five golden bachelors there are Hei Yan Long and Yu Ao Tian who have such different personalities and the rest are married, while Ou Yang Zi Xuan is someone who not want to continue family business.

So that, now there are many people who trying to introduce their daughter to Yu Ao Tian. So that in the future there really ‘have unlimited future progress.’!

“Director Yu, was this girlfriend of you who was published by newspaper as mysterious girl who only shown her back two days ago?”

Didn’t know who the person ask this question, but once Yao Yao heard it her body slightly trembling.

But the next moment….


*说 shuo 曹 cao 操 cao 曹 cao 操 cao 就 jiu 到 dao 了le: This is popular saying to talk about someone who by chance suddenly pop out. This sentence originally is to describe Cao Cao who has numerous eyes and ears, taking action so fast and everywhere, could be at any time showed up in front of you or mine, so must be aware. 

Part Two
Yu Ao Tian Protecting Her

“It was hers!”

Yu Ao Tian was giving such affirmed answer, Yao Yao subconsciously raised her head, the first glance, she looking at Yu Ao Tian passionate eyesight!

‘thump thump’

Her heart is fast skip beat, she with confusion staggered exchanging eyesight with Yu Ao Tian, hurried and nervously she drinking a water.

What was Yu Ao Tian intention? Did he by intention say that in front of Father in Law?

No, no, how could he be this good hearted? He absolutely didn’t want to be troublesome, so that he said it! He must be! He must absolutely!

“Young sister in law, so that picture really wasn’t you, why didn’t you say it before?” Feng Chen Rui really did not forget to put his last effort.

The problem, during that time she had countless time denied it, but did anyone trust her?

When the time arrived to start the party, everyone elegantly eating the food served on the table.

Prime Minister Qi at the moment talking with Feng Xiao and the other moment he talking with Yu Ao Tian, he seemed to be so happy.

“To be honest, although I am coming from political world, but I do always paying attention toward Business world. Old Feng, one is yours Second son and the other is Yu Ao Tian, also Hei Yan Long. These three persons are still so young but they seem to have unlimited future.” Prime Minister Qi spoke half-ly and then he glanced at Yu Ao Tian: “But really want to say you, Yu Ao Tian. Although you are still young, but really need to take care your health, don’t you feel the State Council works are not enough keeping you busy? You are even taking over to manage Berson Group too?”

“Ah, didn’t this because of my ‘girlfriend’ begging?” Yu Ao Tian pretended to be helpless and also sighed, but that bottomless pair of eyes are gazed at Yao Yao, devilishly smile: “She is so happy I get back to Berson Group, in order to coax her, even though I am tired to death, I willing to do it.”

“Grr….” it is knife sound rubbed into plate.

Everyone attention diverted to Yao Yao.

“Sorry, I am sorry. I am sorry.” She panicking apologizing toward everyone, due to her careless the glass which put beside of her knocked and falling down to floor, for once again sent a very discordant voice.
Damn it! Because of panic even make more mistake!

But she clearly can feel that, at this moment her restless heart, panicking and tensed all are because of Yu Ao Tian’s words which said just now. It was so clearly the girlfriend that he said not her, but why she could be this tensed?

“Such embarrassed.” Seeing Yao Yao panic gesture, Lan Ling showed her cold-shoulder.

“Little Girl.”

Heard that Prime Minister Qi called her, Yao Yao confused open her mouth: “Prime Minister Qi, Are, Are you talking to me?”

“En. Your husband Chen Yi is someone so talented, you can’t shame him.” didn’t know whether this words said by Prime Minister Qi was intentionally or not.

But after he said, Feng Xiao expression immediately dimmed.

She understood…. for once again she has blacked Feng’s family.

“Prime Minister Qi, you don’t look down this little girl, she could marry Chen Yi, because she has that capability.” After Yu Ao Tian said, he politely nodding his head toward Feng Xiao: “Chairman Feng, there is no offense at all.”

Feng Xiao still silent, that face seemed to change little dimmer.

“Ao Tian, do you know Chen Yi’s wife?”

“Know! Of course we know…”

Enough! Stop it! Don’t continue. Strangely Yao Yao feels so restless, she afraid Yu Ao Tian to use this occasion to say something that he must not say.

But it seems that she had thought too much….

“Prime Minister Qi, during my election day it seemed you wasn’t come, my election could be succeed all thank to this little girl. She has such great capability, at 17 years she has already gotten her world class lawyer license.”

“Woah…” after Yu Ao Tian spoke, suddenly there is little bit uproar at the venue. Everyone is using such admire and strange look when looking at Yao Yao.

“Is she really at 17 Years old already gotten world class lawyer license? So awesome.”

“That’s right. Moreover the advance world class lawyer license. Unbelievably.”

Everyone who heard it showed envy, at that moment Yao Yao could feel little bit less tense.


Enough! She really had enough!

She could think today the purpose of Yu Ao Tian able to bring this girlfriend, it is simply because ‘to cover’ himself, that’s all; she could think that just now when Yu Ao Tian said ‘Girlfriend’ this word was actually talking about his current girlfriend.


At this moment, how could she act dumb?


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