ANSTG Three Eight Four

Chapter 384

“Fiuh….” at the sudden, after Yao Yao left, Yu Ao Tian drawn back his smile from his face and heave a sighed, his bottomless eyes are staring at Zeng Kai Rui’s name card which given to Yao Yao.

His pair of eyes flashed sharp gleam, the next moment, that name card is being torn into pieces, pieces fluttering in the air.

Who knows, at the moment when Yu Ao Tian going to leave the wash room, by coincident Hei Yan Long entered: “Aiyo, CEO Yu.”

“Haha, CEO Hei, such coincide.” he smiled elegantly, Yu Ao Tian kept moving forward.

At this moment, Hei Yan Long pair of black eyes dimming: “Albania Language.” suddenly the similar sentence of Albania language that spoken by Yu Ao Tian to Yao Yao heard out.

At sudden, Yu Ao Tian stopped his footstep, expressionless he looked at Hei Yan Long. “Does CEO Hei understand Albania Language?”

“Only know few words, just by coincidence…. the sentence that you said to Yao Yao before, it was one from few words that I know!”

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian smile devilish, his pair of bottomless black eyes changed to be dimmed: “The title as the youngest chairman really not an empty title, have rich knowledge!”

“Geez. Compare to CEO Yu, how can I be compared? At one time is Czech language, other time is Angola language. Also….” at the moment when Hei Yan Long walked in front of Yu Ao Tian, the smile that hung on his face suddenly disappeared: “You, in front of many people openly flirting with my best friend’s wife, did it right thing?”

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian silent said nothing, this only a cold humphed, and then the next thing he was patting Hei Yan Long’s shoulder and then left.


During the time when Yu Ao Tian passing Yao Yao the Albania Language which he said mean….





Prime Minister Qi birthday party ended, Yao Yao sitting inside Feng family’s car, along the way, she was not focusing and looking outside through car window, her head kept on playing the scenes when she was at wash room.

What Yu Ao Tian nervous for?

Since the day she knew Yu Ao Tian that moment, this man never scared of anything, but just now when they were at wash room, even though he showed such fierce expression, but there’s slightly obvious tension in his eyes.

Did Yu Ao Tian afraid of Vice Prime Minister Zeng Kai Rui?


As someone like him who has everything in his control, indifferent for man who likes to face challenge, stronger the enemy he must be more excited. He is so obviously not afraid with Zeng Kai Rui. So the only logic explanation is…..

Yu Ao Tian afraid her to have any contact with Zeng Kai Rui?

 ‘I just afraid you don’t even know being eaten until your bone no left!’

There is not a reason, someone alike her who has such trivial role, why Mr. Vice Prime Minister would come to against her?

Moreover, father was Vice Minister Zeng’s secretary before, logically, if Mr. Vice Minister Zeng still remembered about past time, he must be more considerate, more taking care of her.

Still, Yao Yao can vaguely feel, as if there still things that she didn’t know, moreover Yu Ao Tian might be known it. But that what-so-called as ‘unknown’ actually what was it?

‘When you was very young!!!’

‘When little girl!!!’

Did it something that relate to her childhood?

“Master, Madam, Big Young Master, Big Young Madam, Second Young Madam.” returned to Feng Mansion, Yao Yao has already stopped to think about this matter. The maids have already come to welcome them.

All of them are quickly walking to the inner living room, Yao Yao who is standing inside the inner living room felt so awkward, currently her circumstance is being chased out by her Father in Law from Feng’s mansion, but because attending the party they were pretending to be one harmonious family. Now the party is ended, should she…. leaving now?

Still thinking.

Feng Xiao is pointed at beside seat: “Yao Yao, have a seat.”


Didn’t she hear mistaken? After all Father in Law…. after all allowing her to have a seat? Yao Yao with confused expression sitting beside of Feng Xiao.

“Chen Rui!” at the moment when Yao Yao just have her seat, the Old Master bright eyes suddenly looked at Feng Chen Rui : “Today if not because of Yao Yao, perhaps Mr. Bartholomew might be ‘taken away’ by Yu Ao Tian! This is my first time to give you such important thing to do, but after all you made all turned be like this, simply to say useless!!!”


“Aiya, Old Master.” Lan Ni Pei afraid that her son going to say something unpleasant, then anger the Old Man, hurried she stopped it: “You also cannot blame Chen Rui? Who could know that Mr. Bartholomew spoke Angola Language?”

“Ni Pei, according to you Chen Rui didn’t have any wrong, did you? But you forget one thing, when Chen Yi was at his twelve he has already spoken few languages, if today Chen Yi was here, I absolutely didn’t need to be worried!!!”

Listened to Old Master words, Yao Yao recalled the days when she still at school, everyday when she went to library, often she encountered some difficulties in few languages, all was because Feng Chen Yi who helped her to settle. Never thought, during that time he had already spoken few languages!



15 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Eight Four

  1. FCY is not only smart he also learn to speak other languages at early age. His half brother is half bake. With YY ability to speak other languages, I hope his father in law will change his impression about YY. She is smart and capable person. YAT is very nervous declaring his love to YY. He got caught by HYL. Thanks Azurro for the update. Gave a blessed day.

  2. thanks azurro!! what a nice chapter!!! hyl really looks out for yy…what a true friend…yat really treasures yy…he’s protecting her from zkr..

  3. What would FCY do if HYL tell him about YAT confession?
    Would FCY be a good guy or a nasty guy?
    Why did FCY neither call by Phone nor email nor message everyday to his beloved YY? Is he cheating again?

    Thanks Azurro 🙂

  4. YY needs to go back to her apt. and far away from FCY’s family. Even though she’s trying to help FCY, his family can’t be trusted to treat her right. Thank you Azurro!

  5. If YY IQ is high she should know even YAT is being cautious of ZKR so she shouldn’t be thinking of siding with him to go against YAT. Be smarter please YY and don’t do stupid things to make u look bad for having high IQ. Lol
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. i totally agree with you Anne. Since ZKR is aware of YY virtues such as her IQ, World class Lawyer and also she is connected to YAT and FCY .He will want to use her to achieve some of his evil plans.

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