C-Drama – 麻雀 Sparrow : Li Yi Feng, Zhou Dong Yu and Zhang Ruo Yun


Ah~ another Republican drama which caught my eyes though this type of genre isn’t really my cup of tea and yet I pushed myself to watch it. Reason simple, I am so biased with the actors and actress. Li Yi Feng, Zhou Dong Yu, Zhang Ruo Yun, Kang Qing Zi, Zhang Lu Yi, Li Xiao Ran, Yin Zheng, etc. But Wait…. although I might bias but if the story plot not promising, I will still give up this drama.

Synopsis credit to baidu, translated by Azurro
March 1940, the puppet government was established. Due to Japanese invasion all the anti-Japanese and comrade were searched in Shanghai massively, the puppet government who also former Guo Min Tang officer Bi Zhong Liang served as ‘Special Operation Division’ assisted as evil doer. the person who keeps on staying beside Bi Zhong Liang, code name ‘Ma Que aka Sparrow’ is the Zhong Hong Tang’s men Chen Shen, since he has lost contact with his group. Placed himself as Tiger’s watcher in dangerous environment, Chen Shen firmed, taking risk to save ‘Zai Xiang’ who was anti-Japanese comrade. Bi Zhong Liang as someone cunning, even though with his life savior Chen Shen as ‘Good sworn borther’, but he still suspected him, set a trap step by step. After ‘Zai Xiang’ sacrifice, Finally Chen Shen gotten new finding high level ‘Doctor’ to get the battle plan of Japanese ‘Gui Ling aka back to zero’ .

Chen Shen old lover Xu Bi Cheng, and the other Chinese Military officer Tang Shan Hai pretended to be wife and husband served as special operation division. For many times they gotten Chen Shen troubled and also dangers. an extraordinary person alike Chen Shen gotten in serial murder, very clever to use Japanese, waiting for the puppet government and the other forces made subtle gap, but at same time he also sacrifice the most,  as the final he gotten the ‘Gui Ling’ battle plan and frustrated the Japanese invaders.


  • Li Yi Feng as Chen Shen
  • Zhou Dong Yu as Xu Bi Cheng
  • Zhang Ruo Yun as Tang Shan Hai
  • Kang Qing Zi as Li Xiao Nan 李小男
  • Li Xiao Ran as Shen Qiuxia 沈秋霞
  • Yin Zheng (尹正) as Su San Sheng 苏三省
  • Liu Jia Tong (刘珈彤) as Liu Mei Na 柳美娜
  • Wang Wan Juan (王婉娟) as Liu Lan Zhi 刘兰芝
  • Shi Chao (史超) as Liu Er Bao 刘二宝
  • Wang Jin Song (王劲松) as Li Mo Qun 李默群
  • Yang Zheng (杨政) as Bian Tou 扁头
  • Chen Guan Ning (陈冠宁) as Wei Zhi 未知
  • Zhang Da Bao (张大宝) as Wu Long 吴龙


spw-1 spw-2 spw-3 spw-4 spw-5 spw-6

My Thought (Episode 1 – 22)
The opening song and also the closing song aren’t my taste but can’t help since this drama about China Revolution.
The cast are thumb up means I like their acting especially for few actors such as Yin Zheng. He acted totally different and it took me sometime to realize him as actor who played with Wallace Huo in Love Me If You Dare.
Story plot still watchable and not so boring as I thought.



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